Tuesday 11 May 2010



TALKS between Labour and the Liberal Democrats "never got off the ground", party sources said today. 

And insiders at Westminster claim Gordon Brown is on the brink of quitting as Prime Minister to make way for David Cameron. Lib Dem Vince Cable says a deal is "very, very close to being done". The Lib Dems resumed their discussions with the Tories about forming a government this afternoon after Mr Cameron told Nick Clegg: "It's decision time." The parties met after it was revealed that while Lib Dem and Labour negotiators were locked in discussions this morning, Mr Clegg was in a 45 minute, face-to-face talk with the Tory leader. 

Reports that Labour had accepted negotiations with the Liberal Democrats could go no further were played down by a source close to Mr Brown, who said the party was happy to go on talking. But an unconfirmed report in an evening newspaper suggested that Mr Brown might stand down as Prime Minister as early as this evening, while the BBC reported that cases were being packed into vehicles at the rear of Downing Street. 
Tory backbencher Nigel Evans said Conservative MPs had been put on standby for a meeting tonight. The Lib Dems are also planning a meeting at 7.30pm tonight. 


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Sheriff said...

I sure hope Snotty leaves TONIGHT!  That's great
News, Peter!  It's about time.  There will be lots of celebrating.
They better change the locks and bolt the doors when Winky finally leaves! :-P

Sheriff said...

<span>I sure hope Snotty leaves TONIGHT!  That's great 
News, Spider!  It's about time.  He should have called the moving van</span>
<span>last Fri. morning.  There will be lots of celebrating tonight!<span> ;) <span> </span></span></span>
<span>They better change the locks and bolt the doors when Winky finally leaves!<span> >:o </span></span>

Sheriff said...


Sheriff said...

Your all a bit slow aren't you, Brown resigned fifteen minutes ago. Cameroon on his way to Buck House to talk to the queen.

Sheriff said...

Bit late to the party, Big Yin, but I'm a fast catcher-upper as you can see in the post above. ;)

Sheriff said...

Yah-fucking-hoo, INCOMING!!!!!!!, mission a complete success! :-P