Sunday 23 May 2010


This pretty much says it all for me.....


And, now that it's been leaked, here is a brief summary of the hybrid government's draft of the Queen's speech....
* An Academies Bill that will allow more schools to become free of local     authority control and a second Education Bill that will pave the way for Michael Gove's Swedish-schools reforms.    
* A Great Repeals Bill will terminate plans for identity cards and restore other civil liberties. 
* A free vote on repealing the ban on hunting with dogs is unlikely, however.    
* There will also be legislation for fixed-term parliaments, a right for voters to “recall” ethically questionable MPs, a referendum on changing the voting system and other political reforms promised by Nick Clegg.  
* There will be two Bills from Iain Duncan Smith’s Work and Pensions Department including one that will overhaul the benefits system.    
* Andrew Lansley will have a Health Bill focused on the reduction of  inequalities.    
* A Bill to ensure that future transfers of power to the EU are subject to referenda will be published in the autumn. I'm reliably informed it's not called the "Bolting The Stable Door After The Horse Has Bolted Bill".   
* Eric Pickles will present a simple Bill that will scrap Labour's plan to reorganise local government in Exeter and Norwich.    
* There will also be Bills dedicated to Energy Security and the Green Economy, Social responsibility and one, for Nick Herbert, on Police Reform.



Sheriff said...

Spidey, it took me over 20 tries and 30 minutes to log in to post here. That could be due to Google or JS. Dunno. Just so that you are aware.

One good thing about this coalition is that it will potentially give people the facility to trigger debates in Paliament, via petition.

Sheriff said...

Hi, Fausty, I just sent you an Email about the problem you're having, I'm not having any problems, myself, at the moment - it's a Firefox bug and it needs a <span><span>damned good thrashing</span></span> reboot to cure it. ;)

Sheriff said...

After just a few short days a rapid and massive rolling back of Labours' incompetent 13 years is fantastic. None of us will like all of the changes and we have a long hard slog ahead. Better a Commander that is respected than one hated.

Sheriff said...

I got in to your site better than ever before, just now, Spidey.

Sheriff said...

I dunno what the big "hoo-ha" regarding synthetic life is all about .. its hardly new ..

There are 646 living, breathing, parallel-universe inhabiting examples of synthetic life in the HoC alone ..

Talking of Firefox, I'm also getting bloody fed up with its bugs .. if they don't get it sorted & soon .. much as I dislike them, I'm changing to Google Chrome ..

Anonymous said...

All pretty good on the face of it, Spidey, except for the energy security bill.

Cameron's idea of getting corporations to fund 'green' kit in homes seemed inspired. We now find that in order to get such kit, we also have to accept smart meters.

Smart meters, as we have learned, enable the authorities to remotely control our thermostats - they can even switch them off. The meters will also allow the authorities to see what appliances you have on at various times of the day, and how much energy they use.

Ghastly and not very liberal, is it?

Sheriff said...

Am I entirely wrong to be thoroughy bored?

Sheriff said...

No, mate, you're not wrong... I'm bored shitless with it, I am not at all taken in by it,  and I am ready to go on the attack! >:o While some of the Queen's speech is to be welcomed, much of what we voted for, the really crucial elements, have been purposely omitted, supposedly to placate the Limp Dumbs, although the "green" tax raids from our new "greenest ever" government are very prominent - rubbing our noses in the NWO yet again...... fuck this for a game of soldiers >:o >:o

My present motto on the subject......
"I see you, Cameron, and I will point out your NWO treachery every time you try it on, you Lefty bastard!!" ;)

Roll on the ConDemNation acrimonious divorce and a fresh election! :-P

Sheriff said...

I wouldn't use Chrome if I were you, CH, they gather all sorts of information about you - the kind of information that's an insult to your privacy and civil liberties! If you want to stay incognito, I would recommend Opera... it's really fast because it blocks all the adverts and Flash videos, (unless you choose to play them - it's just like Flashblock for Firefox), and it also automatically blocks your IP, but I really would stay away from Chrome, mate. ;)

As far as our synthetic MPs are concerned, I'm only surprised that they've managed to crawl so far out of their fucking test tubes! =-O

Sheriff said...

Thanks for letting me know, OR, much appreciated, mate. :)

Sheriff said...

Although I welcome the proposed changes so far, I don't think Cameron should be embracing the Limp Dumbs to the extent that he has, OR, and I don't think he should have picked such a sneaky fight with the 1922 Committee one week into his premiership - he will need them long before they ever need him. >:o

I don't like him and I don't trust him, and the biggest problems our Country faces are extremely noticable by their absence in the Queen's speech. I can't help but detect an ominous whiff of Cameron's Lefty duplicity in the air! :(

Sheriff said...

Many thanks for that info re Chrome, Spidey ..

I know Google have "form" for spying but didn't realise it was that bad ..

It seems many people are getting pissed off with Firefox, which used to be excellent but now crashes or hangs every 5 mins ..

I'll do as you suggest & have a look at "Opera" .. a system with which I'm totally unfamiliar, as yet ..

BTW .. I agree with you sentiments & am looking forward to the Divorce party myself ..

Which, somehow, I suspect won't be that far away .. 8-) :-D  

Sheriff said...

No problem, CH, Google are a NWO/Big Brother nightmare, mate, and they were all too willing to obey our previous, corrupt commie government and its snivelling minions. >:o

As for Firefox - when it locks up it, even stops the computer from shutting down because it completely snarls up the system. That's such a pain in the arse with Vista when you have to hold in the power button or yank the plug - at least on my laptop I've got Windows 7 which allows me to force a proper shutdown. ;)

I can't wait for that divorce...... especially if it means that Cameron gets his marching orders and a real Tory gets his job! :-P

Sheriff said...

Thank Goodness we have you, Spider, to explain all this to us.
It really helps, especially for us yanks.

PS:  I hope your heat wave abates in a few days, it's still horrid out here and it's only 9 am! =-O

Sheriff said...

No problem, Bunni, we know a lot more about Obarmy because of you guys - a lot of Britons who don't read blogs still think he's some sort of saint - we know better! ;) Still pretty damned warm over here, (pant).