Tuesday 30 June 2009


David Cameron is a British politician, Leader ...It would appear that ComRes are getting it completely wrong again - to LieBore's advantage, of course. They have the Conservatives placed on 36%, that's 2 points down on last month, Labour are up 3 points on 25% and the Lib Dems are down 1 point to 19%.

I can't believe this poll is accurate for one second, especially when ComRes can be as badly out as they were during the recent Local and European Elections, while all of the other polls were extremely close to the actual result.

It also shows perfectly how skewed the system is in Labour's favour as this would only give the Conservatives a 10-seat majority.

Personally, if I were the one-eyed snot gobbler, I'd wait for a more accurate poll before I got too excited about my election campaign!

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