Sunday 4 December 2011

Anjem Choudary's Brother Arrested: UPDATED

Remember that unpatriotic bunch of Islamic-extremist fuckpigs, "Muslims Against Crusades", banned by Theresa May at midnight on Remembrance Day to stop them from turning up and making a mockery of the ceremonies by heckling and burning poppies like they did last year?

Well it didn't take that cunt, Choudary, long to regroup and relaunch this load of screaming fuckwits under another name - "United Ummah"!

Today these twats have been outside the American Embassy in London in order, they say, to "expose the murder of Muslims by drones". 

There was a heavy police presence outside the embassy and the EDL were also there, however, at long last, instead of the police beating the shit out of the EDL and arresting them as they have always done previously, this time they've arrested all the Muslims - including Choudary's brother, Yazdani - oh, my aching sides!


"Andy" Choudary is having a good old bleat about it all on Twitter.......

I'll keep you posted as the situation develops - hopefully they'll throw the book at him and he won't merely get the usual slap on the wrist and told he's a very naughty boy.

In the meantime.......





New post from the EDL.......

On Friday at the US Embassy the MET police arrested all 35 of the new group "United Ummah" which, (surprise surprise), included most of the members of Muslims Against Crusades (MAC). Bet that was a shock for them.
The Commander on the day told our lads who had turned out to counter that anyone they don't know will be released later with no charges but anyone who was previously a member of MAC will be reported for prosecution for breaching the ban. (Anthony Smalls, the fat poppy burner, Choudarys brother and the ginger convert were all there as well as all the usual suspects)

As long as the commies of the CPS do their job properly unhindered by political correctness then this is a massive result which will show these rodents that simply changing their names will not get them round the ban for the fourth time.


Thursday 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my American readers



Thursday 17 November 2011

Creeping Islamofascism - Ignore It At Your Peril

Tarek Fatah, an Indian Muslim, warns an audience in Canada about the dangers of the Islamofascist, Muslim Brotherhood and how they are infiltrating Western institutions - all the way to the White House, where three of them are currently working for Obama.......

Watch live streaming video from ideacity at

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Islamic Extremist Attacks Tommy Robinson

In this video, a "tolerant" Muslim in a scruffy nightshirt shows his true colours........

Religion of peace, my arse!


Tuesday 25 October 2011

EU Referendum: New e-Petition

After yesterday's betrayal of the British people by Cameronslime, Clagg and Minibrain, there is now a new e-petition to add to Euroslime Dave's new crop of grey hairs - you can find it here. This e-petition only went online at 6:00pm - it's now 9:30pm and there are already almost 3000 signatures.



Referendum on the European Union

Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

We, the people of the United Kingdom, are dissatisfied with the result of the EU Referendum Debate on 24 October 2011 and would like the House of Commons to reconsider its decision in light of this petition and grant us an opportunity through a referendum to express our desire on the relationship with the EU.

And here is a list of the Conservative MPs who defied Euroslime Dave and voted for a referendum.......

They would best serve Britain and their constituents by defecting to UKIP prior to the next general election!

Thursday 20 October 2011

Gaddafi Dead: UPDATE

The report says he was shot in both legs and the head and that they're taking the body to Misratah and then it will go from there to Tripoli. They probably hit at least one of his femoral arteries - you've got about a minute and a half when that happens if the blood loss isn't stopped. 




By the way, notice how once again the photos are being shown on television - just as they were when Saddam Hussein and his sons were killed in Iraq





+++UPDATE 1+++

Ahh, right....... it appears that they didn't even kill him in a firefight, then - that's Muslim justice for you - so they could have sent him to The Hague but chose not to do so and actually executed him, having manhandled him beforehand. And now they are saying he was also shot five times in the back.

It looks very much to me like the rebels had specific instructions from the CIA or more likely directly from Hillary Clinton, herself, during her current visit to Libya - dead men tell no tales and they didn't want him telling the world where all the bodies are buried, so to speak, in an open courtroom - Tony B.Liar will be breathing a sigh of relief.

Pleading: Gaddafi pleaded with his captors for his life after he was found cowering in a storm drain
Terrified: Gaddafi pleaded for his life after he was captured by rebel fighters

+++UPDATE 2+++

And look what we have here - this rather proves my point, dontcha think - what a callous, hard-nosed, evil bitch!


Wednesday 12 October 2011

Lord Monckton: The End Of Democracy In The UK


Lord Christopher Monckton talks about the totalitarian EU.......

Wednesday 28 September 2011

New Facebook: Obama Is Spying On You!

Let's face it, we all knew that the recent Facebook "upgrade" was to make it easier for the bastards to spy on us - we now know exactly how they are doing it - and what O'Fucknuts does today, you can be sure that our shower of shit and the commie EU will do tomorrow! 
Every mention of his name goes straight to his Facebook Page - and you can't block him! Posts date back to 17th July which is obviously when they foisted the new "upgrade" on us without telling us so, if you mentioned him by name recently, I'd suggest you follow the link to his page to see if there are any of your posts there, then go back to your own Facebook Wall and delete all the posts that you want to remove from Obama's Facebook page - that will do the trick. Nice to know that we're all going into his "little list" - NOT!
And just to prove my point.......,
That didn't take long, did it?
It's also well worth having a look at THIS and THIS.

Friday 23 September 2011

New Egyptian "Democracy": Coptic Christian Beaten Up By Muslim Mob

In this video the Egyptian police have delivered a young Coptic Christian to the usual rabble of Muslims who drag him through the streets naked while beating the shit out of him, all the time cheering and ranting "Allahu Akbar-La Ellah Ella Allah!"

They then proceed to burn a Christian shop behind the Coptic Orthodox Church once again demonstrating the complete and utter barbarism of Muslims and Islam.....

Isn't it absolutely wonderful to see such a new, thriving, enlightened democracy in Egypt having taken the place of Mubarak's brutal dictatorship?


Tuesday 13 September 2011

Identified: The UAF "Film Director" Who Thinks That Beating Up Women Is Funny

The man behind the camera in the post immediately below this one has now been identified - his name is Ben Tonge. 


Here he is in his own You Tube video....... classy, eh?

This is him attempting to deny it all on You Tube.......

And here he is on Twitter.

Oh, look - he's on Facebook, too.......

Meanwhile, the other twat, Anthony Richardson, has obviously had the usual Lefty attack of the shits when he realised how badly his "jolly jape" had backfired and attempted to apologise in a message sent to Max Farquar.......

Dear Max,
Please print this in full on your blog.
I am writing to you as Anthony Richardson, featured in the ‘UAF Celebrate Violence Against Women in Tower Hamlets‘ video.
I am writing first to apologise about the conduct in the video, and second to tell you that neither Ben Melchiors or Ben Tonge, who have both been misidentified as being the cameraman, played any part at all in it.
The video was recorded in the heat of the moment in the midst of a very volatile situation. We were bystanders and had not been actively involved in either side of the protest. I can categorically state that I am not part of any political party or particular leaning, nor do I condone violence against anyone, particularly women. I said those comments without thinking, and they were part of an extremely badly judged, terribly thought-through reaction to the unusual events of that day. In fact, I was ashamed of what I said as soon as I said it. We know we come across as complete idiots and never did it cross our minds that we would cause so much offence. My comments were completely against my nature and we are truly sorry that we got involved in a situation that we did not understand.
I am also writing this to ask people to stop pursuing Ben Melchiors and Ben Tonge. As I said, they were in no way involved in this. The Ben on the video I do not work with, he is simply an acquaintance of mine. I can assure you he echoes my feelings about the whole matter and has been involved in the writing of this apology.
So, while I realise I can’t take any of this back, I would like to ask you to take this apology for what it is: completely sincere and written with the intention undoing as many of the problems the video has caused as possible. Our comments on the video were out of character and we’re ashamed of them. I certainly do not condone violence against women, or men for that matter and hope that any political differences expressed by anyone in any circumstance in the future never lead to violence, as seen on that day, it doesn’t help anything. I badly misjudged the situation this time round and am sorry.
Yours sincerely,
Anthony Richardson

Yeah, right, I believe him - NOT - this is what I said over at Max's place.......

Too little, too late – this is very typical of the Lefty approach to everything and reeks of “damage limitation” to me – I’m afraid I don’t believe him and I sincerely hope that nobody else falls for his “apology”!

I haven't changed my mind nor am I likely to if this is the best they can come up with!


Saturday 10 September 2011

Identified: The UAF "Comedian" Who Thinks That Beating Up Women Is Funny

Once again that truly vile Lefty "sense of humour" raises its disgustingly ugly head - remember this video from a few days ago?

Well, here he is again - meet the UAF twat who derives enjoyment from seeing a woman punched and kicked........

Yes, folks, this is the absolutely "hilarious" Anthony Richardson of the UAF, those far-Left "allies" of the extremist Muslims Against Crusades and also the extremist Muslim Defence League - what fine, upstanding citizens they all are - cunts!

Here he is again in this "showreel" - seems he fancies himself as a TV presenter.......
Don't give up your day job, son!

You can read Max's take on this arsehole HERE.

Oh, and look - what a surprise - he's a  
 BEEBOID "comedian".......


Sunday 14 August 2011

The Truth About The Tottenham Riots

Well, well - who would have thought that these vile Trots could ever be involved in starting a riot? They always attempt to take the oh-so-high-and-mighty moral ground when, in reality, they have no room to say anything about anyone and they are constantly agitating to create anarchy. Unfortunately, it's par for the course - where there's a riot, there's usually a piece of far-Left, militant scum who started it.
Not only that, it appears our government is trying to hush the whole thing up - The Westminster Journal originally posted this story but now, when you click on the link, you see this.......
That was a very quick shutdown of a website that has been around for some time by our paranoid, Left-wing, ruling elite - and people wonder why we bloggers don't trust the rotten political establishment!
Luckily, however, I have a screenshot of the original article which I will now re-post here in the interests of truth and transparency - something  with which our political elite have very little acquaintance.......

Makes interesting reading, doesn't it? 



Thursday 11 August 2011

Militant Trot Troublemaker, Dierassistische, Receives A Direct Message On You Tube

Oh dear, this is the nightmare scenario for the Trot left on YouTube - the American Nationalists, of which Direracist released personal details, of both their homes and families, have now come to know that Direracist,  has finally been exposed!

There was even a spoof lookalike channel on You Tube briefly - complete with real name and picture.
What goes around comes around, as they say, so if I were Direracist, I'd be feeling extremely nervous about now!


Monday 1 August 2011

UK Police Tells Public To Report Anti-Government Beliefs As Terrorism

My, my - what next? It now appears, (even more than we already knew), that the Stasi is still alive and well and living in Britain - what a bunch of authoritarian Lefty bastards they are...... yes, Cleggeron, I'm talking to you.......

"The London Metropolitan Police is encouraging businesses and the general public to immediately report anyone who holds anti-government political beliefs to the authorities as terrorists, calling on people to become volunteer informants as the state prepares for widespread social unrest.

Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy. Any information relating to anarchists should be reported to your local police.

In also calling on people to report Al-Qaeda paraphernalia to police, the briefing conflates “anarchists” with terrorists.

There is nothing inherently criminal about political philosophy whatever it is. The police work under the convention on human rights which disallows discrimination against people because of their political beliefs and even the request for information would seem to be in breach of that.

Of course, the “anarchist” label could apply to a whole range of political beliefs, but the fact that the state is now openly criminalizing anti-government sentiment and encouraging people to report on their neighbors for expressing dissent or displaying any sign of their political philosophy is a clear indication of how paranoid the British government has become of its own citizens.

It’s pretty absurd, but not surprising, when the state seeks to criminalise ideas it deems to be dangerous to its own survival. Indeed, if you want an insight into where the British government thinks this is all heading, look no further than a 2007 Ministry of Defence report which foresaw “the middle classes becoming revolutionary” and “taking on the role of Marx’s proletariat” within three decades. “The world’s middle classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest,” warns the report, predicting mass unrest and social dislocation.

This is why the authorities are already putting the squeeze on any kind of political beliefs that could be construed as anti-government. They are aware of the fact that the increasingly dangerous, unjust and economically deprived post-industrial revolution now being used to eviscerate the middle class in the west will provoke a hostile and radical reaction.

Encouraging people to report on each other for political beliefs deemed undesirable by the state is precisely what happened in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany."

So, it's going to be all snoopers and curtain twitchers, is it? 

Report a family member and get double points, is it?

I can easily see a situation where these spies and indeed even just suspected spies, (some of whom I'm positive will be wrongly identified), end up being attacked and perhaps seriously injured or worse simply because we have a paranoid, Lefty government and politicised police attempting to turn the people against each other. That level of state interference wouldn't have been out of place in the old Eastern Bloc - in fact, that's pretty much what the EU now is and was always intended to be - Lib/Lab/Con/Communitarians/Communists, they're all the fucking same! They rob you of your freedom bit by bit and then they do exactly the same thing with your money!


Friday 29 July 2011

Sharia Poster Boy

This is Pat's take on the ridiculous Anjem Choudary's actions in East London - this situation could turn out to be, shall we say....... very "interesting"!



Monday 25 July 2011

So What Was REALLY Behind The Norway Attacks?

Does it strike anyone as a bit strange that this incident has happened in Norway at this particular time - and that the rhetoric has now moved on to condemn a "Christian Fundamentalist, Right-wing extremist"? (By the way, they are also, predictably, calling him a Nazi which, contrary to post-war Left-wing propaganda, would actually place him on the extreme Hard Left, not the Right wing)

Alex Jones certainly seems to think so and so do I - he even predicted that there would be another terror attack the day before this happened!

"Go look for yourself - the day before the bombing and shootings in Norway I told everyone that it was coming down. The whole radio/TV show is posted on this channel from Thursday when I talked about it for the first 2 hours. How did I know? How could I not - it was like the media was rolling out a new soft drink it was so in your face. Watch the video and find out how the murders work."

Now that they have got us all fired up and paranoid over Muslim extremists they are setting out to demonise "Christian Fundamentalists", too! 

This has all the hallmarks of another NWO False Flag attack!

This is what the Obamacommie had to say.......

" I wanted to personally extend my condolences to the people of Norway. And it’s a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring. And so we have to work cooperatively together both on intelligence and in terms of prevention of these kinds of horrible attacks.

I remember fondly my visit to Oslo and how warmly the people of Norway treated me. And so our hearts go out to them, and we’ll provide any support we can to them as they investigate these occurrences."


And here's what Pinko Dave's been saying.......

"After such a dreadful event the British government must of course review our own security at home. That is what the National Security Council started to do this morning when we met."

Zapatero is at it, too.......

"I would like to endorse David Cameron's words and thoughts about what happened in Oslo. I have given my condolences on behalf of all the people of Spain to the Norwegian prime minister for that tragedy, that appalling event. One single person killed so many innocent people. It is one of the biggest tragedies we have witnessed in decades. It is one of the most worrying and serious events we have ever seen take place on European soil." 

Watch out, you can bet your bottom dollar that we're going to be losing even more of our civil liberties!

This murdering twat, Breivik, has no  connection whatsoever to the EDL, no matter what the tame, Lefty MSM are saying, so after all the ensuing, (and completely predictable), Left-wing smear tactics, the EDL have released the following statement.......

Official Statement – Anders Breivik

Unfortunately, due to some uneducated members of the media, blindly only reporting half a story, we have been forced to make another statement on the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik and further give attention to him, rather than the 94 innocent victims, their families and the people of Norway who deserve the attention as they recover from this tragedy.

It would seem shameful that journalists have been all too quick to link the English Defence League to this murderous creature, quoting from his blog that ‘on some occasions [he] had discussions with SIOE and EDL and recommended them to use certain strategies (via facebook)’. We can categorically state that there has never been any official contact between him and the EDL, our facebook page had 100,000 supporters and receives tens of thousands of comments each day. And there is no evidence that Breivik was ever one of those 100,000 supporters. Even so, anyone who expresses any extremist beliefs of any kind, be it white supremacist, christian fundamentalist or Islamic extremists, they all get banned from the site.

We have a long and successful history of ridding this peaceful and patriotic organisation of anyone who doesn’t agree with our mission statement, or shows extremist beliefs. This includes successful stewarding of our demos, ensuring that any racists are removed from the areas, strict moderating on our forums and constant monitoring of our facebook pages and affiliated groups. It has been reported that Norway has some problems far-right groups and neo-Nazi organisations, in February, our friends at the Norwegian Defence League had many new supporters after our peaceful Luton demonstration. Unfortunately, due to irresponsible and libellous journalism, some of these new supporters believed the NDL to be a group to express their far-right and neo-Nazi beliefs. It wasn’t and the NDL did a fine job of quickly acting and banishing such unwanted fascists and putting the record straight that fascists are not welcome in the Defence Leagues, only patriots worried about the rise of extremism that causes unnecessary death and pain to innocent people. It is not known whether Breivik was one of those to be banished, but the fact that one of his aims was to set up a Norwegian version of the EDL, when there already was one, goes some way to showing that he hasn’t got a clue about the EDL movement.

If these pathetic and sensationalist journalists had bothered to give the due respect to Norway, its readers and the truth, they would have read the entire writings of Breivik and reported the whole story. They would see that Brievik talks about the EDL in a negative light because of our anti-extremist stance. They would have reported the facts, they would have reported our history of being anti-fascist, anti-violent and anti-extremist. They would have reported that Breivik also states on page 1438 of his document, ‘The EDL are in fact anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-Nazi. They have many members and leaders with non-European background (African and Asian)…EDL and KT (Breivik) principles can never be reconciled as we are miles apart ideologically…The EDL harshly condemns any movement that use terror as a tool, such as the KT. This is why, we, the KT, view the EDL as na├»ve fools.’

It couldn’t be made any clearer that Breivik did not like the way the EDL was a peaceful organisation, open to all, making our point through legal and democratic means, as Breivik recognises we do ‘The EDL is a democratic movement, they still believe that the democratic system can solve Britain’s problems‘. He even knew before hand that the EDL would harshly condemn his terrorist atrocity and his terrorist group, and as the leading anti-terrorist, anti-fascist, anti-racist organisation in the country, this is exactly what we have already done in our release yesterday:

No form of terrorism can ever be justified and the taking of innocent lives, can never be justified. We are proud to stand strongly against all forms of extremism and we will continue to speak out against the biggest terrorist threat to our nation, Islamic extremism. With our next protest in the most extremist filled area of the UK, home to many past terrorists and no telling how many future terrorists, East London. Just last week, a Somalian national from the area went on trial for funding terrorism, so it is vitally important the law abiding citizens of this land make a stand to urge the government into decisive action to prevent the next act of terrorism and scene of devastation, again being in the UK.

Again, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Norway.

 So there you have it - I'm sure there will be more developments over the next days!


Saturday 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse Dead


Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her North London flat- she was only twenty-seven years old.

Paramedics discovered her just before four o'clock this afternoon and called in the police who are treating her death as "unexplained".

I blame this for her problems with drink and drugs.......




Wednesday 20 July 2011

Give Us Some REAL Fucking NEWS, You Cunts!

I am so fucking fed up with hearing about this phone hacking bollocks from our Lefty MSM - I have really had it right up to HERE - and they don't even seem to realise that no one outside the Westminster Cuntbubble gives a flying FUCK!


Ahhh........ that's better....... needed that!

Monday 4 July 2011

The BBC: Middle Class, Multi-Culti, Left-Wing Pricks