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Advert Campaign 

"Act On Co2"


You may have noticed that I haven't had much to say yet about the climate change, AGW, global warming, Act On Co2 or whatever the fucking else those money-grabbing, kiddie-hoodwinking bastards are calling it these days. It strikes me that if they don't stop using the word green six times a twatting sentence, every time they open those gobshite, lying gannet-holes of theirs, they'll wear the fucking word out.

I'm sick and fucking tired of seeing that 'Act On Co2' scaremongering shit being rammed into our childrens' innocent heads, in a blatant attempt to use our own kin as some kind of 'conscience leverage'.

OOoo drowning puppies, poor thirsty rabbits, look at those floating kittens. It's all the grown-ups fault. Turning on light bulbs. Flying in big metal birds. Watching the TV. Eating ickle lickle moo moo cows. Oh, and heaven forbid, using an evil motor car to get to work.

Fuck off!
Fuck the fucking fucketty fuck off!

I'm sick of the humongous bollocksing hypocrisy of the whole twatting lot of them. The patronising politicians, the low-life 'leaders', the holier-than-fucking-thou do-fucking-gooders. It's okay for them to swan around the fucking globe, by the hundred with their sycophantic hangers-on, burning energy like there's no cunting tomorrow and then they proceed to scare the fucking shit out of our kids about how much energy WE are wasting.

Give me fucking strength!

So here is my version of the 'Act On Co2' advertising campaign.

It's the biggest project that I've tackled so far, mainly because I'm so incandescent with rage I just wanted to find a way of fighting back against the government brainwashing.

I'm hoping that as many people as possible will run with a few of these adverts by posting them on blogs and emailing them to anyone they think will be interested, in an attempt to flood the blogosphere with this alternative message.

Far be it from me to tell you all what to do, it's not my style, we should all still have the freedom to do what we think is right for us and our families but I am deadly fucking serious about all this. I'm really trying my best to do something constructive. Something that might make just make a difference.

Thank you.

Please click on any image to enlarge and view full size
and/or download them.

If this all manages to gather a bit of momentum
I have plenty more ideas for further adverts.

So, there you have it, folks, another great post by GOT. 
Please - let's all help to make this campaign go viral, if possible! 
Together, we can be strong - together we can beat them!

Saturday 28 November 2009


In light of this weeks revelations, with many more still to come from the hacked CRU e-mails, one would think that perhaps some of our less "blinkered" politicians might just stop and think for a moment before they carried on as if nothing had happened - but noooooo, it's business as usual in the Great Climate Change Money-Grabbing Swindle! 
I received the following e-mail at 8.30pm last night so clearly the penny hasn't dropped yet, or if it has, it's being ignored.

Dear Barking,
In nine days time, representatives from 192 countries will meet in Copenhagen for the UN Conference on climate change. This summit is of historic importance. It is an opportunity for the world to take bold action to deal with the real danger of climate change.
So this week, ahead of the summit, members of my Shadow Cabinet have given a series of speeches setting out plans to help protect the global environment. Each one of these speeches sets out specific steps which need to be taken if we are going to reduce our carbon emissions.
For instance, in his speech, George Osborne set out plans to create a framework which would reward people for recycling. William Hague set out his plans to push for fundamental reform of the EU budget to redirect resources towards addressing climate change and energy security. And Andrew Mitchell set out how we need to end the scandal of taxpayers' money being used to guarantee environmentally damaging energy projects around the world.
Two incredibly powerful ideas lie behind these policies. The first is about the role of the state. Government does have a role to play in helping people to live sustainably. But it is at its best when it enables people to take action for themselves.
The second idea is about international leadership. I believe passionately that just as we are part of One Nation here in Britain, so Britain is itself part of One World. In this century of global threats and challenges, we can't afford to ignore what is happening in other parts of the world. So when it comes to tackling climate change, just as with fighting international terror, Britain must always be a strong force for progressive change in the world.
David Cameron (signature)

This bodes neither well for our withdrawal from the EU nor the removal of the hair shirts of bogus climate change! However, the founder of the Weather Channel and 30,000 scientists not employed by the IPCC now wish to sue Al Gore for fraud. Getting that lying bastard into an open court where he can't possibly explain himself due to his lack of scientific knowledge would be a sight to behold. Here is a video where the proposed lawsuit is discussed - yet again Fox News was the only TV channel that would give it airtime.

Now, just as our American friends had to do recently, we turn to Russia Today for the truth they dare not show us here in Britain!

And there is more!

Here's a live clash between two scientists of opposing beliefs!

And here is Alex Jones with his take on the whole rotten scam!

I know that these videos will take a little time to watch but it really is well worth it. I have always been sceptical about the false religion of Climate Change but after watching these open and impartial reports from Russia Today that our own MSM refuses to even discuss, I am now a confirmed Climate Change unbeliever!
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Friday 27 November 2009



       McKinnon could be extradited to US by Christmas

Alan Johnson said he had considered demands for him to intervene in the case but had decided the extradition would not breach Mr McKinnon's human rights.
The 43-year-old, from Wood Green in north London, is accused of breaking into the Pentagon's computer system but says he was just seeking UFO evidence.
Mr McKinnon, who has Asperger's syndrome, was given hope last month when the Home Secretary agreed to study new medical evidence before deciding on his extradition to the US.
Mr Johnson's deliberations came after the High Court refused Mr McKinnon permission to appeal to the Supreme Court against his removal to America.
Mr McKinnon's family say that his health has deteriorated significantly under the pressure of the pending extradition and fears about how he will be treated by the US authorities.

Alan Johnson rejected new appeal
Now in a statement, Mr Johnson said: "I have carefully considered the representations in the case of Gary McKinnon.
"The information is not materially different from that placed before the High Court earlier this year and does not demonstrate that sending Mr McKinnon to the US would breach his human rights."
He added: "As the courts have affirmed, I have no general discretion. If Mr McKinnon's human rights would be breached, I must stop the extradition. If they would not be breached, the extradition must go ahead."
Mr McKinnon's mother, Janis Sharp, said Mr Johnson and the Government "should hang their heads in shame".
"To force a peaceful, vulnerable, misguided UFO fanatic like Gary thousands of miles away from his much-needed support network is barbaric," she said.
"This is a cruel and miserable decision. If the severity of Gary's medical condition isn't sufficient to prevent his extradition, I can't imagine what is. "God help others facing a similar fate. I'm so upset and angry."
Ms Sharp said her legal team would now apply for a judicial review, but if that was not granted then her son could be extradited before Christmas. "What a heartless and cowardly decision this is," she added. (That's a polite way of putting it!)
Every time this sneaky little shit makes a move, he proves himself to be a spineless cunt with the morals of a snake - no wonder he's been keeping such a low profile for the last few weeks! Alan "I'm just a hack politician" Johnson is even a fucking embarrassment to hack politicians everywhere - this man has no integrity whatsoever and no balls either and will do anything his master, Gordon Brown, tells him to do, and as Gordon is still busy trying to insert himself all the way into Obama's arse, this outcome was a foregone conclusion!

The sooner this pathetic, paranoid government is given the boot by the British people, the better - they have six months left, clinging onto power simply to line their pockets for as long as they possibly can and then Labour really must be consigned to the dustbin of history forever as they can never be trusted again, not least when it comes to doing the "right thing" - their favourite line of defence when they get caught out doing the wrong thing, which, as we all know, is a Labour speciality!

I honestly hope that the two-faced, lying, bad-tempered, nasty, shitty little cunt does get Brown's job as Labour leader - he's already blown his credibility with the public so he could be a huge help in the fight to keep the bastards out of power! Besides, who else have they got......David Minibrain? Ed Testicles? Batty Hattie Harpy? Ed Militwat?  Bwahahahahahaha!!!

I rest my case!
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Wednesday 25 November 2009


We've obviously got someone peeved enough to hack the site, but to make sure the message doesn't get completely forgotten, I am re-posting the mission statement here!

The key policy statement that the economy must be tackled first and that a referendum be discussed only 18 months after the general election, is fundamentally wrong and unacceptable.


1. There must be a referendum on EU membership within one year of a new parliament, including the option of total withdrawal or a trading agreement, in order to “clear the decks”;

2. Given a No vote, then all laws inimical to Britain, both EU and homegrown need to be reviewed and repealed and a fundamental overhaul of all sectors of society needs to be undertaken.

Many of our political leaders are ignoring and even blocking this. The response that it would be electoral suicide to offer the people a voice just doesn’t hold water. It would be suicide not to do so because opinion polls say that we want it. Albion Alliance is also contacting all candidates for the next general election and asking them to commit to this principle:

I pledge to work tirelessly to give the voters of my constituency a democratic and direct voice in the United Kingdom’s continued relationship with the EU, to support any motion for a referendum on that continued relationship, and to vote positively for any Private Members Bill that may call for such a referendum, written in clear concise terms, irrespective of Party Whip and to promote the same, with a view to the successful outcome of this pledge within one year of a new Parliament or sooner.

We are publishing all responses when received – yea or nay – and preparing lists of which candidates said what, to be publicised around the UK prior to the general election.

The people want their voices heard. You can help us by signing at:


This is all becoming rather explosive and the wagons are circling in the Great Global Warming Swindle - they have been well and truly caught out and they know it - and what with the guys who are trawling through the hacked E-mails doing such a great job, there is much more yet to be revealed!

I left a comment a few days ago on a BBC website called "BBC - World, Have Your Say" and, I must admit, I was extremely surprised when it passed moderation and was posted. The question was, of course, all about climate change and the comment thread was "Are you selfish - or are we bad journalists?" This thread has since been taken down but I did make a copy of my comment which now follows.

BBC  - Comment on World, Have Your Say
18 November 2009 - 14:50
I am so sick, sore and tired of hearing about the Great Global Warming Swindle!

Global warming is nothing more than an enormous worldwide money-grabbing, tax-raising scam and Al Gore and others of his ilk are getting incredibly rich out of it, (Gore has made around $100,000,000 from it so far), while the rest of us are bullied and coerced into donning hair shirts. The planet has, in fact, been cooling for at least the last twenty years so you've probably noticed that we stopped talking about global warming some time ago and it became "climate change". So - having softened us up with that title for a while, Gore has decided, (with some help), in time for Copenhagen and the launch of his book, that the time is ripe to ratchet the title up some more so it has now become "climate crisis"!

"Fifty days to save the world"  someone said recently - that all seems to have gone a bit quiet since Obama said that there would be no deal!  (I didn't want to mention Brown by name in case they used it as an excuse not to post the comment).

This kind of climate cycle has happened over and over again - it happened before humans evolved and it will happen again and again after humans are extinct. How truly and typically arrogant to suppose that we even have the technology to do anything about it - we do not, (and those running the scam surely know that) - in the grand scheme of things we are nothing - nothing at all!

Thanks to Lord Monckton, we are finally to have a full and public debate on the subject - perhaps it will put an end to people's parroting of received wisdom from politicians with a vested interest in " green" industries and heavy taxation.

And then, joy of joys, the CRU computer was hacked and we are now getting more and more confirmation of the lies by the day!
So - fuck the tree-hugging, lefty old hippies really hard, right up the jacksy with a blackthorn stick wrapped in razor wire and damn the whole fucking climate change clique to Hell!


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Monday 23 November 2009


Saturday 21 November 2009



He also blew a job in Brussels!

Wednesday 18 November 2009


Could Belgian prime minister who wants EU-wide tax be even worse than Tony Blair as European president?


+++ UPDATE +++


It looks like Rumpy-Pumpy has got the job, so we should be safe from Blair and his old hag for at least another five years. Baroness Ashton has got the Foreign Minister's job so that saves us from any possibility of Militwat getting it - phew!! It appears that Merkel blocked Blair's bid for the presidency - thank fuck she doesn't like him!

Perhaps Rumpy-Pumpy will manage to, as James Higham says, "implode the whole caboodle"!........oh, yes!!........PLEASE!!!
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Saturday 14 November 2009

GUY NEWS 14/11/09

And if that snippet at the end of Guy News
whetted your appetite for the whole song,
here it is! Still sounds brilliant 30 years on!

One of my all-time favourites.

Friday 13 November 2009


You CAN save Gary McKinnon:

MPs' bombshell letter explodes Home Secretary's claim that law makes him powerless to halt extradition


Alan Johnson was last night told by a powerful group of MPs that he can and must halt the extradition of Gary McKinnon. In a devastating letter, the Home Affairs Select Committee flatly rejected Mr Johnson's claim that he is powerless to intervene.
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Wednesday 11 November 2009


The birth of the Albion Alliance

This post is timed for 11:03 a.m. on November 11th, 2009.

The Albion Alliance is a non aligned pressure group of like minded patriots, coordinating with all other likeminded groups in the UK, thoroughly sick to death of what’s happened to our nation in the past decade and tired of having no voice to effect change or to affect the policies being pursued at Westminster.
We are a cross-party, grassroots movement wishing to rebuild a solid foundation for the future of our country – a foundation built on freedom, self determination and sheer common sense, with loyalty to this country and its people being above party politics.
This is not a political party, so no one needs to leave any party – providing they are in alignment with the stated policy – that our primary purpose is to remove Labour from office, closely followed by a referendum on our membership of the European Union as it is currently constituted. From those two policies, all others will later flow.
To achieve this we need:
1. Many signatories to Albion Alliance and the simplest way to do this is to subscribe to the mailing list yourself and then to contact as many people as possible whom you feel are likeminded or who could help with this process;
2. Write to your local MP or candidate from your party, asking if they agree with this policy or not and if not, why not, also suggesting they carry our logo on their campaign literature;
3. Get in behind us by using the forum, offering suggestions, offering time and even contributing financially [we will have a link up in the sidebar in the next two days].
This differs from other internet groups in that it is specifically designed to expand its base into a large pressure group and to push MPs by means of many activities which will appear in the News Section of the site – we are quite proactive in this and will support all other groups which are also trying to achieve this – we are not competing but linking to all such groups and individuals and hoping they will do the same.
But first things first:
1. Please read Ian Parker-Joseph’s explanation of Albion Alliance in Why we need this alliance;
2. Subscribe to the mailing list;
3. Spread the word because only in numbers can we achieve what we need to for the future of this land.
The text of Ian’s letter:
Numerous opinion polls tell us that 70% of the voting public want a referendum on the EU.
Over the past 40 years Britain has been led, against the wishes of its people, into a political union by a discredited political elite without so much as a single vote on the issue from the public. The last time the public were consulted, in 1975, it was for a simple trading partnership called the EEC. No-one has agreed to a political union where the law of this land will be made by unelected officials in a far off land.
We believe that the forthcoming General Election should be the catalyst that forces that referendum. A referendum that simply asks the public:
“Should the United Kingdom remain in a political union with the other member states of the EU. Yes or No?”
In order to force this issue to the top of the agenda, not in another 5 years, but as a priority for any incoming government, we will be asking every PPC to unreservedly commit to putting the country before party by signing up to the principles laid out in this Albion Alliance.
We are not asking any PPC to abandon his or her own party, nor to set up a party in opposition, but to simply put the people whose votes they are asking for, and their country, before all else, irrespective of the Party Whip.
When they become a signatory to the Albion Alliance, they are pledging to force this referendum, they will be asked to carry the Albion Alliance logo on their campaign website and literature, so that you the voter will know that if you vote for this candidate, they have pledged to granting the public that all important voice on the future of these Islands, a United Kingdom, a land once known as Albion.
The public will then know when they are making that all important decision on who to vote for, a vote for a PPC who is pledged to the Albion Alliance means a candidate who is committed to a referendum, where we hope to find a majority of A.A. MP’s across all political parties once the election is over. Such an alliance would also consider policies that are likewise mutually compatable and can be agreed with the members.
I have already made that pledge, and I urge you to write to your current MP, and then to all the PPC’s intending to stand for election in your constituency urging them to make the pledge to the A.A., The Albion Alliance.
Thank you.
Ian Parker-Joseph
Leader, Libertarian Party UK & PPC Torfaen
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I'm beginning to wonder because all the old Tory dinosaurs once more raising their heads above the parapet are doing absolutely nothing to enhance his image to the electorate as someone who will stand up for us.

He was warned about bringing that insufferable, slack-mouthed, self-opinionated old Europhile, Ken Clarke back into the fold, but he didn't listen and brought him back anyway. He felt he needed Clarke to stand up to Mandelson - why? I haven't seen much evidence of any of that yet, besides, Mandelson is in the Lords, Clarke is in the Commons and never the twain shall meet to debate  - so that was a shit idea in the first place and with fuck all practical use!

And, true to form, Ken has been shooting his big mouth off willy-nilly again and dropped Cameron right in it! With friends like that, Dave, who needs enemies?

You can read what I'm ranting about in all its truthful stupidity HERE.

The next thing we hear is that Call Me Dave has been talking to none other than Tarzan about also coming back into the fold - OMG- another one with dodgy dealings, (Westland affair, etc.), Now all we need is for Portillo to come scuttling back and the back-stabbing coven of Tory Party destroyers will be complete!! 

But, hark -  there is something else which is every bit as disturbing as those previously mentioned - a name that none of us thought we would ever hear again spoken in anger! It's just too awful to contemplate.....but it is my terrible duty to have to tell you anyway...........I give you........I'm so sorry.......The Grey Man of politics......John Major!!

And you can read this sorry part of the story HERE.

We are soo fucked!
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Sunday 8 November 2009


Tory Eurosceptics threaten 'all-out war' over Brussels

David Cameron's promise of a referendum in 2015 would come too late to placate his MPs and MEPs

David Cameron has been given an 18-month deadline by a powerful band of Eurosceptic Tory MPs to renegotiate Britain's relationship with Brussels or face an "all-out war" for a referendum, it emerged yesterday. The Conservative leader last week tried to buy more time from the Eurosceptic wing of his party by promising that the Tories' 2015 election manifesto would contain a promise for a referendum should the EU "move in the wrong direction".

Mr Cameron unveiled a list of proposals to assert Britain's sovereignty over Brussels and repatriate certain powers during the next Parliament, if the Tories win the 2010 election. The shopping list was an attempt to placate his MPs and MEPs after he dropped a pledge to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. 

But a senior Tory MP said yesterday that Mr Cameron would have to move quickly in the first year and a half of his premiership – and had to show "real progress" on his promises. The MP said: "I don't think a promise of a referendum on Britain's relationship with the EU in more than five years will sit very well. He [Cameron] needs to make progress, within the first 18 months of his premiership. If he does, it will be his crowning glory, but if he doesn't, it will be a thorn in his side."

Another Eurosceptic backbencher said: "We have agreed to keep quiet on this before the election, but if things do not start happening in the first year or so, there will be all-out war for a referendum."

The warning from the band of Conservative MPs steps up the pressure on the Tory leader after the resignation of two Tory MEPs, Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer, from the party's frontbench in the European Parliament. The issue threatens to spoil Mr Cameron's honeymoon as Prime Minister if he wins next spring. Some 47 Tory MPs, including a handful of shadow ministers, signed a Commons motion last month that "insists that the Prime Minister rejects the [Lisbon] Reform Treaty ... and holds a referendum before or after ratification". Mr Helmer and Mr Hannan are both members of the Better Off Out group which wants the UK to withdraw from the EU. There are also five Tory MPs and eight Conservative peers who are members of the group.

The early-day motion was signed before the Czech government finally signed the treaty last week, triggering EU-wide ratification. The next day, Mr Cameron announced he could not hold a referendum on a treaty that had become enshrined in law. He won over many MPs who signed the motion by pledging a UK Sovereignty Bill and a "referendum lock" on a future treaty that ceded further powers to Brussels. But many Eurosceptic Tories have made it clear that the issue will not go away early in the next Parliament.

In a fresh development yesterday, Mr Helmer renewed his attack on the Tory leader's EU policy. He wrote that Mr Cameron's EU policy was "confused", adding: "We have said that now that the Lisbon Treaty is EU law, we are not in a position to repudiate it. Yet we have made a series of proposals which repudiate significant parts of it, and run counter to EU law. But as we all know, the supremacy of EU law is explicit in the Lisbon Treaty. If we accept Lisbon, we accept the supremacy of EU law." He added: "A 'referendum lock' will not work, because we have already thrown away the key. Our policy fails to recognise the self-amending nature of Lisbon." Mr Helmer said he would campaign for a Tory victory in 2010, but added: "I can neither justify nor support our new EU policy. You can only defy the will of the people for so long."


If David Cameron was not so out of touch with the population of Britain he would have realised that his speech on the Lisbon Treaty was the last thing that the vast majority of people wanted to hear. 

People are quite rightly going to assume, and some have done for a while, now, that Cameron never wanted to hold a referendum in the first place and no-one could blame them for thinking this way under the present circumstances. His words merely sounded like they were designed to give people some future hope for a solution to get us out of the worst parts of a treaty that is self-amending and no longer requires any consultation before the EU does whatever it wants!

It also transpires that a few weeks ago, Margaret Thatcher wrote a letter to Vaclav Klaus, a great admirer of hers, urging him to hold firm and not to sign the treaty. This letter was to be delivered to President Klaus by William Hague - he never delivered the letter and left it sitting on his desk instead!  

Exactly what the fuck is going on here?

The above article from the Independent is the most encouraging that I have read in some time - perhaps we're not dead in the water just yet! Please get your act together, Dave, or the election could leave us facing another five years of Labour and then..........

we can kiss democracy goodbye forever!

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