Thursday 27 May 2010



A MAGISTRATE who lost his role as bench chairman for calling two vandals “absolute scum” is to be reinstated .

In a move widely hailed as a victory for common sense, Austin Molloy has been notified he can return to his courtroom job next week. The JP was said last night to be both relieved and grateful for the backing he received after the case was highlighted earlier this month. 

A Facebook group backing him built up 4,300 members and a host of well-known names spoke up for him.  A friend of the JP said: “Austin has been amazed by the support he has received. You just have to read the comments left on the Facebook page to gauge public opinion. “Everyone believes it was a crazy decision to stop him being chairman and he was just saying what everyone was thinking. It was just political correctness gone mad. People have been coming up to him in the street saying they back him 100 per cent.”

Mr Molloy, 57, blasted the yobs while sentencing them for scrawling racist and sexually-abusive graffiti on prayer books and vandalising a John The Baptist cross, causing £3,000 damage. He was immediately reprimanded by court clerk Christine Dean who said his comments were “totally inappropriate” in a youth court. He returned to the magistrates court in Blackburn the following day, only to be told he was banned from chairing the bench.

But Mr Molloy has now been notified that he can return to chair the bench, a role he has held for 14 years. A court insider said: “Austin has been told that he can chair proceedings from next week. He is relieved but still feels angry that it has got this far. He has been told that the investigation will be completed within a few days and no further action will be taken.” The source added: “Christine Dean accepts that she shouldn’t have spoken to Austin in open court but should instead have asked him to go to the retiring room. She wants to apologise to him and is deeply upset at what has happened.” 

His actual words to the two scumbags in the courtroom were.....

“This court is disgusted by the mindless destruction you have caused. Normal people would consider you absolute scum. If it was in our power, we would have you both stand in front of the congregation at 10am on Sunday and explain your words and actions to them to see if they could understand it, because we can’t.”  

Hardly over the top and entirely appropriate in the circumstances.

This PC shite has got to stop and the decision to reinstate Austin Molloy would appear to be a good start. Let's hope that this is only the beginning and that we see a rapid return to common sense and the destruction of all the Lefty PC bollocks under the new administration.

Christine Dean should be fucking sacked for her appalling behaviour in the courtroom - that would serve as a warning to all the other Lefty PC twats infesting the civil service and all the other government bodies where Labour's tentacles have spread far and wide.

A piece of advice for Christine Dean, (and the rest of her PC, socialist comrades)......

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Sheriff said...

I should think so too, who is  going to start the "Sack Christine Dean, (the cunt)" Facebook page then? Even the scums dad agreed with with Austin Molloy that his son is Scum for fucks sake!

Anyway, a clear pattern is emerging following the near aquittal of the teacher who smashed an iron weight into the thick skull of some little oik who deserved it and the victory, after ten years battling the Environment Agency, of Thames Boatmen who can now use the words "war" and "Victory" on their memorial for their part in the Dunkirk evacuation.

Watch out lefty retards, the tide has turned and  those fuckers who don't notice are gonna drown!

Anonymous said...

Those who called for his head ought to "consider their positions", after nearly destroying the career and livelihood of a decent man, in the name of political correctness.

Time to weed these bastards out!

Sheriff said...

Great news that he is back. He  is a hero.

Sheriff said...

She should have stuck to pushing her pen, CH, so she deserves everything she gets - I just hope she gets what she deserves. :-P

Sheriff said...

I sincerely hope so, Banned, I'd like to see that bunch of horrible, sneaky, back-biting, whiners shut up for good. Facebook group sounds good to me, mate. ;)

Sheriff said...

He is, DV, he only said what people were thinking....... that old harridan should be ashamed of herself! ;)

Sheriff said...

Exactly, James, I'm so glad that Labour and their nasty, PC thought police have gone. :-P

Sheriff said...

This is wonderful news, Spidey.  
I think the tide IS turning and those labour nazi's have been given their
marching orders!

If I had been a Judge with that case, I would have called them alot worse. =-O

Sheriff said...

I'm SO happy to hear this too, Banned.

Sheriff said...

Great News indeed. I joined and posted on the FB page that if it was one of my sons that he had said that to I would have shook his hand. Christine Dean is a product of years worth of Common Purpose indoctrination and just a brick in the wall that Common Purpose as built to oppress freedom of speech and thought. Whatever your political views may be this week has seen two cases of Common Purpose and Political Correctness get a kick in the teeth. The school teacher who is a member of the BNP was cleared by this week after the General Teaching Council were overuled after he used a school laptop to post under a pseudonym on a blog. It was found out afterwards that he was a bnp member and he was dismissed. NuLabours marxist agenda is slowly crumbling and these two cases show that little by little and brick by brick the wall will come down and just maybe the country will return to some kind of sanity.

Sheriff said...

Great stuff, Guest - and I completely agree with you about the teacher. Freedom of speech is something we always took for granted until the rotten, corrupt, commie Labour government gradually stifled it with their petty, biased, Marxist laws. Their bussing in of troublemakers - the militant, useful idiots of the UAF - to disrupt BNP gatherings or public statements, or indeed for that disgraceful BBC Pravda ambush of Nick Griffin on Question Time only helps to show how afraid of free speech the Left are and actually had the opposite effect to what they wanted to achieve..... again! They have no points that they are capable of arguing, they merely repeat, ad nauseam, their received "wisdom"/dogma with no original thought whatsoever in their empty, socialist heads.

I don't care what political parties people choose to support, what's important to me is that they have the freedom to do so without fear of surveillance and worse from the Orwellian thought police. >:o

The Left attack, smear and use every dirty trick in the book to get what they always crave - power at all costs, so that they can carry out their real, hidden agendas, as became all too clear after thirteen years of the bastards.

The Lib Dems are holding back a lot of reforms that I'd like to have seen Cameron held to implementing, but I have no problems with their stance on civil liberties, which Labour have gradually eroded and stolen from us.

The first salvoes have now just been fired across the bows of Labour/SWP/UAF/Common Purpose and every other insidious organisation they have used to infiltrate the Country's institutions and our everyday lives.
Duck, you bastards, duck! :-P