Friday, 28 May 2010


Now that his beloved Labour masters have been unceremoniously kicked out of power, (although Brownfinger stubbornly clung to the No.10 doorposts by his grubby, chewed fingernails for as long as he could), fruit and nutcase, Neil Lees/"UKFightback" is now reduced to spouting his inane rantings on Left wing blogs and other forums like Power 2010. 

Like all delusional SWP/UAF/Common Purpose robots, the message never changes, and he is now even annoying people on the more democratic of the left-wing websites.


Here he is at Harpymarx's place......

I think he'll find that the whole of Britain is well aware that ZaNuLieBore have finally gone, much of the Country sees that Labour are the true enemies of the people and are extremely grateful to be rid of them at long last.

Here he is again at Power 2010......

Quite right, Andy, but needless to say, I couldn't resist, so I left behind a little message - a combination of replies left at the Harpymarx website..... with thanks to Corrugated Soundbite and Don't Give Up The Day Job.

Back to his comment at Harpymarx...... my first response on seeing him there was......

Well, Harpy seems like a decent enough chap and, not knowing who Lees actually is, he didn't like that much...... 

Obviously, I put him straight and told him everything he needed to know, as did Don't Give Up The Day Job and CS...... he left us alone after that and he didn't delete any of our comments either. 

And...... just to be entirely sure that he was in no doubt whatsoever about Lees...... Grumpy Old Twat came to the rescue......

Fuck, yeah! Good man, Gotty...... your comment hasn't been deleted either, mate!

The point is being made, Lees, you shitty little cock, and what's more, the message is getting through - Labour are history - you don't have free rein anymore, you tiny Trot twat. We are now all watching for your every move on the internet and wherever you show up spewing your commie bile, we will be close behind you - as you were so keen to tell people when you threatened them as UKFightback. Oh, dear - the shoe is now on the other foot!



Sheriff said...

Count me in against the evil little shit!

Sheriff said...

Good man, OR, let's take him down, mate. :-P

Sheriff said...

Yeah, you really let that tired labour twit have it, Spidey!
How that moronic tard even still wastes his time is ridiculous!   =-O
With all you guys on the scene, watching him, he should just go give up!

I am waiting for a nice spinish pizza to be delivered!  I'm starting the holiday weekend
off right!  I hope yours is great, TTYL if I'm awake  ;)

Sheriff said...

I am soo glad that I found out about the Power 2010 and 38 degree/avaaz links to both common purpose and the Lee's twat with al his kind. It seriously pisses me off to have what could have been decent chances at an organised voice for change hijacked by fuckwits with agendas of their own. I unsubscribed from all of them and left a clear message in their 'why are you going box' to the effect that I could not and would not support common purpose or the Lee's ilk in any way I can only hope that many ,many others follow me out of their clutches!
I thank all of you lot for the information I was missing that put me right , more power to all of you and if I can help to screw up their game , count me in!!!

Sheriff said...

Thanks for that, Indy, much appreciated, mate. I unsubscribed from all of that lot, myself, once it became clear what was actually going on and I left them messages saying I had now wish to be involved with a Far-Left organisation..... I mean..... Emails from Billy Bragg?..... fuck that! =-O >:o

Sheriff said...

The lying, smearing fucktard will get no mercy from me, Bunni, I know his sort better than he knows himself and, let's just say, his clout is not what it was just a few short weeks ago, (not that I ever let his commie LieBore credentials bother me), he's a sad, sorry specimen..... a pathetic piece of Common Purpose shit and he deserves everything he gets. :-P

Sheriff said...

The fuckwit McEgan/Broxted that inhabits Old Holborns blog, is a close friend of Neil Lees. They both detest democracy in all of it's shape and forms, yet use it against us, to screw up our blogs, with their many, many aliases. Have you ever attempted to comment on any of McEgan or Lees blogs or indeed you tube channels? There's no point in trying....As your not allowed too anyway, that's Communist logic, only those whom agree with the host are permitted to contribute to their Utopian dream.

They do remind me of a certain Anjem Choudary in that respect, using the system to enact it's demise, by "Any means necessary".

Sheriff said...

So, McEgan is a close friend of Lees...... that figures, mate, they are perfectly suited to each other. When I called him a "fruit and nutcase", that's exactly what I meant - he's obviously a raving fruit and he's definitely a fucking nutcase! ;)

I know exactly what you mean about the comments on their blogs/channels - freedom of speech is only for them and people of their own particular persuasions! >:o Some of McEgan's comments at Old Holborn's and elsewhere are absolutely disgusting - sickening, in fact, the fucking paedo pervert!

Sheriff said...

You do seem to have covered most of that, BS.

Sheriff said...

I hope so, James, but these little militant Trots cling on like shit to a blanket - they can never have enough adverse publicity because they always show up preaching the same drivel to the unsuspecting - as this little brainwashed fuckwit moron keeps proving by showing up and spouting his Common Purpose communist utopian bollocks at every available opportunity to those who don't even know who he is/was. >:o

Sheriff said...

I love a good fucking fuck the fuck off and die, pretty much daily. Thanks for the laughs, Spidey.

Sheriff said...

Me, too, SB, you're welcome, mate. ;)

You can never get enough of that shit into one day, although I do my best to try and fit as much of it in as I possibly can. :-P :-D

Sheriff said...

The lifetime unemployed listed pervert that is McEgan is getting absolutely everywhere:

Seems they have assigned themselves specific roles in order to subvert, with McEgan up all hours of the day and night on his benefits laptop polluting endless comment threads in between trying to divert traffic to his shitty little Indy blog that only he ever comments on. Then we have Lees doing the sneaky, behind the scenes censorship thing (or he used to) and issuing the odd rallying call to his Comrades in places where he thinks he won't be seen or confronted. 

It would also seem that McEgan is back commenting on his poof wars/adventures on Old Holborn:

There's a lot to be said for upgrading to a paid-for commenting system. The "conductor and the cowboy" appear to be going strong still, but cracking :)

Sheriff said...

Sorry, duff search link. Try this ;)

Sheriff said...

It would appear that OH has finally tired of McEgan/Broxted or whatever the cunt calls himself & given him the heave-ho .. The arsehole is not turning up on other Blogs which I read, though there are enough names on this Blog & the others who will be familiar with his insane rantings .. Lets hope that the owners of those Blogs shut him down quickly & deny him the oxygen of publicity ..

Sheriff said...

Apols for typo in my last ..

Should have read ... "is now turning up" .. etc

Sheriff said...

That's a good thing about the JS-Kit comment system, CH, as well as having all the rich text/image/video capabilities, I can block obnoxious trolls with it, too. Most trolls I will welcome for a good tearing of a new arsehole - but McEgan truly disgusts me! >:o

Here are the aliases i already know about...... :-P

<p>Ron Broxted
</p><p>John Steed
</p><p>Andy Arbuthnott
</p><p>M de Plouquenet
</p><p>Lion of England
</p><p>Hopalong Hefron
</p><p>Henry North London
</p><p><span>D.G.Haslam</span><span> </span>
</p><p>John Kline
</p><p>I'm sure there will be a lot more as and when he "thinks" of them. ;) Despicable paedo poof cunt that he is!

Sheriff said...

I thought that's what you meant, mate. :)

Sheriff said...

Ron Broxted  John Steed  <span>That's a good thing about the JS-Kit comment system, CH, as well as having all the rich text/image/video capabilities, I can block obnoxious trolls with it, too. Most trolls I will welcome for a good tearing of a new arsehole - but McEgan truly disgusts me! >:o  
Here are the aliases i already know about...... :-P  

Andy Arbuthnott
M de Plouquenet
Lion of England
Hopalong Hefron
<span>D.G.Haslam</span><span> </span>
John Kline
I'm sure there will be a lot more as and when he "thinks" of them. ;) Despicable paedo poof cunt that he is!

Sheriff said...

Once you see through them, they are absolutely pathetic/despicable/disgusting/sickening, CS - painfully obvious and boring as fuck! >:o

Thanks for the links, mate - check out McEgan's aliases above, (some of which you probably already know but others you might not.) ;)