Friday 28 May 2010


Now that his beloved Labour masters have been unceremoniously kicked out of power, (although Brownfinger stubbornly clung to the No.10 doorposts by his grubby, chewed fingernails for as long as he could), fruit and nutcase, Neil Lees/"UKFightback" is now reduced to spouting his inane rantings on Left wing blogs and other forums like Power 2010. 

Like all delusional SWP/UAF/Common Purpose robots, the message never changes, and he is now even annoying people on the more democratic of the left-wing websites.


Here he is at Harpymarx's place......

I think he'll find that the whole of Britain is well aware that ZaNuLieBore have finally gone, much of the Country sees that Labour are the true enemies of the people and are extremely grateful to be rid of them at long last.

Here he is again at Power 2010......

Quite right, Andy, but needless to say, I couldn't resist, so I left behind a little message - a combination of replies left at the Harpymarx website..... with thanks to Corrugated Soundbite and Don't Give Up The Day Job.

Back to his comment at Harpymarx...... my first response on seeing him there was......

Well, Harpy seems like a decent enough chap and, not knowing who Lees actually is, he didn't like that much...... 

Obviously, I put him straight and told him everything he needed to know, as did Don't Give Up The Day Job and CS...... he left us alone after that and he didn't delete any of our comments either. 

And...... just to be entirely sure that he was in no doubt whatsoever about Lees...... Grumpy Old Twat came to the rescue......

Fuck, yeah! Good man, Gotty...... your comment hasn't been deleted either, mate!

The point is being made, Lees, you shitty little cock, and what's more, the message is getting through - Labour are history - you don't have free rein anymore, you tiny Trot twat. We are now all watching for your every move on the internet and wherever you show up spewing your commie bile, we will be close behind you - as you were so keen to tell people when you threatened them as UKFightback. Oh, dear - the shoe is now on the other foot!



There is so little happening in the news at the moment that we haven't already heard during a tedious election campaign lasting for months on end until we're completely sick of it...... so here's a Mac cartoon instead......

'Let's hope this will bring an end to the "something for nothing" culture.'

Thursday 27 May 2010



A MAGISTRATE who lost his role as bench chairman for calling two vandals “absolute scum” is to be reinstated .

In a move widely hailed as a victory for common sense, Austin Molloy has been notified he can return to his courtroom job next week. The JP was said last night to be both relieved and grateful for the backing he received after the case was highlighted earlier this month. 

A Facebook group backing him built up 4,300 members and a host of well-known names spoke up for him.  A friend of the JP said: “Austin has been amazed by the support he has received. You just have to read the comments left on the Facebook page to gauge public opinion. “Everyone believes it was a crazy decision to stop him being chairman and he was just saying what everyone was thinking. It was just political correctness gone mad. People have been coming up to him in the street saying they back him 100 per cent.”

Mr Molloy, 57, blasted the yobs while sentencing them for scrawling racist and sexually-abusive graffiti on prayer books and vandalising a John The Baptist cross, causing £3,000 damage. He was immediately reprimanded by court clerk Christine Dean who said his comments were “totally inappropriate” in a youth court. He returned to the magistrates court in Blackburn the following day, only to be told he was banned from chairing the bench.

But Mr Molloy has now been notified that he can return to chair the bench, a role he has held for 14 years. A court insider said: “Austin has been told that he can chair proceedings from next week. He is relieved but still feels angry that it has got this far. He has been told that the investigation will be completed within a few days and no further action will be taken.” The source added: “Christine Dean accepts that she shouldn’t have spoken to Austin in open court but should instead have asked him to go to the retiring room. She wants to apologise to him and is deeply upset at what has happened.” 

His actual words to the two scumbags in the courtroom were.....

“This court is disgusted by the mindless destruction you have caused. Normal people would consider you absolute scum. If it was in our power, we would have you both stand in front of the congregation at 10am on Sunday and explain your words and actions to them to see if they could understand it, because we can’t.”  

Hardly over the top and entirely appropriate in the circumstances.

This PC shite has got to stop and the decision to reinstate Austin Molloy would appear to be a good start. Let's hope that this is only the beginning and that we see a rapid return to common sense and the destruction of all the Lefty PC bollocks under the new administration.

Christine Dean should be fucking sacked for her appalling behaviour in the courtroom - that would serve as a warning to all the other Lefty PC twats infesting the civil service and all the other government bodies where Labour's tentacles have spread far and wide.

A piece of advice for Christine Dean, (and the rest of her PC, socialist comrades)......

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Tuesday 25 May 2010


Russian scientist to alarmists: 'Sun heats Earth!'

CHICAGO A new "Little Ice Age" could begin in just four years, predicted Habibullo Abdussamatov, the head of space research at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia.

Abdussamatov was speaking yesterday at the Heartland Institute's Fourth International Conference on Climate Change in Chicago, which began Sunday and ends today.

The Little Ice Age, which occurred after an era known in scientific circles as the Medieval Warm Period, is typically defined as a period of about 200 years, beginning around 1650 and extending through 1850.

In the first of a two-part video WND recorded at the conference, Abdussamatov explained that average annual sun activity has experienced an accelerated decrease since the 1990s. In 2005-2008, he said, the earth reached the maximum of the recent observed global-warming trend.

In Part 2 of the video, Abdussamatov further explained that through 2014 the earth will go through a series of unstable variations in which global temperature will oscillate around the maximum reached in the years 1998-2005.

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Monday 24 May 2010


This man is dangerous.....

..... see what I mean?

Sunday 23 May 2010


This pretty much says it all for me.....


And, now that it's been leaked, here is a brief summary of the hybrid government's draft of the Queen's speech....
* An Academies Bill that will allow more schools to become free of local     authority control and a second Education Bill that will pave the way for Michael Gove's Swedish-schools reforms.    
* A Great Repeals Bill will terminate plans for identity cards and restore other civil liberties. 
* A free vote on repealing the ban on hunting with dogs is unlikely, however.    
* There will also be legislation for fixed-term parliaments, a right for voters to “recall” ethically questionable MPs, a referendum on changing the voting system and other political reforms promised by Nick Clegg.  
* There will be two Bills from Iain Duncan Smith’s Work and Pensions Department including one that will overhaul the benefits system.    
* Andrew Lansley will have a Health Bill focused on the reduction of  inequalities.    
* A Bill to ensure that future transfers of power to the EU are subject to referenda will be published in the autumn. I'm reliably informed it's not called the "Bolting The Stable Door After The Horse Has Bolted Bill".   
* Eric Pickles will present a simple Bill that will scrap Labour's plan to reorganise local government in Exeter and Norwich.    
* There will also be Bills dedicated to Energy Security and the Green Economy, Social responsibility and one, for Nick Herbert, on Police Reform.


Thursday 20 May 2010


(That's "real" Tories to you and me!)

David Cameron has made an audacious attempt to stamp his authority on Conservative MPs and smother back-bench dissent. He has announced a controversial move to neutralise the 1922 Committee which gives back-bench MPs a forum for criticising the Conservative leadership.

The move turned simmering anger at Cameron's coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats into fury among many Tory MPs. One senior Right-winger described it as a “deliberate provocation” that could split the party. Others likened the moment to Tony Blair’s “Clause IV” confrontation with Labour members in 1995. 

At a meeting with MPs on Wednesday in the Commons, Cameron announced that he wanted to change the way the 1922 Committee was organised.

The committee represents back-bench Conservatives and is traditionally used to communicate rank-and-file MPs’ feelings about the way Tory governments are conducting themselves. The committee is named after the 1922 general election, which was called after the Conservatives withdrew from a coalition government with David Lloyd George’s Liberals.  Ministers and other government members are barred from the 1922, a rule meant to ensure that the party leadership cannot influence the committee directly. 

Cameron has proposed a change in the rules to allow him and his ministers and other allies to vote in the committee and even take up elected positions.  Many back-bench Tories were angry at the proposed change and the way it was announced by surprise. Most of the MPs at the meeting believed they were there to be briefed about the final detail of the coalition agreement.

During the private meeting, Peter Bone, the MP for Wellingborough, told Mr Cameron that the changes were an unacceptable attempt to control the party.  Bill Cash complained there had been no consultation or discussion of the proposed changes, which would “end the independence of backbenchers”.

After the meeting, one MP said: “This is an attempt to crush dissent, nothing less. He’s effectively trying to abolish the 1922.” A former minister added: “He’s caused enormous resentment. People who were feeling sullen before are now feeling furious.”  

The 1922 is due to elect a new chairman next week. The favourite had been Graham Brady, a former frontbencher who quit Mr Cameron’s team in 2007 in protest at his opposition to new grammar schools.  

Senior party sources said they were confident that Mr Cameron’s new rules would be approved, thanks to support among ministers and most of the new intake of Tory MPs.  However, one minister said: “He could end up with a bloody nose here.”

Well, good, I hope he fucking does! 

Give me fucking strength - this fucker doesn't know when to stop! Quit while you're ahead, twat boy!
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Wednesday 19 May 2010


A "power revolution" in Britain will be promised by Nick Clegg today as he tries to put his personal stamp on the Government in his first major statement as Deputy Prime Minister. 

He will hail his programme of political reform as the most ambitious and radical since the Great Reform Act of 1832. He has told aides that the coalition government has given him the opportunity to implement the changes that he came into politics to pursue.

In a speech in London Mr Clegg will promise a "wholesale, big bang" rather than piecemeal approach, including: 

* scrapping the identity card scheme and second generation biometric passports

* removing limits on the rights to peaceful protest

* a bonfire of unnecessary laws

* a block on pointless new criminal offences

* internet and email records not to be held without reason

* closed-circuit television to be properly regulated

* new controls over the DNA database, such as on the storage of innocent people's DNA

* axeing the ContactPoint children's database

* schools will not take children's fingerprints without asking for parental consent

* reviewing the libel laws to protect freedom of speech

What Clegg will say:

"I'm not talking about a few new rules for MPs; not the odd gesture or gimmick to make you feel a bit more involved. I'm talking about the most significant programme of empowerment... since the great enfranchisement of the 19th century. The biggest shake-up of our democracy since 1832, when the Great Reform Act redrew the boundaries of British democracy." 

"This will be a government that is proud when British citizens stand up against illegitimate advances of the state. That values debate, that is unafraid of dissent." 

He will infuriate Labour by stealing words from Tony Blair's rewritten Clause IV of the Labour Party's constitution, saying the coalition government will stand up "for the freedom of the many, not the privilege of the few". He will say the coalition will draw on the spirit of the great 19th-century reformers to deliver "a power revolution – a fundamental resettlement of the relationship between state and citizen".
He will announce plans to consult the public on which laws should be scrapped. Promising to "tear through the statute book", he will attack Labour for creating thousands of criminal offences which took away people's freedom without making the streets safe.

"Obsessive lawmaking simply makes criminals out of ordinary people. So we'll get rid of the unnecessary laws and once they're gone, they won't come back. We will introduce a mechanism to block pointless new criminal offences," he will say.

Raising the coalition's sights, the Deputy Prime Minister will say: "I have spent my whole political life fighting to open up politics. So let me make one thing very clear: this government is going to be unlike any other". 

"This government is going to transform our politics so the state has far less control over you, and you have far more control over the state. This government is going to break up concentrations of power and hand power back to people, because that is how we build a society that is fair. This government is going to persuade you to put your faith in politics once again."

Having just endured thirteen miserable years of Labour lies and  their authoritarian communist control freakery, poking their arrogant, noses troughing snouts into every aspect of our lives, I eagerly await the actual outcome of all this in a heightened state of anticipation apathy!

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Monday 17 May 2010



DAVID Cameron yesterday accused his Labour predecessors of going on a “crazy” last-ditch spending binge that has saddled his Government with billions in unexpected extra debt. 
David Cameron said the new Conservative Lib Dem coalition with Nick Clegg had uncovered a string of “bad decisions” made in recent months as the General Election loomed that have left the public finances in even worse shape than forecast.

Among the extravagant last gestures of the fading Gordon Brown regime was a bonus bonanza for fat cat civil service bosses, he revealed. And in an attempt to assess the extent of the damage, ­Chancellor George Osborne will today launch an independent probe into the true state of the public finances.

Senior Tories have long feared that Mr Brown was carrying out a “scorched earth policy” designed to lay waste to the public finances, leaving a mess for his successors. 



COMMONS Speaker John Bercow is likely to face an embarrassing challenge to his re-election hopes tomorrow. Some Tory MPs are plotting to unseat the Speaker, upsetting the tradition of a returned Commons backing the incumbent.

One Tory backbencher yesterday called for Mr Bercow to be replaced because Westminster needed to be “swept with a new broom”. Mid Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries said he had failed to uphold the “great tradition of authority, control and impartiality”. Her outburst reflected continuing resentment among some Tories at the Speaker’s past close links with Labour. His wife Sally Bercow failed to become a Labour councillor in recent local elections. 

No surprise that Brownfinger pursued a Scorched Earth Policy in the final days of his corrupt and despicable tenure, we had all expected it for some time but the scale of his crimes will be staggering when they have all been uncovered. 

The outrageous sums of money he spent show absolutely no regard for this Country or the British people - as usual, it was all about him and his sabotage of the current administration. I'm absolutely  positive that the signed-off contracts which  have been discovered so far merely represent the tip of the iceberg of debt he has hidden away in his dodgy accounting. 

The man, and I use the word grudgingly, was inherently evil, hiding behind his religious background and his non-existent "moral compass" while screwing us all as hard as he could and if there is any justice at all in the world, I hope he dies slowly, in pain, extreme anguish and torment, locked up in a secure mental institution where he belongs..... actually, he belongs at the end of a rope for his acts of treason..... but that would be far too quick for the bastard!

As for our Labour-supporting, turncoat "Tory", Squeaker Bercow, the result of yet another Brown stitch-up, I can hardly wait until tomorrow to see if the tiny twat gets the unceremonious sacking he so richly deserves.

Saturday 15 May 2010



Vince Cable told Gordon Brown repeatedly that he did not want to go into coalition with the Conservatives, according to insider accounts of the talks that reshaped British politics. Dr Cable, the deputy Liberal Democrat leader, used a series of telephone calls with Mr Brown to emphasise that he regarded a deal with the Tories as the least palatable option for his party.

The pair spoke sometimes twice a day over the course of last weekend and in the hours leading up to David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s historic deal, which prompted Dr Cable’s appointment as Business Secretary. The disclosure risks opening a rift at the heart of the Lib-Con coalition and underlines the pressures it will come under from inherent tensions between politically divergent partners.   

Even as Mr Clegg was preparing to deal with Mr Cameron, Labour believed that it was still in the game and was setting up a meeting between Vince Cable and Alistair Darling. Some senior Lib Dems reaching out to Labour were playing a “double game” simply to improve the offer from the Tories. David Cameron is facing mounting unrest among Tory MPs angry that they were cut out of the loop during the coalition negotiations, unlike their Lib Dem counterparts.

Cable, praised by the new Prime Minister as an “absolute star” in terms of economic policy on Thursday, spent much of last weekend reaching out to Mr Brown. Labour sources said that Dr Cable made it clear to Mr Brown that “he certainly did not want to” sign up with the Tories. “He was absolutely of the view that they should be doing a deal with us”.

Well, isn't that a huge surprise - this man's saintly reputation is built on one half decent joke at PMQs while he was standing in as the Limp Dumbs' leader - his economic policies have flip-flopped as the need arose for him to do so - like all Liberals, he sits on the fence and goes whichever way the wind blows at the time. 

Yet, for ages, the public were hanging on his every word as if he was some sort of almighty economic guru - the Mail On Sunday even went as far as giving him his own weekly column - and it all stems from the time he said that Gordon Brown had changed from Stalin to Mr Bean in the course of a week. 

A reasonable joke does not a brilliant economist make, nor a trustworthy one either, as Jon Sopel exposed when he ripped him to shreds on the Politics Show over the Lib Dems' £2.5million donation from a convicted fraudster on the run and still at large. My, how he twisted and turned and squirmed as he tried to justify not returning that dodgy donation, his credibility smashed to pieces.

And now we have this act of self-interested, double-dealing skulduggery, repeatedly telephoning Gordon Brown in an act of pure treachery - again showing himself up for the rotten, sneaky little weasel that he is. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, I've neither liked nor trusted him for a long time. 

I hope someone is watching Cameron's back - he is also going to have to keep a very watchful eye on Huhne the Hoon - another slippery customer if ever there was one!

Thursday 13 May 2010


I can not believe that the BBC had the audacity to have this militant little fuckwit on Question Time tonight. Now that Labour is finally out of power, I would imagine that all we have to look forward to, as far as this biased programme is concerned, is a lot more of the same.




Tuesday 11 May 2010




Brown quits as PM putting Cameron into power

 Brown at the Palace as he formally resigns



TALKS between Labour and the Liberal Democrats "never got off the ground", party sources said today. 

And insiders at Westminster claim Gordon Brown is on the brink of quitting as Prime Minister to make way for David Cameron. Lib Dem Vince Cable says a deal is "very, very close to being done". The Lib Dems resumed their discussions with the Tories about forming a government this afternoon after Mr Cameron told Nick Clegg: "It's decision time." The parties met after it was revealed that while Lib Dem and Labour negotiators were locked in discussions this morning, Mr Clegg was in a 45 minute, face-to-face talk with the Tory leader. 

Reports that Labour had accepted negotiations with the Liberal Democrats could go no further were played down by a source close to Mr Brown, who said the party was happy to go on talking. But an unconfirmed report in an evening newspaper suggested that Mr Brown might stand down as Prime Minister as early as this evening, while the BBC reported that cases were being packed into vehicles at the rear of Downing Street. 
Tory backbencher Nigel Evans said Conservative MPs had been put on standby for a meeting tonight. The Lib Dems are also planning a meeting at 7.30pm tonight. 


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Monday 10 May 2010



I was watching Sky News live this afternoon when this skirmish broke out. I must admit that when I saw Adam Boulton and Alistair Campbell standing there next to each other, I wondered if it might kick off as this is the second run-in they've had in the last few days - the first one was by video link when Cambell accused Boulton of being biased and Boulton told him that it was a serious allegation and started making noises about going to court. 

At the beginning of this interview as Jeremy Thompson introduced them both, Adam Boulton did not look at all happy to be there with Campbell, understandable, really, the man's a cunt, goes without saying! 

Unfortunately, this particular video only covers the highlights, I'll try to find the whole thing but, in the meantime, this is well worth a watch.

 I've now got the full version, folks.... enjoy! 

And then Ben Bradshaw tried to spin the same old shit - the duplicitous Labour line on this tawdry affair - I'm annoyed and I didn't have to sit beside Bradshaw and tolerate his crap, so..... over to you, Adam......


Sunday 9 May 2010


By way of a little update to an earlier post about this tiny Trot fuckwit, here is a picture of the arrogant little commie cunt and a statement he left yesterday at Power 2010, a front for a whole shitload of left-wing organisations all working together towards a "Common Purpose"! I deliberately haven't linked to any Common Purpose websites because they will send your internet security off on "going apeshit" mode and you'll see more red lights than in Amsterdam!

Here are some more of Power 2010's affiliated organisations......

(bassac is a Julia Middleton quango - yes, her - the  
Common Purpose cow!)

You can find more information on the so-called "neutral" 
Power 2010 group over at  
Grumpy Old Twat's and also at Corrugated Soundbite's.