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If This Doesn't Make People Get Out And Vote - NOTHING Will!

Gordon Brown: I will go on and on

GORDON BROWN is making secret plans to stay on as Labour leader after the general election even if his party is defeated. The prime minister has told close colleagues that he will refuse to quit unless the Conservatives win a significant majority.

“Gordon has said he believes his enemies in the party are too divided among themselves to force him out,” said a senior Labour source. “He thinks that if the May election is indecisive and if there is any prospect of a second election, Labour should not be plunged immediately into a messy leadership contest.” 

The prime minister’s audacious strategy will infuriate Blairite backbenchers and some cabinet ministers who blame Labour’s ailing fortunes on his leadership and believe the party needs a fresh start. With many of Brown’s fiercest critics standing down at the election and others likely to lose their seats, he is optimistic that his plan can succeed. Friends of Brown believe he will want to remain in post if David Cameron’s majority is 20 seats or less. A hung parliament or a narrow victory for the Tories could result in Cameron calling a second general election within a short period to secure a better result.

Brown has told colleagues he believes it makes little sense for the Labour party to have a change of leadership if the political landscape is so uncertain. His critics fear his decision to remain in post is part of a strategy to pave the way for his ally Ed Balls, the schools secretary, to succeed him as party leader.




The following article comes from the Indian website Open


The Hottest Hoax in the World

It was presented as fact. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, led by India’s very own RK Pachauri, even announced a consensus on it. The world was heating up and humans were to blame. A pack of lies, it turns out.

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrarywise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see? —Alice in Wonderland

The climate change fraud that is now unravelling is unprecedented in its deceit, unmatched in scope - and for the liberal elite, akin to 9 on the Richter scale. 

Never have so few fooled so many for so long, ever. The entire world was being asked to change the way it lives on the basis of pure hyperbole. Propriety, probity and transparency were routinely sacrificed.

The truth is: the world is not heating up in any significant way. Neither are the Himalayan glaciers going to melt as claimed by 2035. Nor is there any link at all between natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and global warming. All that was pure nonsense, or if you like, ‘no-science’!

The climate change mafia, led by Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, chairperson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), almost pulled off the heist of the century through fraudulent data and suppression of procedure. All the while, they were cornering millions of dollars in research grants that heaped one convenient untruth upon another. And as if the money wasn’t enough, the Nobel Committee decided they should have the coveted Peace Prize. 

But let’s begin at the beginning. Mr Pachauri has no training whatsoever in climate science. This was known all the time, yet he heads the pontification panel which proliferates the new gospel of a hotter world. How come? Why did the United Nations not choose someone who was competent? After all, this man is presumably incapable of differentiating between ocean sediments and coral terrestrial deposits, nor can he go about analysing tree ring records and so on. That’s not jargon; these are essential elements of a syllabus in any basic course on climatology.

You cannot blame him. His degree and training is in railroad engineering. You read it right. This man was educated to make railroads from point A to point B. 


There are many casualties in this sad story of greed and hubris. The big victim is the scientific method. This was pointed out in great detail by John P Costella of the Virginia-based Science and Public Policy Institute. Science is based on three fundamental pillars. The first is fallibility. The fact that you can be wrong, and if so proven by experimental input, any hypothesis can be - indeed, must be - corrected.

This was systematically stymied as early as 2004 by the scientist in-charge of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Change Unit. This university was at the epicentre of the ‘research’ on global warming. It is here that Professor Phil Jones kept inconvenient details that contradicted climate change claims out of reports.

The second pillar of science is that by its very nature, science is impersonal. There is no ‘us’, there is no ‘them’. There is only the quest. However, in the entire murky non-scientific global warming episode, if anyone was a sceptic he was labelled as one of ‘them’. At the very apex, before his humiliating retraction, Pachauri had dismissed a report by Indian scientists on glaciers as “voodoo science”.

The third pillar of science is peer group assessment. This allows for validation of your thesis by fellow scientists and is usually done in confidence. However, the entire process was set aside by the IPCC while preparing the report. Thus, it has zero scientific value.

The fact that there was dissent within the climate science teams, that some people objected to the very basis of the grand claims of global warming, did not come out through the due process. It came to light when emails at the Climate Research Centre at East Anglia were hacked in November 2009. It is from the hacked conversations that a pattern of conspiracy and deceit emerge. It is a peek into the world of global warming scaremongering—amplify the impact of CO2, stick to dramatic timelines on destruction of forests, and never ask for a referral or raise a contrary point. You were either a believer in a hotter world or not welcome in this ‘scientific fold’.


So we have the fact that a non-expert heads the IPCC. We have the fact that glaciers are not melting by 2035; this major scaremongering is now being defended as a minor error (it was originally meant to be 2350, some have clarified). The date was spouted first by Syed Hasnain, an Indian glacier expert, in an interview to a magazine. It had no scientific validity, and, as Hasnain has himself said, was speculative.

On the basis of that assertion, The Energy and Resources Institute (Teri) that Pachauri heads and where Hasnain works in the glaciology team, got two massive chunks of funding. The first was estimated to be a $300,000 grant from Carnegie Corporation and the second was a part of the $2 million funding from the European Union. So you write a report that is false on glaciers melting and get millions to study the impact of a meltdown which will not be happening in the first place. Now if this is not a neat one, what is?

The same goes for dire predictions on Amazon rain forests. The IPCC maintained that there would be a huge depletion in Amazon rain forests because of lack of precipitation. Needless to add, no Amazon rain forest expert could be trusted to back this claim. They depended on a report by a freelance journalist and activist, instead, and now it has blown up in their faces.

There’s plenty more in this sordid tale. For one thing, there is no scientific consensus at all that man-made CO2 emissions cause global warming, as claimed by the IPCC. In a recent paper, Lord Monckton of Brenchley, who has worked extensively on climate change models, argues: ‘There is no scientific consensus on how much the world has warmed or will warm; how much of the warming is natural; how much impact greenhouse gases have had or will have on temperature; how sea level, storms, droughts, floods, flora, and fauna will respond to warmer temperature; what mitigative steps—if any—we should take; whether (if at all) such steps would have sufficient (or any) climatic effect; or even whether we should take any steps at all.’

An investigation by Dr Benny Peiser, director, Global Warming Policy Foundation, has revealed that only 13 of the 1,117, or a mere 1 per cent of the scientific papers crosschecked by him, explicitly endorse the consensus as defined by the IPCC. Thus the very basis of the claim of consensus on global warming is false. And so deeply entrenched is the global warming lobby, the prestigious journal Science did not publish a letter that Dr Peiser wrote pointing out the lack of consensus.

Speaking to Open, says Dr Peiser, “The IPCC process by which it arrives at its conclusions lacks balance, transparency and due diligence. It is controlled by a tightly knit group of individuals who are completely convinced that they are right. As a result, conflicting data and evidence, even if published in peer-reviewed journals, are regularly ignored, while exaggerated claims, even if contentious or not peer-reviewed, are often highlighted in IPCC reports. Not surprisingly, the IPCC has lost a lot of credibility in recent years. It is also losing the trust of more and more governments who are no longer following its advice. Until it agrees to undergo a root and branch reform, it will continue to haemorrhage credibility and trust. The time has come for a complete overhaul of its structure and workings.”

Another fraud is in the very chart central to Pachauri’s speech at the Copenhagen summit. As Lord Monckton has pointed out, ‘The graph is bogus not only because it relies on made-up data from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, but also because it is overlain by four separate trendlines, each with a start-date carefully selected to give the entirely false impression that the rate of warming over the past 150 years has itself been accelerating, especially between 1975 and 1998. The truth, however—neatly obscured by an ingenious rescaling of the graph and the superimposition of the four bogus trend lines on it—is that from 1860 to 1880 and again from 1910 to 1940 the warming rate was exactly the same as the warming rate from 1975 to 1998.’


This chart, tracking mean global temperature over the past 150 years, was central to the presentation that IPCC Chairman Rajendra K. Pachauri made at the Copenhagen environment summit. Many scientists believe that the graph is fraudulent. First, there are strong allegations that the data, collected from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, is a tissue of lies. Plus, as British climate change expert Lord Christopher Monckton puts it: “(The main graph, in darker blue) is overlain by four separate lines, each carefully selected to give the entirely false impression that the rate of warming over the past 150 years has itself been accelerating, especially between 1975 and 1998. The truth, however... is that from 1860 to 1880 and again from 1910 to 1940, the warming rate was exactly the same as the warming rate from 1975 to 1998.” In other words, the graph has been drawn with a motive to prove one’s point, and not to show the truth.

Thus the earth has warmed at this rate at least twice in the last 100 years and no major catastrophe has occurred. What is more, the earth has cooled after that warming. Why is the IPCC not willing to explore this startling point?

Another total lie has been that the Sunderbans in Bangladesh are sinking on account of the rise in sea level. The IPCC claimed that one-fifth of Bangladesh will be under water by 2050. Well, it turns out this is an absurd, unscientific and outrageous claim. According to scientists at the Centre for Environmental and Geographical Information Services (Cegis) in Dhaka, its surface area appears to be growing by 20 sq km annually. Cegis has based its results on more than 30 years of satellite imagery. IPCC has not retracted this claim. As far as they are concerned, Bangladesh is a goner by 2050, submerged forever in the Bay of Bengal.


The fallout of Climategate is slowly but surely unfolding right where it hurts a large number of special interests—in the field of business. Yes, the carbon trading business is now in the line of fire. Under a cap-and-trade system, a government authority first sets a limit on emissions, deciding how much pollution will be allowed in all. Next, companies are issued credits, essentially licences to pollute, based on how large they are, and what industries they work in. If a company comes in below its cap, it has extra credits which it may trade with other companies, globally.

Post Climategate, this worldwide trade, estimated at about $30 billion in 2006, is finding few takers. It is under attack following the renewed uncertainty over the role of human-generated CO2 in global warming. In the US, which never adopted any of this to begin with, there is a serious move now to finish off the cap-and-trade regime globally. It’s a revolt of sorts. Six leading Democrats in the US Congress have joined hands with many Republicans to urge the Obama Administration to back off from the regime.

The collapse of the international market for carbon credits, a direct fallout of Climategate, has already sent shudders down many spines in parts of the world that were looking forward to making gains from it. It was big business, after all, and Indian businesses were eyeing it as well. In fact, Indian firms were expected to trade some $1 billion worth of carbon credits this year, and with the market going poof, they stand to lose quite some money (notional or otherwise).

Besides the commercial aspect, there is also the issue of wider public credibility. There have been signs of scepticism all along. In a 2009 Gallup poll, a record number of people—41 per cent—elected to say that global warming was an exaggerated threat. This slackening of public support is in sync with a coordinated political movement that is seeking to re-examine the entire issue of global warming from scratch. The movement is led by increasingly vocal Republicans in the US Senate and packs considerable political power.

Pachauri’s position is also becoming increasingly untenable with demands for his resignation becoming louder by the day. In an interview to Open, Pat Michaels of the Cato Institute, a noted US think-tank, who has followed the debate for years, says, “Dr Pachauri should resign because he has a consistent record of mixing his political views with climate science, because of his intolerance of legitimate scientific views that he does not agree with, because of his disparagement of India’s glacier scientists as practising ‘voodoo science’, and because of his incomprehension of the serious nature of what was in the East Anglia emails.

Richard North, the professor who brought to light the financial irregularities in a write-up co-authored with Christopher Booker, has also said in a TV interview that, “If Dr Pachauri does not resign voluntarily, he will be forced to do so.”


The world awaits answers, based not on writings of sundry freelance journalists and non-experts, but on actual verifiable data on whether the globe is warming at all, and if so by how much. Only then can policy options be calibrated. As things stand, there is little doubt that the IPCC will need to be reconstituted with a limited mandate. This mess needs investigation and questions need to be answered as to why absurd claims were taken as gospel truth. The future of everything we know as ‘normal’ depends on this. The real danger is that the general public is now weary of the whole thing, a little tired of the debate, and may not really care for the truth, convenient or otherwise.


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GORDON Brown’s attempt to provide an economic recovery was dealt a shattering blow last night when fresh alarm was raised over the Government’s ballooning debt crisis.

Leading international credit rating agency Standard & Poor warned that Britain’s banking industry was no longer stable and that the country’s return to growth was “weak”.
Last night, the report was being seen at Westminster as a further sign that the huge deficit crisis could leave the Treasury on the brink of bankruptcy. And it came amid new warnings of a Bank of England interest rate rise.

A risk-assessment statement from Standard & Poor said: “We no longer classify the United Kingdom among the most stable and low-risk banking systems globally.” The scathing assessment follows official confirmation that Britain has emerged from the worst recession in more than 50 years.

Earlier yesterday, Andrew Sentance, a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee warned that inflation could be running out of control.

How many times has Prudence Incompetence Brown been told by those who know much better than him? How many times does the useless, stupid, arrogant, communist cunt have to be told?

How much more money that Britain doesn't have is the destructive moron going to throw at other countries when we are in dire need of his grandstanding pledges of charity to begin at home?

How much more damage is he planning to cause out of pure spite before we get to boot him and his rotten, control-freak government into oblivion?

Who in the corrupt shitheap that is Westminster has the balls to stand up to the headstrong, bad-tempered, duplicitous, bullying, boorish oaf and say "enough is enough", before he has totally succeeded in his quest to destroy us as a sovereign nation and annihilate everything that being British means to us?

How many more PMQ's will he try to avoid by arranging convenient trips between now and the election and when will Call me Dave and William Hague stop pulling their punches at aforementioned PMQ's?

Why are we still waiting for an election that is desperately needed right now, to purge Westminster of the Far-Left corruption of Brown and his predecessor and their whole stinking party?

The list seems endless and I could go on, but what is the fucking point?

Until we are rid of Labour, nothing can ever change for the better!

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Peter Bottomley, British politician, on the da...
Cross-posted from IanPJ on Politics

The Albion Alliance has again been writing to MPs and Candidates who will be standing in the forthcoming general election.
This time, it is to highlight the fact that they have been made aware by a number of candidates of the pressure that they have been put under not to talk or deal with the Albion Alliance, not to make any moves to sign up to the pledge, nor to campaign negatively with regards to the EU, under threat of deselection as a candidate.
In order to counter this move by the Central Offices of a few political parties, The Albion Alliance have made it possible for candidates to make their pledge to the electorate, but to have publication of that held back until the election is called and the nominations have officially closed, thereby putting their party pressures into abeyance for the intervening period.
In other words, the Albion Alliance have offered to allow Candidates to pledge in secret, until the election is called and candidates are officially on the ballot.
This is the text of the letter sent to candidates on 26/1/10:
An open letter to all PPCs standing in the 2010 General Election.

We have over the past weeks received a good deal of support for the aims and objectives of the Albion Alliance, and whilst that support has not always turned into a pledge sign up, the feedback from many candidates has been in the affirmative for the Albion Alliance and our attempts to address the democratic deficit by campaigning for a referendum on the UK's relationship with the EU, by appealing to prospective parliamentary candidates directly.

Here at Albion Alliance we are aware that some of you have been threatened by Party Central Office’s, and in one  case by a local selection committee, that should you publicly agree to sign the Albion Alliance pledge to work for such a referendum, or to campaign against the EU during the election period, then you will be deselected.
Whilst we understand your concerns, we still feel that PPCs should show the courage of their convictions and publicly sign the pledge but also understand that for many supportive PPCs deselection would defeat the object of the exercise.
So how do we counter these duplicitous behind the scene moves by Party Central Offices.

Albion Alliance have decided that we would be willing to run a secret database for those PPCs who wish to sign the pledge, but do not wish this to be made public at this time.
We will hold your pledges until such time as the election nomination process is formally closed, and publish them at that stage, a time we believe that is too late for any party to publicly deselect any candidate, but still gives you, the candidate, time to let your electorate know that you will support their democratic right to be heard on this issue.

If you would like to participate in our Secret Pledge scheme, allowing you to do the right thing by your electorate, please let us know here on, or use the PPC Secret Pledge tick box selector within the Candidate Pledge area on our webpage. 

Let your voters know that you are willing to represent them in Parliament rather than being a representative of Party or State.

Kindest Regards
James Higham, Ian Parker-Joseph, David Phipp
The Albion Alliance
Looking through the correspondence on the database, they have seen some fairly curt responses, but Peter Bottomley’s has to be the shortest reply so far. He in fact decided to use a single word. “Absurd”, although he did put his name to it.
I don’t particularly like to make assumptions, so am unsure whether the very well educated Mr Bottomley is referring to the Albion Alliance campaign as being absurd, whether the allegations of pressure from parties on their candidates is absurd, or whether Mr Bottomley regards the entire process of campaigning for the democratic rights of the public as being absurd.
If however I read his Wikipedia page:
Peter James Bottomley (born 30 July 1944) is a British politician. He is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Worthing West. A globalist, Bottomley is Treasurer of the All-Party Group for World Government.
I could assume it is the latter of the suggestions above, which must surely put him in conflict with many of his obligations as an MP to represent his constituents over and above Party or State ambitions, and in my view being a member of the All Party Group for World Government does not really represent the basic foundations of sovereign democratic government, which he is sworn to uphold.
Nor for that matter even the Conservative party policy of localism, unless of course that policy is merely a divide and rule strategy within a 277 region United States of Europe.
If any MP is promoting localism to his or her constituents to garner votes yet acting to enable a one world government when in Westminster, I may be induced to consider such actions as being not only Absurd but also anti democratic, and think that Peter Bottomley needs to be asked some pretty searching questions by his constituents on where his primary loyalty lies..

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On the subject of Andrew Gatward, I am reproducing the following page from Lancaster Unity, a Labour website, unusual for me, I know, but this post, although long, (apologies), is most revealing about the crazed, maniacal world he has created for himself in his own tiny, twisted mind. The man is a complete paradox, contradicting himself at every turn, an extremely twisted individual who should really be incarcerated in a secure mental institution for his own, (and everyone else's), safety. At this point, as he is so fond of publishing other people's addresses online, I am now going to post his - it's only right and fair to do so.

Andrew Gatward
(Born - Anthony Cooper)

27, West End, Ingham, 
LN1 2XY 

01522 731813
07772 385590

"Incontrovertible evidence", says "Richard", Oh, FFS!

  (And the name "Richard" doesn't even follow the curvature of the card)

(It may even be a very old picture of Gatward)


Same guy - only younger - or his son, perhaps?

(bear in mind that the picture on the left is taken with flash)  

The masking tape, "NOT ANDREW", is obviously stuck onto the photo!

And what about that "incontrovertible" ID?

And now, the page from Lancaster Unity.

He’s prepared to fight America, wants George Bush and Tony Blair murdered and may have faked a conversion to Islam

The BNP’s West Lindsey organiser Andrew Gatward has a disturbing mind. In two of his internet postings, which we re-produce below, Andrew Gatward declares that not only is he personally prepared to fight America but he also calls for both current US president George Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to be murdered. In other postings, Andrew Gatward raises the prospect of violence against non-Whites and British Muslims in order to ethnically cleanse Britain of their presence.

For many readers, their first introduction to Lincolnshire-based BNP organiser Andrew Gatward would have been Lancaster Unity’s recent article, Redwatch threatens to murder councillor after abusive BNP email published
In that article we detailed one of Andrew Gatward’s many abusive emails sent to grandfather of two and Labour councillor John Taylor:

Date: 03/07/2008 09:54:41
To: jwt35@**********
Subject: Re: Welcome to my web site I am a labour councillor in Tameside for the Dukin...

have spoken with my mates in tameside, they dont know what your talking the liar strikes really are worthless to anything decent taylor...your illiterate, retarded, and must have suffered a very bad childhood...was it the sex with your mother thats upset you...and regarding the closure of your site say it your self in one of your latest posts...senile as well, but then so are the rest of your mob...get a life, and stop being jealous of the unity, loyalty, and comradeship we all have in the BNP, which i am sure you all long for in the Labour nazi's......and yes, you will be out your seat in no time, whether it be by BNP candidate, or Conservative, i don't really care at this stage...conservative can win all for me, as long as the Labour Hitlerites are removed.....your very very sad taylor, you need medical help, and I suggest you get it

Death to George Bush! Death to Tony Blair! The paradox of Andrew Gatward: (fake?) convert to Islam yet a racist obsessed with Muslims

Andrew Gatward is a racist obsessed with Muslims. His personal blog and other internet postings almost exclusively rant against Muslims and Islam. Yet, we can reveal that in early to mid 2006 Andrew Gatward purported to be a convert to Islam and devout Muslim on an Islamic website, IslamiCity.comRegistered as ‘jajabinks101 and signing off his posts as ‘Andy’, Andrew Gatward gave the appearance of an enthusiastic convert to Islam. Not only that but he claims that as a Muslim he is more than prepared to fight and kill Americans, and calls for George Bush and Tony Blair to be murdered.

But, we wonder whether Andrew Gatward faked being a convert to Islam or subsequently left Islam and ceased to be Muslim. It is clear from our research that both prior to and after 2006 Andrew Gatward posts numerous racist anti-Muslim postings on the internet.

Posting as UKpatriot on another Muslim website,, Andrew Gatward abuses Muslim users on the same thread with the following comments:

“This is our country ... Why dont you just leave OUR country and practice what you believe in freely elsewhere? ... The UK is waking up to this silent muslim invasion and I promise while im alive i would fight to the death ... Like I said when the BNP come to the fore you will wish you never started this whole sorry project”

On another blog, again posting as UKpatriot, Andrew Gatward states:


Openly posting as Andrew Gatward, he then issues the following warning to British Muslims in the guestbook of another website:

“watch out Islam, our time is coming ... when our action groups get together ... so enjoy your time, because it is not going to last”

On his personal blog, ukpatriot-keepbritainbritish, under an article in which he condemns British Prime Minister Gordon Brown a ‘traitor’, Andrew Gatward (asUKpatriot) claims that the presence of Muslims in Britain means that there is:


Andrew Gatward's strange ability to link Gordon Brown with Islam continues in one of his many abusive emails to John Taylor, when he makes the following preposterous claim:

-------Original Message-------


Date: 02/07/2008 12:27:17

To: jwt35@**********

Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; VTMJORDAN@HOTMAIL.COM

Subject: Re: Turncoat

see not only does you, the Labour party, and unelected brown seek to sell out to islam ...

But, we also read Andrew Gatward declaring himself to be a convert to Islamand a proud Muslim on

“Im a recent convert to islam ... Dogs are only dirty if you allow them to be, we as muslims are expected to be clean, so, my pets will be too ... evil is in abundance outside islam”.

It is in the following post on that BNP organiser Andrew Gatward states his willingness to fight the USA:

"if as a muslim i am called to fight america, I will, once all peacful avenues have been fight and kill like an american is to lower your self to their level...Allah teaches us that peace is what we stand for, and peace is what i pray about the USA letting the rest of the world live in peace, keep your capitalist way of life within your capitalist borders, islam will grow, and it will surround the evil like an anti body, and it will shine light every where that Allah is, and the world will be at peace..

Allah Uakhbar..Allah is just, as he is true, he will guide us to everlasting light, and to paradise.

Peace to all my brothers and sisters”

In the rest of that post, he makes the following comments:

“If my post appears to be leading away from the topic of conversation, i apoligise...i have so much i want to say, but am not a person able to do it with reserve or compassion some times...perhaps my coversion to Islam will help me in future

I posted a couple of questions last week, and mentioned that I was seriously thinking of converting to Islam....I was ridiculed by Americans, more so because Im british, and they think we owe them something....Ive been thinking, and i am going to convert to Islam, Not for any other reason than, that it is the right thing to do...I there for no longer see the USA as an allie, but an enemy that we should not attack physically, but pity because of their ignorance to other peoples freedoms, and ways of life. the hate for Islam and Muslim people i have personally witnessed from Americans, is abhorrant, and comparable to that of the Nazi and the arrogance that beggers belief, and a bully boy attitude that has to be confronted.

When everything in the world comes down to money, theres only one country to blame for much of the worlds unnaceptable state, both financially and physically and thats the USA ...

America is the root of all the worlds problems today ...

Take heed America....the hate for America, an all it stands for is being fuelled by your actions around the World today, and you have only your selves to blame ..."

It is in the following post on that BNP organiser Andrew Gatward calls for George Bush and Tony Blair to be killed:

There is no difference between Bush, Bin laden, or Blair...they are ALL war criminals, and as such should be put to death”.

On the same thread, Andrew Gatward then abuses another poster whom he accuses of being a current or former US army soldier.

Interestingly, a year ago, three months after he joined the BNP, Andrew Gatward wrote an article, US and Britishinvasion and oppression , for the Iraqi Arab news agency, Al-Rafdean. Writing on the Iraq war, Andrew Gatward states: “I pray to Allah, that he grants an end to this hate and killing”. We wonder if Andrew Gatward is still pretending to be a Muslim or simply changes tack to suit his perceived audience.

How does Andrew Gatward view himself?

Andrew Gatward describes himself on his main blog, ukpatriot-keepbritainbritish, in the following somewhat gentrified terms:

“I am a person who is loyal to his country..i am polite and respectful when speaking to anyone about their politics or religion, and respect the fact that their views may not fall in line with mine..I am not a racist, but i am loyal to my country and its people, no matter what their colour or religion, but i want immigration stopped, and those immigrants already here illegally, found and deported..I am devoted to the idea that anyone coming here to work or live, should be loyal first to the country,respectful to the laws, and tollerant of our traditions. I would also expect anyone coming here to be able to support themselves for the first 10 years, before being able to claim state help, and never to be able to have a vote in any election”

Andrew Gatward’s ideal description of himself certainly does not tally with his actual behaviour as demonstrated by his various emails and internet postings. Contrary to his assertions about himself, Andrew Gatward is clearly impolite, racist, disrespectful about the politics and religions of other people as well as disrespectful to British law. Combined with a fascination for nazi memorabilia and bayonets and a possible fake conversion to Islam whilst abusing Muslims through his racist postings, Andrew Gatward is indeed a strange character.

Andrew Gatward’s campaign of threats, harassment and abuse against John Taylor

For the past 24 years, John Taylor has served his local community as the Labour councillor for the Dukinfield ward in Tameside, Greater Manchester. Yet, his area has been repeatedly targeted by the BNP. Due to his electoral successful, John Taylor has been subjected to a consistent and targeted campaign of harassment by the BNP. The intensity of this harassment has been such that the local courts granted John Taylor a legal injunction against failed BNP candidate Roy West who stood against John Taylor.

Recently, Andrew Gatward has taken a leading role in co-ordinating the BNP’s campaign of harassment against John Taylor. Within a space of four days, from the 1st July to 5th July 2008, Andrew Gatward bombarded John Taylor with at least twenty emails. Interestingly, Andrew Gatward, intentionally or inadvertently, forward John Taylor internal BNP emails detailing the organisation of the BNP harassment campaign against John Taylor. Below, we reproduce three of Andrew Gatward’s emails to John Taylor, two of which contain threats of possible violence:

-------Original Message-------


Date: 02/07/2008 10:47:40

To: jwt35@**********


Subject: Re: Turncoat

Your not an MP you have never been voted in as anything other than a scum bag Nazi lover...take a look at your requests for opinions on myself..back fired a bit don't you think...

I have more loyalty, and trustworthiness in my little finger than any slime ball like your self could ever have....I watch the back of my friends, and am perfectly prepared if called up to do so, kill any of my are one of them...I am close to my colleges in the BNP, and the bond, and trust between us, is something you would never understand, being the liar, and gutter snake you are..oh sorry, Labour Councillor, but then, is that not the same thing.....

Come speak with me face to face, lets see who is the gutless wonder then...any time your ready and willing, just let me know when you want to the way...the night of the long knives has a totally different relevance to your interpretation...perhaps you should get your friend to read you a book all about its one night when your in bed together, then you may understand what its about.....which borstal were you educated at?

-------Original Message-------


Date: 02/07/2008 19:03:01

To: jwt35@**********;

Subject: Re: Welcome to my web site I am a labour councillor in Tameside for the Dukin...

oh I dont need to just here tameside...I know exactly where you are

John Taylor

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i see your now going to close the site down..heat a little too much for you is it....the Labour cowards withdraw again...and you reckon you have a hope in hell of stopping the BNP...think again, and i will make a point of dealing with you personally once the BNP take power...only i will have too join a que of about 1700 by the looks of your blog..your a pathetic little man, with nothing going for him...We in the BNP are there for each other, thats why i went back, and i found out that the Voc were the real nazi's, thats why i did not stay with them.....i care not what you think of me, or the BNP...but be careful what you care about when we come to power...

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Subject: Welcome to my web site I am a labour councillor in Tameside for the Dukinfield w

Hi folks

Just a quick note. Please read this idiots blog, my letter to him, and take into account his spelling, grammar, and gutter press approach. Is this really the kind of moron worthy of any kind of seat other than the toilet!!?



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From Nick Griffin to Sadie Graham back to Nick Griffin: Gatward the Turncoat goes organic

Andrew Gatward is a pure political opportunist. Readers will remember that back in late 2007, a group of disenchanted BNP rebel members under the leadership of BNP Nottingham councillor Sadie Graham attempted an internal coup against BNP leader Nick Griffin. At the time Andrew Gatward immediately announced his support for the Sadie Graham faction against Nick Griffin. But, within days the BNP website, under an article entitled 'Splinter Group Effort Grinds to a Halt', declared that Andrew Gatward had turned his back on the rebels and rejoined the Griffinite BNP fold. Andrew Gatward was quoted as saying: “The party hopes that this unpleasant episode will soon be at an end and activists can concentrate on the real business of saving Britain”. For this act of political treachery, Andrew Gatward has been dubbed ‘Gatward the Turncoat’ by his rival BNP activists.

According to our source, Andrew Gatward was talked back into joining the Griffinite faction of the BNP by the BNP’s intelligence officer, Arthur Kemp (a former intelligence officer for the old racist South African regime). However, it was this act of betrayal towards his former rebel colleagues that led to Andrew Gatward falling out with millionaire BNP businessman Roger Robertson, one of the main financial backers of the Sadie Graham faction. From mid-2007 Roger Robertson was bankrolling a BNP scheme whereby Andrew Gatward was to start a BNP organic farm. The idea was to commercially produce organic vegetables and attempt to flog them to BNP members and supporters via the BNP website. When Roger Robertson couldn't persuade Andrew Gatward to re-join the anti-Griffin campaign he attempted to recover the money and equipment used for the organic farm scheme. Andrew Gatward now pledging his loyalty to Nick Griffin point blank refused to hand over either money or equipment and to add insult to injury denounced Roger Robertson as a "treasoness Freemason" (ironic given that Nick Griffin’s father has been recently revealed to be a senior Freemason, and the father-in-law of BNP founder John Tynall and initial financial back of the BNP, Charles Parker was also a long-term Freemason). According to our source, Roger Robertson is in the process of taking legal action against Andrew Gatward to try and reclaim the money and equipment.

Ex-BNP members speak out on Andrew Gatward

What do other BNP members think of Andrew Gatward? Two former BNP members recently posted the following comments about Andrew Gatward on theLancaster Unity blog:

ex-bnp said...

"Gatward made a total and utter cock of himself at last years Blackpool conference. He got up to mumble on about every single item raised much to the irritation of all present. He just did not know when to shut up; what a tool.

Later he went onto banging on about how handy he reckoned he was and how he fancied himself as a bit of security! lol. He is just another example of the type of shallow egotistical gimp that Gri££in loves to surround himself with.

He has even appointed himself as the party’s 'Security & Intelligence Officer!' WLF? What a fooking hilarious contradiction in terms that is. The guy could'nt work his way out of a fire-exit".

2:38 PM, July 06, 2008

Another ex BNP said...

"Why is Gatward using ECN to encrypt his death threat Redwatch e-mails, as ECN is an Italy-based anonymous mailing website more often than not used by radical anarchists rather than the far right?"

Gatward is a clueless daftie but he is not the kind of person to make death threats and he hasnt the brains to know how to use the ECN service. Dont make the assumption Gutwad sent the threat".

1:32 PM, July 06, 2008

The comments by Andrew Gatward’s former BNP colleagues don’t exactly read like a glowing endorsement.

Andrew Gatward: Hitler worshipper, collector of weapons and seller of nazi memorabilia

Idiotically and illogically, Andrew Gatward, as the stupid racist he is, argues that all non-whites in Britain are neo-Nazis!

“Its groups of ethnic pigs in this country that are racist, not the BNP ... the neo Nazis are the ethnic minroities in this country, and they can get away with it at the moment. but it is they who drive greater support to the BNP, and they will ultimatly pay the price for being Nazi racist bigots ... It might be an idea for the ethnic nazi's to make the most of this time...britain will not put up with it for ever...I do not beleive in reprisal, but it will come no doubt”.

Apart from raising the spectre of violence against non-Whites in Britain, the fact is this: it is Andrew Gatward who is a secret neo-Nazi. One of our sources confirms that Andrew Gatward recently attended a London event of Hitler apologist and convicted Holocaust denier, David Irving. Further, on a military bayonet collectors forum (that’s right folks, Andrew Gatward collects weapons, a frightening prospect), Andrew Gatward posted under the Hitler-adoring nickname, 'v88strikeforce'. In fascist and racist circles, ‘88’ stands for ‘Heil Hitler’ (the letter ‘h’ being the eighth letter in the alphabet). Further, ‘strikeforce’ is a popular term in neo-nazi circles. For example, one of the publications of neo-nazi terrorist group, Combat 18 (founded by the BNP in the 1990s) was called Strikeforce. It also features as a lyric in a song by the neo-nazi band,Prussian Blue. Not only this, but Andrew Gatward argues: "If someone believes that Hitler was right in his quest, then that is their right to do so". Further, Andrew Gatward sells nazi weapons and memorabilia as a moderator for a website that lists items such as ‘Box of 3 German 15CM Shell Cases Insert Superb’, ‘Superb German WW2 Bunker Lamp Afrika Korps Colours’, ‘German SS Belt Buckle....Original with RZM + SS marking’, ‘WWII Nazi German NSKK Enamel Blue Badge’, ‘Fuse for the mine ZZ-42!Inert, Relic’, etc. and as the owner of the semi-defunct website, Blue Max Militaria (which is reduced to carrying adverts for World War 2 German reference books).

We ask this: should someone like Andrew Gatward be collecting weapons like military bayonets, especially in light of his racist rant on the bayonet collectors forum (see link)?

Did Andrew Gatward lie about his BNP membership?

Our sources tell us that Andrew Gatward joined the BNP in March 2007. Yet, in a March 2007 posting on The Times website, Andrew Gatward claimed not to be a BNP member:

“times are changing, and the BNP are winning...I am not a BNP member, but can see why people are vote will certainly be going to the BNP ....

andrew gatward, Lincoln, Great Britain”

We know that prior to March 2007, Andrew Gatward was posting pro-BNP statements all over the internet. But, in light of his The Times posting did Andrew Gatward lie about his membership of the BNP? We leave this as an open ended question.

Split personality? Is it ‘Andrew Gatward, BNP organiser for West Lindsey’ or ‘Tony, BNP organiser for Boston Holbeach and Spalding’? Or, are they the same person?

Another source of ours claims that Andrew Gatward may also be moonlighting as ‘Tony’, the BNP’s organiser for Boston Holbeach and Spalding (also in Lincolnshire) and operator of the racist pro-BNP blog, The Lincolnshire Patriot. Our source points to four circumstantial factors that leads our source to believe that ‘Tony’ may also be Andrew Gatward. Firstly, the highly idiosyncratic writing style and grammar employed by Andrew Gatward on his main blog, ukpatriot-keepbritainbritish (as well as in his other numerous internet postings) is virtually identical to the writing style and grammar used by ‘Tony’ of The Lincolnshire Patriot blog. This is demonstrated in the blockquote below which compares the ‘Profile’ segment on Andrew Gatward’s ukpatriot-keepbritainbritish blog with the ‘Welcome’ segment on Tony’s The Lincolnshire Patriot blog. What the reader will clearly see from the blockquote, apart from the very similar writing styles and childishly over the top bombastic rhetoric, is that in any sentence that both Andrew Gatward and ‘Tony’ begin with the capital letter ‘I’ any subsequent use of the letter ‘i’ is in lower casing or if a sentence is not begun with ‘I’, if that sentence later then uses the letter ‘i’, again ‘i’ is used in lower case:

Andrew Gatward (BNP organiser for West Lindsey, Lincolnshire)

Profile’ (on right hand side):

I am a person who is loyal to his country..i am polite and respectful when speaking to anyone about their politics or religion, and respect the fact that their views may not fall in line with not a racist, but iam loyal to my country and its people, no matter what their colour or religion, but i want immigration stopped, and those immigrants already here illegally, found and deported..I am devoted to the idea that anyone coming here to work or live, should be loyal first to the country, respectful to the laws, and tollerant of our traditions. I would also expect anyone coming here to be able to support themselves for the first 10 years, before being able to claim state help, and never to be able to have a vote in any election”

‘Tony’ (BNP organiser for Boston Holbeach and Spalding, Lincolnshire)

‘Welcome’ (on left hand side):

“Welcome all - This is my blog with which i hope to lay down some of my thoughts on the state of the nation that is Great Britain in the early 21st century. I will also look at some of our nations history - i believe it is important to know and take an active pride in your history and culture. As a Nationalist i am a proud member of Britains finest and most decent political party - the British National Party. I am a white middle class taxpayer and as such despised and ignored by the establishment lackeys whose wages i pay.”

Secondly, Tony is short for Anthony and Andrew Gatward’s original birth name is ‘Anthony Cooper’ (Andrew Gatward was adopted at birth).Thirdly, both theukpatriot-keepbritainbritish blog and The Lincolnshire Patriot blog are singularly obsessed with racist rantings against Muslims (an indirect reference to Asians), Andrew Gatward’s favourite hobby horse (see above). Fourthly, both blogs make repetitive use of the same shared phrases such as ‘Great Britain’ and ‘Islamification’, key Andrew Gatward signature traits and many postings on both blogs are partially written in capital letters.

Our source may be right. But, we would also like to hear from any informed readers who may be able to confirm this.


Clearly Andrew Gatward is a potentially dangerous person. He has unequivocally stated in his emails that he is prepared to commit violence against John Taylor, a grandfather of two. Further, let’s not forget his open admission that he’s prepared to fight Americans and raises the prospect of violence against non-Whites and Muslims in Britain. From our understanding, John Taylor has discussed the Redwatch death threat and Andrew Gatward’s abusive emails with the police. Let’s hope that arrests soon follow. The lessons of World War 2 and the Spanish Civil War serve as bitter reminders as to why we should not forget the reality of the BNP as fascists and racists intent on achieving their goals by any means necessary.


My Opinion Of Gatward?

Well, there you have it, folks, I am by no means alone in my conclusions that this "man" is a danger to himself and society! He needs to be locked up for his own good, and ours! He is a rather pathetic creature who deserves as much pity as he does hatred - he is very ill - he should not be at liberty to vent his bile and threats on the general public.

He needs professional help - consisting of tough love and psychiatric treatment in a secure environment.