Wednesday 28 September 2011

New Facebook: Obama Is Spying On You!

Let's face it, we all knew that the recent Facebook "upgrade" was to make it easier for the bastards to spy on us - we now know exactly how they are doing it - and what O'Fucknuts does today, you can be sure that our shower of shit and the commie EU will do tomorrow! 
Every mention of his name goes straight to his Facebook Page - and you can't block him! Posts date back to 17th July which is obviously when they foisted the new "upgrade" on us without telling us so, if you mentioned him by name recently, I'd suggest you follow the link to his page to see if there are any of your posts there, then go back to your own Facebook Wall and delete all the posts that you want to remove from Obama's Facebook page - that will do the trick. Nice to know that we're all going into his "little list" - NOT!
And just to prove my point.......,
That didn't take long, did it?
It's also well worth having a look at THIS and THIS.

Friday 23 September 2011

New Egyptian "Democracy": Coptic Christian Beaten Up By Muslim Mob

In this video the Egyptian police have delivered a young Coptic Christian to the usual rabble of Muslims who drag him through the streets naked while beating the shit out of him, all the time cheering and ranting "Allahu Akbar-La Ellah Ella Allah!"

They then proceed to burn a Christian shop behind the Coptic Orthodox Church once again demonstrating the complete and utter barbarism of Muslims and Islam.....

Isn't it absolutely wonderful to see such a new, thriving, enlightened democracy in Egypt having taken the place of Mubarak's brutal dictatorship?


Tuesday 13 September 2011

Identified: The UAF "Film Director" Who Thinks That Beating Up Women Is Funny

The man behind the camera in the post immediately below this one has now been identified - his name is Ben Tonge. 


Here he is in his own You Tube video....... classy, eh?

This is him attempting to deny it all on You Tube.......

And here he is on Twitter.

Oh, look - he's on Facebook, too.......

Meanwhile, the other twat, Anthony Richardson, has obviously had the usual Lefty attack of the shits when he realised how badly his "jolly jape" had backfired and attempted to apologise in a message sent to Max Farquar.......

Dear Max,
Please print this in full on your blog.
I am writing to you as Anthony Richardson, featured in the ‘UAF Celebrate Violence Against Women in Tower Hamlets‘ video.
I am writing first to apologise about the conduct in the video, and second to tell you that neither Ben Melchiors or Ben Tonge, who have both been misidentified as being the cameraman, played any part at all in it.
The video was recorded in the heat of the moment in the midst of a very volatile situation. We were bystanders and had not been actively involved in either side of the protest. I can categorically state that I am not part of any political party or particular leaning, nor do I condone violence against anyone, particularly women. I said those comments without thinking, and they were part of an extremely badly judged, terribly thought-through reaction to the unusual events of that day. In fact, I was ashamed of what I said as soon as I said it. We know we come across as complete idiots and never did it cross our minds that we would cause so much offence. My comments were completely against my nature and we are truly sorry that we got involved in a situation that we did not understand.
I am also writing this to ask people to stop pursuing Ben Melchiors and Ben Tonge. As I said, they were in no way involved in this. The Ben on the video I do not work with, he is simply an acquaintance of mine. I can assure you he echoes my feelings about the whole matter and has been involved in the writing of this apology.
So, while I realise I can’t take any of this back, I would like to ask you to take this apology for what it is: completely sincere and written with the intention undoing as many of the problems the video has caused as possible. Our comments on the video were out of character and we’re ashamed of them. I certainly do not condone violence against women, or men for that matter and hope that any political differences expressed by anyone in any circumstance in the future never lead to violence, as seen on that day, it doesn’t help anything. I badly misjudged the situation this time round and am sorry.
Yours sincerely,
Anthony Richardson

Yeah, right, I believe him - NOT - this is what I said over at Max's place.......

Too little, too late – this is very typical of the Lefty approach to everything and reeks of “damage limitation” to me – I’m afraid I don’t believe him and I sincerely hope that nobody else falls for his “apology”!

I haven't changed my mind nor am I likely to if this is the best they can come up with!


Saturday 10 September 2011

Identified: The UAF "Comedian" Who Thinks That Beating Up Women Is Funny

Once again that truly vile Lefty "sense of humour" raises its disgustingly ugly head - remember this video from a few days ago?

Well, here he is again - meet the UAF twat who derives enjoyment from seeing a woman punched and kicked........

Yes, folks, this is the absolutely "hilarious" Anthony Richardson of the UAF, those far-Left "allies" of the extremist Muslims Against Crusades and also the extremist Muslim Defence League - what fine, upstanding citizens they all are - cunts!

Here he is again in this "showreel" - seems he fancies himself as a TV presenter.......
Don't give up your day job, son!

You can read Max's take on this arsehole HERE.

Oh, and look - what a surprise - he's a  
 BEEBOID "comedian".......