Friday 29 April 2011

Obama Birth Certificate Is A Forgery +++UPDATED+++


Obama's Birth Certificate: The "copy" the White House released is not a copy - it is manufactured. This video goes through the proof, and it's much more than the Illustrator "breadcrumbs" that others have found and talked about.
We've been lied to -  again - and the White House was stupid enough to post proof of it on their own web server. 
But the most surprising thing is that Fox News won't touch this - not even Glenn Beck wants to have anything to do with it - now, that strikes me as a very odd approach for a supposedly Republican-supporting, conservative news channel!


This is what I said about Obama's so-called birth certificate at James Higham's place earlier today.......

Check this out, James, it has been ripped to shreds by Euripides using Adobe Illustrator and appears to be a forgery made up of around ten overlaid elements! ;-)
Curiouser and curiouser! :-P

There are all sorts of things wrong with it! Did you also notice that the capital "R"s are missing from words like "BA(R)ACK" when the overlaid element has been moved? It's on the document underneath and you can still see it there in the "Kapiolani" of Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital - it's also a different colour to the overlaid lettering. Some of the capital "K"s in words like "Kansas" are also on the document underneath - they display an imperfection from the original typewriter where the letter doesn't print completely, (the top part is very faint/not there), and this is totally unlike the "K"in "BA(R)ACK" which is on the overlay and printed in full. The "S" from "(S)TANLEY" is also on the bottom layer - the whole thing is so badly forged it wouldn't fool anyone!


It wasn’t photoshopped – Euripides loaded the original PDF into Adobe Illustrator which immediately showed up all the overlaid elements – he then moved the biggest overlay to the side to show how it had been done - there was certainly no photoshopping involved nor did I change anything in Euripides’ original screenshot – follow the link and see for yourselves.



I don't have Illustrator but I do have Photoshop and when I downloaded the original PDF from, I was able to load just the background image into the programme and that made it very clear as to which letters, (the ones I'd noticed and mentioned to James earlier), numbers and signatures were used from whatever the original document actually was.

And here it is.......


Here are two more birth certificates from the same hospital - spot the difference! For a start, the embossed seal is visible at the bottom of both of these, (Obama's forgery has no seal at all). They also have lower numbers, (10637 & 10638), than Obama's, (10641), even though Obama's was supposedly issued a day earlier!



Thursday 28 April 2011

Climate Change - The Hidden Agenda

Lord Monckton talks about the Climate Change/One World Government agenda, the Monarchy, how the British MSM have blacklisted/censored UKIP in the current election/referendum campaigns and how the only way he can now manage to speak to the British public is through the Alex Jones Show on the internet.......


Tuesday 26 April 2011

Barbaric Executions By Libyan Rebels


Pro-Gaddafi soldiers who surrender to the rebels have been blindfolded, hog-tied, beaten, hanged, beheaded, set on fire, and had their bodies mutiliated - in one documented case a soldier had his heart cut out of his chest when he proclaimed that his "heart is for Gaddafi" and the rebel took a bite out of the heart. In Misrata the Rebels burned some soldiers and then waved and danced around with the charred remains of their corpses.
These are the kind of people that comprise the bulk of the rebel "forces" and this is the unsanitised video of Cameron's, Obama's and Sarkozy's proxy army - hardly very "humanitarian", is it?
So where are the BBC, Sky News, CNN, CBS, ABC and all the other MSM, Liberal, Muppet News channels while all this is happening?  
Not a fucking peep out of them! 
People are being tortured and killed in all sorts of despicable ways but because it's the rebels who are carrying out these atrocities and these brutal executions don't fit the New World Order profile of Gaddafi as the "bad guy" and the rebels as the "good guys", the stories have been completely buried by our tame, government-arse-kissing  media!
In reality, the rebels are comprised of Al Qaeda and Islamic Extremists, along with gangs of Libyan ex-pats who are on the payroll of the CIA, MI6, and French Intelligence.
Hundreds of Libyan Army soldiers and police officers who have surrendered to the rebel army have been executed after surrendering and hundreds of others are missing after being reported as captured.
The Rebels appear to take particular delight in torturing and executing the black Libyan soldiers they capture. They continually tell us that all the black soldiers in the Libyan Army are foreign mercenaries while failing to acknowledge that there are over half a million Black African Libyans who primarily reside in the southern half of the country.

Friday 22 April 2011

Muslim Hate Preacher Calls Kate Middleton A Whore

Ahead of their planned Royal Wedding protests, this fucking Muslims Against Crusades piece of shit is doing no less than spitting his bile and treason on video for us all to see! Will our spineless politicians and corrupt police "service"do anything about it? Will they FUCK!
This cunt should be tried for treason, then taken out and hanged in public to teach all of the extremist bastards a damned good lesson - but we would first need a government that actually gives a fuck and that would get us the hell out of the commie EU for that to happen!

As the chances of that are very slim in the near future, it's much more likely that we'll have to do it ourselves when these arseholes eventually start a civil war, which they undoubtedly will at some stage!
When they do, I sincerely believe they will find that they've bitten off much more than they can chew.


Thursday 21 April 2011

Lord Monckton: The End Of Magna Carta

Lord Monckton talks about the communist EU, and how our civil rights have been completely eroded and our own decent, British law replaced by tyrannical NWO/EU law.......

Friday 15 April 2011

Cameron Is Lying To You About Immigration

With elections looming once again on 5th May, Cameron is telling us exactly what we want to hear in the hope of gaining more votes - just as he did before the general election last year. 
The difference this time around is that we know for certain that he's a smooth-talking PR shyster out of the same mould as Tony B.Liar, spouting complete and utter bollocks for his own self-serving ends and deliberately lying to us because he doesn't give a shit about anything except his own political skin and holding onto power!
He has absolutely no intention of implementing any of his promises for the simple reason that even if he wanted to, (which he doesn't), he can't while we remain in the EU.
Here's what Nigel Farage has to say about it on RT.......

Teach the cunt a lesson on 5th May and do yourself 
a favour in the process.......



Saturday 9 April 2011

Islam And Muliculturism In France

Look around you - this is happening in Britain and has, to our detriment, been deliberately accelerated during the thirteen years of communist Labour's treasonous misrule and is still continuing unabated thanks to the treachery of Cameron's rotten coalition! 

We now have no-go areas in our own towns and cities!
Tower Hamlets, to quote just one example, is effectively an autonomous, no-go, Muslim enclave within Greater London!
So what will it take before we are finally driven to stand up and say enough is enough and take the action our snivelling, cowering, treacherous governments refuse to take?
Time is running out....... 


Wednesday 6 April 2011

My Brother The Islamist +++UPDATED+++

Tree-surgeon turned film-maker Robb Leech is an ordinary white middle-class boy from the Dorset seaside town of Weymouth. So too is his stepbrother Rich. But a little over a year ago Rich became a radical Islamist who now goes by the name of Salahuddin. He associates with jihadist fundamentalists and believes the UK should be ruled by Sharia law.
Filmed over 12 months, Robb Leech sets out to reconnect with his extremist stepbrother; to find clues to what led Rich to become Salahuddin. He talks about his relationship with Rich as they were growing up, including home footage.
Through this film, we get to see into a previously unseen world of radical Islamists living in Britain.


Taxpayers' £1,015 A Month For Muslim Fanatic's Designer Flat


Muslim convert Salahuddin

A MUSLIM convert who went on TV to spout venom at Britain is sponging off the country he hates - in a rent-free £300,000 luxury flat.

Richard Dart, 28, who now calls himself Salahuddin, showed contempt for his homeland in Monday's BBC documentary My Brother the Islamist.
But it does not stop him raking in £64 a week from the state in Jobseeker's Allowance and a whopping £1,015 a month housing benefit. 
He lives in a two-bedroomed apartment overlooking a picturesque canal in Mile End, East London.
£300,000 luxury flat ... fanatic on his balcony
The swish open-plan flat boasts wooden floors, a kitchen with Bosch fittings and sliding patio doors to a glass-fronted balcony. On top of the five-storey block called Candy Wharf is a £500,000 roof garden which gives stunning views over London. Neighbours, including glamorous Hustle TV presenter Kelly Adams, paid up to £420,000 for their homes.

Tower Hamlets Council began picking up the bill for Salahuddin's rent when he stopped working as a BBC security guard 18 months ago. 

But he could only moan about his elegant flat when The Sun met him.
'Rich' ... left, with stepbrother Robb
He whined: "You don't have any privacy in a block like this. It's quite luxurious compared with other ones, but you're crammed in like sardines and I can hear my neighbour coming and going. I don't enjoy living among non-Muslims. Under Islam things would be much better. You could have a detached bungalow for each wife, maybe four bungalows if you had four wives. I have to live here - and it's very hard to have four wives."
Des res ... block in East London
The bearded fanatic - born in Weymouth, Dorset - uses the flat as a base from which to whip up support for an Islamic state. He provokes angry confrontations in the streets. Through a loud hailer, he recently branded soldiers returning from Afghanistan "murderers". He rants about how the UK should be run by strict Sharia law, under which thieves' hands are cut off and cheating women stoned to death.
Defending his scrounging, Salahuddin said: "If you offer me a job for £50,000-a-year and there's no loud music being played and naked women everywhere, I'm happy to take it."
The TV show featured Salahuddin's stepbrother Robb Leech telling how they grew up together, with "Rich" planning to be a builder before converting to Islam a year ago. One owner in the block of flats said: "I spent years saving to buy my home here. Now I have to live alongside a character like this. I'm shocked to find someone like that here - always slagging off the West. What a hypocrite."




Monday 4 April 2011

Pentagon Sock-Puppet Trolls

Organised attacks on alternative media by the Pentagon, DoD, Homeland Security, etc...........
(And, by the way, they do it in the UK, too!)

Friday 1 April 2011

Agenda 21: World Depopulation Plans

The senior editor of the Executive Intelligence Review, Jeffrey Steinberg, talks to Alex Jones about the NWO population reduction plans.......