Tuesday 30 June 2009


LONDON - APRIL 29:  Secretary of State for Hea...NuLieBore seem to be backing down on everything that they know the public hates in the run-up to the election. They appear to be trying to steal the little bits of Conservative policy that have been publicly announced as we all knew they would but because, wisely, no real detail has been publicised even though they keep trying to goad it out of the Tories, they are getting it hopelessly wrong - Ed Balls White Paper on school reform, for example, is a fucking joke - he quotes the Tory policy of more choice and control for parents and proceeds to fuck it up from there because the Tories haven't elaborated on how it would be achieved and Balls himself hasn't got a fucking clue! Then there is the dubiously massive U-turn on I.D. Cards - according to Alan Johnson they will now be voluntary and nobody will have to carry one unless they want it. I am so grateful that they wiped their arses with a staggering amount of taxpayers' money and pulled the cunting chain on it and I really do wonder if I.D.Cards would remain voluntary after any election which, God forbid, Labour won - there has been no mention of scrapping the actual database and we were, after all, promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and look how that promise evaporated following the 2005 election. The only way we can be sure that I.D. Cards are scrapped once and for all is for the Conservatives to win the general election in 2010 and that the whole fucking Labour machine is obliterated in the process.

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BODGER and BADGER - The Demolition Men




Fraser Nelson keeps getting it right, so I'm going to let him bitch slap this communist twat in his own words, courtesy of the Spectator.......

We live in interesting times. Brown's claim that he'd increase public service spending year after year is not an exaggeration, it is a lie. I cannot think of any modern Prime Minister who has based his strategy on a demonstrable lie - but Brown thinks no one can add up enough to expose him. After all, he got away with it as Chancellor. Why not now? As I have said before I believe the internet will hound him. We have infinite space to print the tables, the data, the proof, and we will keep reprinting it every time Brown repeats his lie. He is going for broke - in every way.

Great stuff - keep kicking the fucker in the bollocks every time he opens his lying mouth!


David Cameron is a British politician, Leader ...It would appear that ComRes are getting it completely wrong again - to LieBore's advantage, of course. They have the Conservatives placed on 36%, that's 2 points down on last month, Labour are up 3 points on 25% and the Lib Dems are down 1 point to 19%.

I can't believe this poll is accurate for one second, especially when ComRes can be as badly out as they were during the recent Local and European Elections, while all of the other polls were extremely close to the actual result.

It also shows perfectly how skewed the system is in Labour's favour as this would only give the Conservatives a 10-seat majority.

Personally, if I were the one-eyed snot gobbler, I'd wait for a more accurate poll before I got too excited about my election campaign!

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Saturday 27 June 2009

NEW: - Previously Undiscovered MJ Video

Friday 26 June 2009


Michael JacksonThe suddenness of Michael Jackson's demise brings to mind Spike Milligan's favourite joke for his own epitaph: "I told them I was ill!" So it would appear that some of the recent reports about MJ's illnesses and frailty were not so far-fetched as the concert promoter for the O2 gigs would have had us all believe! There will, of course, be the usual 3-ring circus of money-grabbing arseholes trying to capitalise as much as possible from his death.
As I posted earlier, elsewhere, cue remixes, re-releases, compilations, the complete biography and laughing all the way to the bank! Paul McCartney will probably have another go at getting those songs back, but they were virtually all that was left of Jackson's regular income and there are still a lot of hefty debts to be paid, plus all the lawsuits in progress and let's not forget all those humongous loans that have to be repaid.
I wouldn't be surprised if the pressure of his 50 show comeback at the O2 had contributed a lot to this - don't forget they'd already postponed the first 4 shows because of "technical problems" - yeah right!
Ain't life sweet, or as they say in the music business, " 'Life is just a bowl of Cherries' in 5/4!"

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This Is Too Good To Be Archived Yet!


This is a great idea dreamed up by Lord Elvis - I include a quote from his blog which explains everything - I think you will like this.......

The Voice of the Resistance will be made up of a collective of right-of-centre bloggers who all share a common bond in wanting what is right for our country, and are prepared to stand together with other like-minded individuals to provide a coherent and reasoned right-wing (but not extreme) blog that the UK blogosphere is so sorely missing.
Becoming a member of the Voice of the Resistance will not require much from anyone who wishes to freely contribute. It should not detract from your own personal blog but may actually add to it's value. All we ask is that you post the occasional message on the Voice of the Resistance as well as on your own blog.
What I am proposing in essence is a mutual defence initiative for right-thinking bloggers. If one of us is attacked, then that is an attack on all of us. Divided we are weak, together we are strong.
So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself over there , click on the picture and follow the link!

Wednesday 24 June 2009

L is for Labour, L is for Lies

Fuck New (Labour Quangos)

Tuesday 23 June 2009


Monday 22 June 2009

__________LITTLE SHIT.................LARGE TURD!!__________



So typically , in the school playground that is Westminster - Labour have once again got what they want by playing games, bullying and cheating. This is really going to clean up politics - NOT!

Obo sums it up well.......

"Tonight, Great Britain, the Commons flipped you a great big bird; they dropped their trousers and spread their butt-cheeks at you, and by a margin of 322 to 271, they yelled: "FUCK YOU, YOU LOSER CUNTS!" at the British electorate."

Tomorrow, the troughing will recommence!






Sunday 21 June 2009




Labour's policy of turning out a generation of ill-educated, brainwashed thickos seems to be proceeding nicely according to plan. Now, A-Level History students - yes, A-Level - can't answer a question because they didn't understand the word "despotic", innit! They seem to be in dire need of some proper English tuition too - wankers!

According to the Sunday Express.......
They say the phraseology in an exam paper describing Hitler as a "despotic tyrant" confused them and meant they did not know how to answer.

The question was.......

“How far do you agree that Hitler’s role in 1933-45 was one of despotic tyranny?”

Not exactly quantum physics, is it?

More than 1,150 complaints have been posted on internet chat rooms and a campaign, Despotic Tyranny Ruined My Life, has been launched to try to get the papers marked more leniently.

Some of the little darlings go on to say.......

“I thought it meant 'choatic'… so the whole essay has turned out rather 'choatic'.”

“I came to the conclusion there was tyranny bit it wasn’t always 'depsotic' - seeing as they kinda mean the same thing I guess my essay made no sense 'whatsoeva'! ”

“I thought it meant weak.”

“My life is destroyed because of this exam. Seriously.”

Christ on a fucking bike!! And these Labour cunts have the fucking nerve to tell us that exam standards and grades are going ever-upwards when we can all see that they are shot to shit and then some! If they had seen A-Level exams - and GCE O-levels - back in the 1970's they would have pissed their fucking pants and then fucking shit themselves and then run whining all the way home to mummy!  
NuLieBore FUCKWITS!!!!

Saturday 20 June 2009

The Ministry of Truth | Support Petition

The Ministry of Truth | Support Petition

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Tutty,tutty,tut,tut!! Didn't your Presbyterian father tell you that lying is a sin? Mind you - he's probably doing horizontal pirouettes in his grave with the disingenuous shit you've been spouting lately! So your delicate little rhino skin has been pierced and you are "hurt" by all the nasty comments about poor ickle you - you fucking liar! - AGAIN!!

Over at the Grauniad they are lapping up this bullshit with relish - I wouldn't be at all surprised if the BBC jumps in for a big steamy helping of the same crap - after all, they would rather be gullible than critical of their beloved Labtard Party. Gordon says.......

"To be honest, I could walk away from all of this tomorrow"
"I'm not interested in what accompanies being in power."

Anyone who starts a sentence like that with "To be honest" is fucking lying!
In the interview he also.......

• rubbished the so-called Hotmail coup of Blairite ministers and backbenchers against him, calling it "the email that nobody signed".

They didn't sign it because they are a bunch of spineless bastards!

• said that there was now a "common purpose" between Peter Mandelson and him, and that the Labour party, famously resistant to the business secretary's charms, had finally come round. "People are coming to appreciate his talents in a way the Labour party didn't before ... I think there's a great affection for him now".

I wouldn't count on it - just because you think so doesn't make it real!

• conceded that he had a weakness in how he presented himself to the public: "I'm not as great a presenter of information or communicator as I would like to be" - and claimed that he is not skilled at political manoeuvring - "I don't actually think I'm very good at it at all."

Okay - 1) you say you can't communicate, yet we see through everything you say and - 2) your whole career has been built on political manoeuvring!

• said "it's a strange life, really", and joked that the best way to run the country would be "from a train, getting around the country".

Maybe he could jump off the train when it's travelling at full speed and do us all a fucking favour!