Saturday 9 April 2011

Islam And Muliculturism In France

Look around you - this is happening in Britain and has, to our detriment, been deliberately accelerated during the thirteen years of communist Labour's treasonous misrule and is still continuing unabated thanks to the treachery of Cameron's rotten coalition! 

We now have no-go areas in our own towns and cities!
Tower Hamlets, to quote just one example, is effectively an autonomous, no-go, Muslim enclave within Greater London!
So what will it take before we are finally driven to stand up and say enough is enough and take the action our snivelling, cowering, treacherous governments refuse to take?
Time is running out....... 



Sheriff said...

Everybody knows that civil war is coming, except career politicians who will never have to live amongst these barbaric heathens, and the odious far left, who wish to use Islam as mere pawns for their own vile ends.

Sheriff said...

Remember when those cctv cameras in Birmingham were covered over in Muslim occupied territory last year? There were no French shopkeepers standing firm back then - the West Midlands Police Farce folded like a cheap tent.

"It's put back community relations by 10 years" was written at the time on the BBC's website. Bollocks. And in ten years from now the West Mids Police will be enforcing Sharia law on the streets. Let's see how that works out, eh?

Sheriff said...

"<span>who will never have to live amongst"</span>

100% spot on. Which is why immigration policy is so lax and benefit tourism is allowed to run riot. You'll never find a gypsy camp in Notting Hill, and the only immigrants in Islington are the illegal nannies and cleaners.

Sheriff said...

This comment was here earlier but has now disappeared - I didn't delete it, myself, so I am now putting the email version back as I have a few words to say to the stupid, Libtard cunt.......

<p>New item from<span> </span>Oh For God's Sake<span> </span>on<span> </span>Barking Spider: UK Police Bias Against Indigenous British People
 Get over yourself. We're not turning into an "Islamic State" because a council have given out guidance on another cultures customs to what is probably a majority white British police force. It was probably requested by the police officers themselves so as not to inadvertantly[sic] cause offence when they are trying to deal with a situation calmly and as respectfully as possible.
There are points at which the force as a whole oversteps the line, like the brutal treatment of protesters and arresting people taking photos but that has nothing to do with race. If anything, this shows they are trying very hard for it to NOT be about race, because it is very easy to turn around and throw racism at someone - these rules are so that cannot be done. If you have any major beleifs[sic] that you think should be respected by the police, write to them and tell them, and they'll probably write a little memo for you too.</p></span></span>

Sheriff said...

I have nothing to get over and I most certainly do not have to get over myself, you cheeky fucker, because unlike you, I woke up, grew up, saw the big picture and finally realised what you are incapable of seeing. It's the Lefty, communist agenda of successive governments since the traitor, Heath, and a population full of thick twats like you that have got Britain into the pile of shit that it's in today.

The police are no longer the solution to our problems, they are a large part of them - carrying out the orders of their political Libtard masters as we descend further and further into a police state of which the Stasi would be proud!

I resent being treated like an inconsequential minority in my own country while those Muslims who would do us harm are given preferential treatment! When a white person can walk into the Tower Hamlets Muslim ghetto, have the shit beaten and kicked out of them and the police do nothing about it, then law and order in Britain has been turned on its head - in fact, Labour made sure of that during the slimy B.Liar's and unelected commie fuckpig, Brown's, terms of treasonous office in Downing Street.

I used to have the tolerance to listen to people like you before I had the courage of my own convictions but those days are long gone - never again will any Lefties ever deter me from what I now know to be the truth, with their misplaced superior attitudes and weasel words and if you don't like it, you know what you can do!

I can see what's being done to us and I don't like it one little bit - I can remember when Britain was still a free country and, if you had the slightest idea of what you're talking about, you would not be taken in so easily by the bullshit and spin being peddled to us by the self-serving, Euroslime LibLabCons and their tame MSM.

Wake up and smell the coffee - then you might actually stand a chance of growing up, seeing what's going on around you and discounting the lies told to you by the career politicians running/ruining Britain and the journalists who swallow their bullshit lies and regurgitate them to an unsuspecting/oblivious public.

Sheriff said...

I remember it well, Eye, the minute those cameras are covered or there's "no film/tape in them", you just know that shit is going down!  >:o

Reminds me of a Paris underpass in 1997.  ;)

Sheriff said...

Nothing for me to add here, guys, you've got it well covered. ;)

Sheriff said...

I've totally had it with their communitarian NWO oppression, Bunni - I don't believe a word any of them say - if their lips are moving, they're lying! >:o

Once you see what's really going on it's extremely easy to spot another of their plots being hatched/implemented. ;)

Have you got room in that pigsty for one more? :-D I fancy getting away from the rotten smell of Globalist Libtards! :-P  

Sheriff said...

It needs a military campaign on Tower Hamlets.

Sheriff said...

Bravo! for the brave lady standing up for her country and way of life!

The PTB cannot/willnot admit to seeing what is happening to our nations as they play their stupid games, it will not be long before parts of the previously 'civilised world become battlegrounds again, not long at all!

Sheriff said...

I whole-heartedly agree and that's probably yet another reason why TPTB are keeping what's left of our forces well out of the way, James! Blair kept them in Yugoslavia and the Middle East while he was fucking with the constitutuion and selling us out to the EU - Brown did more of the same and now Cameron is simply continuing that process! The police will always back their corrupt political masters but the army would most likely back the people. Can't have that, can we?!!! >:o