Wednesday 22 December 2010

Bedfordshire Police Dirty Tricks

This is truly shocking behaviour by a British police "service". They won't be able to fool people for much longer.......



Sheriff said...

Barking,,I was just about to email you on this and sure enough you have it up,,, Good going my good man!

My God, this is indeed shocking!

Sheriff said...

HI Spider!  This is just shocking and awful.  I'm glad you posted it, so people are aware.
The poiice the world over are getting worse.  They are nothing but thugs that work for the corrupt gov's....NOT the people.  I sure don't want to meet up with any of them doing this stuff.
I hope you keep out of their path too (I know you will).  ;)
Merry Christmas.

Sheriff said...

Hi BS,

I got this through the mail earlier. All I can say is, well, I should be shocked but I know how the pigs work. They are not there for you or I. They serve a higher power and they are the enemy, which is why I say that if you want to remove the power structure within society, that is destroy those bastards who are about to destroy us and our culture, then you simply have to remove the police from ever station up and down the land, put the navy on the channel, RAF in the Sky and blow any ship out of the water/plane out of the Sky that will then seek to rest control of the UK under Interpol.

You are correct. People should see what's going on. They're trying to shut him up and fucking innocent people around him in order to do so. The sooner people realise that our biggest enemies are the fuzz the better. They will continue to crucify him and others like him.
You know me. It's not that I'm pro EDL but I'm certainly anti UAF and Islamism of the UK. The EDL are not only battling the UAF, the Islamists and every fucking minority group out there but also the police. They are our enemy more than anyone because they lie when they say they're there for us when they most certainly are not.

Sheriff said...

I think a lot of people are awake up now, Spidey.

Sheriff said...

And these twats have previous form for this sort of thing, Christopher! >:o

So much of the way this Country is run needs to be broken and scrapped so that we can start again and come down heavily on the first sign of any corruption from the crooks in authority - and that's a worldwide problem. ;) :-P

Sheriff said...

Hi, Bunni,

You're absolutely right - all politics and institutions of authority are totally fucked up and corrupt! >:o

We need a damned good clearout/cleanup - whether they like it, (they won't), or not! :-P :-P :-P

Merry Christmas to you, too. ;)

Sheriff said...

And we're gathering more of them all the time, James - thank goodness! :)

Sheriff said...

What can I say, H, I've got nothing to add to that - you're spot on, as usual, mate! ;)

I wish our forces were at home instead of being kept out of the way in the Middle East - this is one time I would welcome a military coup. :-P