Wednesday 29 December 2010

Burkha Bitch Gets Six Months In Jail

Let's hope the spineless twats in Westminster are paying attention to this........ but don't hold your breath.......


Friday 24 December 2010

All He Wants For Christmas Is.......


Wednesday 22 December 2010

Bedfordshire Police Dirty Tricks

This is truly shocking behaviour by a British police "service". They won't be able to fool people for much longer.......


Wednesday 15 December 2010

James Delingpole On COP16 & Agenda 21 - 10/12/2010

James Delingpole talks about COP16, aka "The Cancún Car Crash" and how our governments will still spin it as a success as they push ever further ahead with implementing Agenda 21.


 PART 2 

Sunday 12 December 2010

Watch Out - There's An Electronic Pickpocket About!



Friday 10 December 2010

Lord Christopher Monckton On The Climate Change Junket In Cancún, Mexico

Lord Christopher Monckton, prominent critic of the theory of anthropogenic global warming, talks to Alex Jones from Cancún, Mexico, where the United Nations is holding its "climate change" talks.


Thursday 9 December 2010

Blair Recalled To Iraq Inquiry


Let's hope Chilcot gives him a proper grilling this time!

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Tuesday 7 December 2010

Heavy-Handed Tactics of The TSA

Have Americans finally had their fill of the heavy-handed tactics of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)? Are parents en route to Disney World fed up with having their three-year olds brought to tears by manhandling TSA employees? Will senior citizens stop consenting to be prodded and poked while seated in a wheelchair from which movement may be quite painful? Are adult air passengers finally ready to declare, "enough is enough?"

TSA has greatly increased the number of full-body scanners at airports across the country, and instituted a program of aggressively hand- searching passengers who decline the full-body x-rays. Whether these indignities finally will prompt the travelling public to rebel, however, remains to be seen.

After all, for every traveler who realizes that a full body scan or physical body search conducted after they already passed a weapons and explosives detection device, adds little if anything to their safety, there are others who shrug that, "if it makes us safer, well, that's the price we have to pay." And for every citizen who understands that the Fourth Amendment prohibits the government from conducting an intrusive search of one's persons and possessions without any suspicion they've done anything wrong, there's another who accedes to such searches, because they "have nothing to hide."

Recent polls indicate an air passenger rebellion is brewing; and none too soon. As a nation, are we ready to reaffirm our heritage and cast off the yoke of fear that has gripped us since September 11, 2011? Do we become once again a nation of laws -- in which the Bill of Rights still has meaning -- or have we succumbed to the federal browbeaters who assert that whatever intrusions they assert are necessary for them to protect us, are permissible? Are we willing to ask the tough questions?


Friday 3 December 2010

TSA : More Information About Excessive Tactics And Naked Body Scanner Radiation Levels

The TSA are a law unto themselves.......

AND NOW....... I do not believe I'm fucking hearing this....... 

The TSA have actually terrorised and traumatised a disabled four year-old boy in the US. Believe it or not, the stupid fuckpigs removed his leg braces and forced him to walk through one of their fucking naked body scanners - even though his father, who was present, is a New Jersey cop. 
A crazed, four year-old, disabled bomber - yeah, right....... happens every day....... these people are seriously fucked up!

That's it, give him a large dose of radiation while you're at it - that'll really fucking teach him!

Unbelievable CUNTS!

Thursday 2 December 2010

Climate Change: Lord Monckton Blasts Global Warming & COP16 - 29/11/2010

Once again Lord Christopher Monckton lays bare the facts surrounding the whole Cancun global warming conspiracy which is proceeding in spite of the complete collapse of the Climate Change "religion"!
He also talks about Agenda 21, (depopulation, forced relocation, food rationing), and the greedy bankers complicit in the whole "world government" stitch-up!
Oh....... and this is how they're rationing food in Cancun...... 

And just to end on a lighter note.......


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