Friday 26 June 2009


Michael JacksonThe suddenness of Michael Jackson's demise brings to mind Spike Milligan's favourite joke for his own epitaph: "I told them I was ill!" So it would appear that some of the recent reports about MJ's illnesses and frailty were not so far-fetched as the concert promoter for the O2 gigs would have had us all believe! There will, of course, be the usual 3-ring circus of money-grabbing arseholes trying to capitalise as much as possible from his death.
As I posted earlier, elsewhere, cue remixes, re-releases, compilations, the complete biography and laughing all the way to the bank! Paul McCartney will probably have another go at getting those songs back, but they were virtually all that was left of Jackson's regular income and there are still a lot of hefty debts to be paid, plus all the lawsuits in progress and let's not forget all those humongous loans that have to be repaid.
I wouldn't be surprised if the pressure of his 50 show comeback at the O2 had contributed a lot to this - don't forget they'd already postponed the first 4 shows because of "technical problems" - yeah right!
Ain't life sweet, or as they say in the music business, " 'Life is just a bowl of Cherries' in 5/4!"

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Unknown said...

The Spike Milligan epitaph is very apt in this case. It always made me smile - thanks for reminding me.

Barking Spider said...

No problem - it's one of his best.

Anonymous said...

In Michael Jackson we had a talented pop singer/dancer who modern culture attempted to market as a god.

I hope the hysterical money machine throttles back in the next few days, but I doubt it will.

Barking Spider said...

I doubt it will either, Nickie - they've only just hit first gear.