Saturday 15 May 2010



Vince Cable told Gordon Brown repeatedly that he did not want to go into coalition with the Conservatives, according to insider accounts of the talks that reshaped British politics. Dr Cable, the deputy Liberal Democrat leader, used a series of telephone calls with Mr Brown to emphasise that he regarded a deal with the Tories as the least palatable option for his party.

The pair spoke sometimes twice a day over the course of last weekend and in the hours leading up to David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s historic deal, which prompted Dr Cable’s appointment as Business Secretary. The disclosure risks opening a rift at the heart of the Lib-Con coalition and underlines the pressures it will come under from inherent tensions between politically divergent partners.   

Even as Mr Clegg was preparing to deal with Mr Cameron, Labour believed that it was still in the game and was setting up a meeting between Vince Cable and Alistair Darling. Some senior Lib Dems reaching out to Labour were playing a “double game” simply to improve the offer from the Tories. David Cameron is facing mounting unrest among Tory MPs angry that they were cut out of the loop during the coalition negotiations, unlike their Lib Dem counterparts.

Cable, praised by the new Prime Minister as an “absolute star” in terms of economic policy on Thursday, spent much of last weekend reaching out to Mr Brown. Labour sources said that Dr Cable made it clear to Mr Brown that “he certainly did not want to” sign up with the Tories. “He was absolutely of the view that they should be doing a deal with us”.

Well, isn't that a huge surprise - this man's saintly reputation is built on one half decent joke at PMQs while he was standing in as the Limp Dumbs' leader - his economic policies have flip-flopped as the need arose for him to do so - like all Liberals, he sits on the fence and goes whichever way the wind blows at the time. 

Yet, for ages, the public were hanging on his every word as if he was some sort of almighty economic guru - the Mail On Sunday even went as far as giving him his own weekly column - and it all stems from the time he said that Gordon Brown had changed from Stalin to Mr Bean in the course of a week. 

A reasonable joke does not a brilliant economist make, nor a trustworthy one either, as Jon Sopel exposed when he ripped him to shreds on the Politics Show over the Lib Dems' £2.5million donation from a convicted fraudster on the run and still at large. My, how he twisted and turned and squirmed as he tried to justify not returning that dodgy donation, his credibility smashed to pieces.

And now we have this act of self-interested, double-dealing skulduggery, repeatedly telephoning Gordon Brown in an act of pure treachery - again showing himself up for the rotten, sneaky little weasel that he is. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I've neither liked nor trusted him for a long time. 

I hope someone is watching Cameron's back - he is also going to have to keep a very watchful eye on Huhne the Hoon - another slippery customer if ever there was one!


Sheriff said...

Well said BS.  I've always been slightly suspicious of Huhne. He's one of these silent types and as we know they're usually good at knife throwing, especially when your back's turned.

Sheriff said...

It stinks, Spidey. Completely and
to high heaven.

I'm losing patience with the whole game (after all of five days) >:o

Sheriff said...

Same here, D, I give it months rather than years before it all collapses in back-stabbing acrimony! ;)

Sheriff said...

Thanks, SR, Huhne is a total rat and that will resurface before long - I'll never forget how badly he was caught out on live television during the Limp Dumbs' leadership campaign when his leaked "Calamity Clegg" brief was produced by the interviewer. I think that might have been Jon Sopel again but I'm not sure, but the look on the Hoon's face was priceless and his attempted denials were even funnier - classic Huhne. :-P

Sheriff said...

He's ex Labour and old habits die hard. I doubt the coalition will stand too long, hopefully just long enough to put right some of the socialist excesses and being able to show the UK just where the blame lies for the economic mess we're in.

Sheriff said...

<p><span>I’m not a great fan either. His vaunted economic knowledge is all the benefits of hindsight as far as I can see. With no prospect of getting into government (until now) he was able to say it as it really was, and he did not say anything at any point that I or my friends or people on blogs had already.</span>
</p><p><span> </span>
</p><p><span>Labour could hardly be honest as they caused the mess and the Tories couldn’t as they hoped to inherit it and did not want to scare voters away until they had the keys to Number 10 in their pocket. But Saint Vince could say whatever he liked without fear. Well let’s see how well he does now.</span></p>

Sheriff said...

I 'don't' want to start complaining about any of them 'now', NOSIREE BOB!!!!, I started on day one!!There is no excuse for any of 'us' to lay down the gauntlet that took us so long to pick up in the first place, it is NOT good enough to say once again we will let them have a honeymoon period and make some small mistake ar two. NO I SAY, NOthese people are ALL politicians remember and many were there and failed palpably to STOP the rabis fools in LIEBORE ( I don't even remember much in the way of opposition/complaint to anything). They have had all their chances and WE must watch them closely ready to  SHOUT LONG AND LOUD at the first signs of injustice.
Yes we all know that we need to 'pay' the debt, thats not the issue here, and any sensible person should see its not about party bashing , WE should be above such things now , what it is about is protecting ourselves ,the people from the excesses of those given unlimited power to screw us again and again and again. WE need to come together as a people and demand justice and decency from our'elected (ha ha) representatives!!
But I don't see us managing to do that soon, it will just be the few like us who point out the truth over and over again!!!

Sheriff said...

Cable is so highly principled that he's accepted a high ranking position in the new coalition despite his beliefs.  I've never understood his popularity with voters, unless it's something to do with his grandfatherly appeal to those who don't scratch the surface.  Shame on Cameron for being so two-faced in his comments about Cable - but I guess that's politics.

Huhne is a disaster in waiting - never liked him at all - an arrogant bully, typical of the left and particularly the ecomentalists.

Sheriff said...

I'm just glad the mad old bastard has been kept out of the Treasury. Expect him to be kicked out and then defect to Labour before Christmas with Clegg taking on his brief. Also expect his wings to be clipped by Osborne in any attempted power grab for his department for the next few months.

Huhne I think will keep quiet...until Clegg's at his weakest, then make his bid for leadership.

Sheriff said...

A perfect summary of the situation I'd say, Uncle Bob. ;)

Sheriff said...

Spot on, Munguin, he will show himself up for the complete Lefty disaster he is, I'm sure - he never did deserve the adulation he received from a gullible public and the Lefty MSM, and to compare him to one of his own statements, I find him a "nauseating" little creep. ;)

Sheriff said...

That's what I'm hoping too, QM, and I wouldn't be surprised that when his bubble bursts, he'll go scuttling back to Labour instead of retiring gracefully. ;)

Just look at Brownfinger - he's staying on as a backbencher rather than quitting,  (no surprise there), after saying that he would leave politics altogether and do charity work, (much to his wife's obvious horror and disapproval),  or get into teaching, (another generation of kids corrupted). >:o

So - the reality is that he'll still be throwing spanners in the works from the backbenches and postponing his incarceration in a secure funny farm for another few years! >:o >:o

Sheriff said...

I don't intend to do a lot of shouting just yet, Indy, but I do have an intuitive dislike for Cable, Huhne and Simon Hughes - oily bastards and treacherous, too.

Sheriff said...

Exactly, GV, it's easy to sound immensly clever in retrospect, which is all he has ever done since his joke about Brown propelled him to a much higher public profile. ;)

Good assessment of Huhne the Hoon! :-P

Sheriff said...

Slippery as a very wet eel.

Sheriff said...

Spidey I've had a bad feeling for ages about this situation we are currently in. We knew that the hung parliament was what was being angled for all along. The civil service gave themselves an extra week to get the shambles together before the first vote was cast. MSM didn't give the Monomaniacmonoclist a hard time for taking it to the wire, every other PM has been given a bollocking from about 18 months out if it looked like they were dithering in fear of the people's judgement. MSM played the hung parliament agenda non stop before , during and after the election.

All my lights are flashing RED Spidey. I'm now at DEFCON1.

The destruction of the Tory party as we knew it is now in play, that's what this so called coalition is for. If Cameron had simply said no more immigrants and fuck off EU we would have manhandled him through the door of No10 sharpish, but no he was told to shut his trap. I also reckon USofA corp may not survive. I know it is fashionable to listen to Igor Panarin but noone should forget that cracking up USofA corp has been a long sought outcome. Most of it is still Hapsburg lands and their agents now infest the US supreme court. Just look at the commie filth Soetoro has promoted recently.

Something bad is coming Spidey. The stabbing of an MP in his surgery is the first stage of the rabid beleif mongers surfacing to destabilise the whole UKplc political economy. CS and his crossbow purchase is a good move. I've already surveyed Herts. for suitable hunting grounds.

Sheriff said...

Hi Spidey, great job of exposing another slimy, slippery liar...something all Labour's are.
This guy looks like a weasel to me!  I'm glad you're here to explain all the various players in
this den of vipers!  I agree Cam had better watch his back, and front and sides  :*

I hope your weekend has been fun, despite all the madness!  ;)

Sheriff said...

I've checked out the CS option, myself, INCOMING!!!!!!!, I think the time has come for all real Tories in the Conservative Party, (those who have any sense of honour and dignity left), to split from the current shambles and drop Lefty Cameron right in it. :-P

Time for a real Conservative Party of all those disillusioned and disenfranchised Tories and Ukippers, and English Democrats and every other Right-wing politician who is totally fucked off with the current  Lefty EU fait accomplis! ;)

I smell civil war in the air..... =-X

Sheriff said...

Hi, Bunnikins, vipers they are - not pleasant at all - bunch of Lefties! >:o

Cable is just another sleazy Lefty with no real idea about Jack Shit - he is a worm and a snake and I wish he would slither back under his rock and stay there. >:o >:o

As for Cameron, he's just another Lefty twat who needs to be booted from the party leadership before the next election to give the Tories a sense of purpose again. :-P