Wednesday 8 May 2013

Amusing Bunni: Urgent Update

I can't believe I almost missed this.......


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(5/5/13) I will be on an airplane today flying to Chicago. I look forward to meeting fellow bloggers and friends of Amusing Bunni, Carol Mackie in person. Let's give her a good send off. See you there. I have long blonde hair and will be wearing a black skirt suit and pearls. Any donations via this paypal button will go toward Bunni's final expenses. Or if you are going there in person, perhaps seek out the funeral director and make a donation onto her account balance directly.

Zilla found Carol's Chicago Tribune obituary and there is an opportunity to leave a message here: 

Legacy has Carol's obituary and a place where you can tell the world how much you loved Carol Bunni, HERE:

Update: (6/5/13) There is a place to leave messages on the funeral home website, and some info there about Carol. She was only 54 years old. :-( 

The Catholic Funeral Mass for Carol Mackie, (Amusing Bunni), has been scheduled. 

Viewing will be at 9am on Wednesday May 8, 2013 at: 

Lakeview Funeral Home 
1458 W. Belmont Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60657 

Funeral Mass will be at 11am the same day at: 

Transfiguration Catholic Church 
2609 W. Carmen Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60625 

Followed by a procession to the cemetery where Carol Bunni will be buried with her mother, who died when Carol was age 5: 

Calvary Catholic Cemetery 
301 Chicago Ave. 
Evanston, IL 60202

Rest in peace, darling, little Bunnikins

With All My Love

Thursday 2 May 2013

Amusing Bunni: My Darling Little Friend

I'm afraid I've heard some terrible news from Zilla in the last couple of hours - it's hard to even bring myself to write this post....... but I have to do it....... I have to tell you the awful news that  our adorable little Amusing Bunni passed away on Monday 29th April - Opus #6 says that Bunni phoned the hospice on Sunday morning and asked to be taken there - she ended up losing her brave battle with liver cancer at 5:00am, (11:00am BST), the following morning.

I've been seriously dreading this day since Bunni first told me about her illness so right now as I'm writing this, I'm not in very good shape at all.

I tried to phone her just two or three hours before I heard what had happened and got her answering machine - that wasn't so unusual in recent weeks because her disease wasn't only extremely painful, it was terribly exhausting and she had to rest whenever she could because she couldn't even get a decent night's sleep.


I didn't realise when we talked last week that it would be the last time...... actually, looking back now, I think she knew the end was closer than she was letting on but she didn't want to tell me because she hated making me feel  sad - and that was darling little Bunnikins all over - always putting others before herself....... she really was one in a million....... when we were saying goodbye, I told again that I loved her and she told me she loved me, too........ and that was it - the last words we ever said to each other. 

She's been such a good, gentle, kind and thoughtful friend over the years and, as you know, I grew to love her dearly even though we lived so far apart - I'm going to miss her so very much....... I already do.

I truly hope she's with her Mommy again - that was her dearest wish - it was that one thought that gave her the strength to carry on these last few months. She certainly deserves to be with her again after all these years, (she lost her mum when she was only five years old), and that she's once again, surrounded by love, warmth, completely free of pain and at total peace.

I hope Bunni and I get to meet again someday - and, of course, when we do meet, I also hope that her mom actually approves of me as being suitable company for her darling daughter.