Wednesday 8 May 2013

Amusing Bunni: Urgent Update

I can't believe I almost missed this.......


Re-posted from Opie's blog.......

(5/5/13) I will be on an airplane today flying to Chicago. I look forward to meeting fellow bloggers and friends of Amusing Bunni, Carol Mackie in person. Let's give her a good send off. See you there. I have long blonde hair and will be wearing a black skirt suit and pearls. Any donations via this paypal button will go toward Bunni's final expenses. Or if you are going there in person, perhaps seek out the funeral director and make a donation onto her account balance directly.

Zilla found Carol's Chicago Tribune obituary and there is an opportunity to leave a message here: 

Legacy has Carol's obituary and a place where you can tell the world how much you loved Carol Bunni, HERE:

Update: (6/5/13) There is a place to leave messages on the funeral home website, and some info there about Carol. She was only 54 years old. :-( 

The Catholic Funeral Mass for Carol Mackie, (Amusing Bunni), has been scheduled. 

Viewing will be at 9am on Wednesday May 8, 2013 at: 

Lakeview Funeral Home 
1458 W. Belmont Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60657 

Funeral Mass will be at 11am the same day at: 

Transfiguration Catholic Church 
2609 W. Carmen Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60625 

Followed by a procession to the cemetery where Carol Bunni will be buried with her mother, who died when Carol was age 5: 

Calvary Catholic Cemetery 
301 Chicago Ave. 
Evanston, IL 60202

Rest in peace, darling, little Bunnikins

With All My Love


Woodsterman said...

Bunni thanks you Spidey.

Barking Spider said...

Thanks for your help, Odie, and thanks to Opus, too - it's such a sad day.

Supi said...

It is hard to see with storm clouds in your eyes.

Barking Spider said...

Thanks for your kind words, Supi, that's just how it's been this last week.

Oldrightie said...

Thinking of you all, OR.

PurbeckPashmina said...

Even harder with tunnel vision and hatred in your heart.

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, OR, you're a gent, mate.

Senzar said...

This may be too soon for you Spidey but it was done with with the best of intentions. I just wish I could have finished it so she could have heard it.

I received a last email from Carol on the 24th April. She was an incredible person.

Let the first poem be your guiding light Spidey.

God speed Bunni, safe in your Mother's embrace.

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, mate, I appreciate it.

24th April....... that's the same day I last spoke to her.

I promise I'll go and have a look at the video soon - it's all still a bit difficult for me at the moment.

opus6 said...

Nice video, Senzar, so sweet of you to make it.

Spidie, Hugs to you.

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, Opie, I think about her every day.

Nomine Deus said...

I have missed this ..badly missed it..sorry Spidey but I haven't been 'on' for months due to personal problems here...
RIP Bunni, our world is a poorer place without you...
Hope you are ok m8!

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, mate, I haven't been around much, myself, recently.
I really miss her - it has eased off a little bit but I'm still struggling badly with it - I think about her every single day - those times when I'm alone with just my own thoughts for company are the worst times.
I hope you're okay, yourself, mate.