Monday 17 May 2010



DAVID Cameron yesterday accused his Labour predecessors of going on a “crazy” last-ditch spending binge that has saddled his Government with billions in unexpected extra debt. 
David Cameron said the new Conservative Lib Dem coalition with Nick Clegg had uncovered a string of “bad decisions” made in recent months as the General Election loomed that have left the public finances in even worse shape than forecast.

Among the extravagant last gestures of the fading Gordon Brown regime was a bonus bonanza for fat cat civil service bosses, he revealed. And in an attempt to assess the extent of the damage, ­Chancellor George Osborne will today launch an independent probe into the true state of the public finances.

Senior Tories have long feared that Mr Brown was carrying out a “scorched earth policy” designed to lay waste to the public finances, leaving a mess for his successors. 



COMMONS Speaker John Bercow is likely to face an embarrassing challenge to his re-election hopes tomorrow. Some Tory MPs are plotting to unseat the Speaker, upsetting the tradition of a returned Commons backing the incumbent.

One Tory backbencher yesterday called for Mr Bercow to be replaced because Westminster needed to be “swept with a new broom”. Mid Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries said he had failed to uphold the “great tradition of authority, control and impartiality”. Her outburst reflected continuing resentment among some Tories at the Speaker’s past close links with Labour. His wife Sally Bercow failed to become a Labour councillor in recent local elections. 

No surprise that Brownfinger pursued a Scorched Earth Policy in the final days of his corrupt and despicable tenure, we had all expected it for some time but the scale of his crimes will be staggering when they have all been uncovered. 

The outrageous sums of money he spent show absolutely no regard for this Country or the British people - as usual, it was all about him and his sabotage of the current administration. I'm absolutely  positive that the signed-off contracts which  have been discovered so far merely represent the tip of the iceberg of debt he has hidden away in his dodgy accounting. 

The man, and I use the word grudgingly, was inherently evil, hiding behind his religious background and his non-existent "moral compass" while screwing us all as hard as he could and if there is any justice at all in the world, I hope he dies slowly, in pain, extreme anguish and torment, locked up in a secure mental institution where he belongs..... actually, he belongs at the end of a rope for his acts of treason..... but that would be far too quick for the bastard!

As for our Labour-supporting, turncoat "Tory", Squeaker Bercow, the result of yet another Brown stitch-up, I can hardly wait until tomorrow to see if the tiny twat gets the unceremonious sacking he so richly deserves.


Sheriff said...

Hi Spider, this is typical and to be expected with this crook!  There is a jagoff here in Cook County, Todd Stroger, who is doing the same thing, he hasn't left  yet.  And, of course Obummer is doing it now, like Odie said.
I'm sure a new outrage will be reported every day.  Brownfinger should be arrested and locked up!

You are so right in your assessment of what should happen to Gordoom.
Maybe he'll be quarantined for giving the Queen germs!

Sheriff said...

As usual my Brother in Law (my best source) sent me something great. I think it might find a spot here.

Sheriff said...

Bloody marvellous, Odie, I can see that having a damned good use, here.... saved!.... thanks, mate. :-P

Sheriff said...

And undermining the constitution, Odie, but you'll soon be able to cut his balls off with a pair of blunt scissors.... 2nd November is less than six months away, although, speaking from recent experience, it will just feel like it's longer than six months. >:o

Sheriff said...

Brownfinger is a walking disease, Bunni - it's called communism and it is extremely sneaky and contagious! >:o

How's it going with you..... did you manage to get it all finished? :)

I had a most relaxing evening after that nice bottle of Australian red. :-P

Sheriff said...

Cool pic..... saved! ;)

Sheriff said...

How did Bercow get back?

Sheriff said...

Bercow's return as Speaker, (he had to be held back from rather than dragged to the Speaker's chair), merely confirms my worst suspicions, James - this current stitch-up is certainly not what people voted for and the sooner it dies, the better - I'm sick of it already. >:o

Sheriff said...

I still have yard stuff to do, mon & tues were too cold and windy again.  I got a week bus pass, So I can go pick up things until next tues @ noon.  Oh Joys!  It never ends, wish I had some Red right now!

I made the pic on my lol thingy  :-[   TTYL

Sheriff said...

You'll get there, Bunni, it's been a terrible year with all that global warming falling from the sky - spring is very late this year and I'm sure the summer will be too! ;)

You should be able to get a nice red in Aldi, they usually have more than just German wines - if you can't find any Australian ones there, I seem to remember that they were stocking a rather nice South African Merlot. :-P