Friday 29 January 2010






GORDON Brown’s attempt to provide an economic recovery was dealt a shattering blow last night when fresh alarm was raised over the Government’s ballooning debt crisis.

Leading international credit rating agency Standard & Poor warned that Britain’s banking industry was no longer stable and that the country’s return to growth was “weak”.
Last night, the report was being seen at Westminster as a further sign that the huge deficit crisis could leave the Treasury on the brink of bankruptcy. And it came amid new warnings of a Bank of England interest rate rise.

A risk-assessment statement from Standard & Poor said: “We no longer classify the United Kingdom among the most stable and low-risk banking systems globally.” The scathing assessment follows official confirmation that Britain has emerged from the worst recession in more than 50 years.

Earlier yesterday, Andrew Sentance, a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee warned that inflation could be running out of control.

How many times has Prudence Incompetence Brown been told by those who know much better than him? How many times does the useless, stupid, arrogant, communist cunt have to be told?

How much more money that Britain doesn't have is the destructive moron going to throw at other countries when we are in dire need of his grandstanding pledges of charity to begin at home?

How much more damage is he planning to cause out of pure spite before we get to boot him and his rotten, control-freak government into oblivion?

Who in the corrupt shitheap that is Westminster has the balls to stand up to the headstrong, bad-tempered, duplicitous, bullying, boorish oaf and say "enough is enough", before he has totally succeeded in his quest to destroy us as a sovereign nation and annihilate everything that being British means to us?

How many more PMQ's will he try to avoid by arranging convenient trips between now and the election and when will Call me Dave and William Hague stop pulling their punches at aforementioned PMQ's?

Why are we still waiting for an election that is desperately needed right now, to purge Westminster of the Far-Left corruption of Brown and his predecessor and their whole stinking party?

The list seems endless and I could go on, but what is the fucking point?

Until we are rid of Labour, nothing can ever change for the better!


Barking Spider said...

Hit the road, Gordo.

Barking Spider said...

I live in hope, Nickie. :-P

Barking Spider said...

Obbie (Obnoxio} has a good post on Snotty today. As for Labour, it's client state handout merchants will have a shock when there's no money for wages!

Barking Spider said...


Good rant. It's hard to stop isn't it? The list of fuck-ups is endless.

Worst. Prime. Minister. Ever.

I pray daily for a sudden and lethal embolism to visit this twat in the night.


Barking Spider said...

Spidey someone has put in a bid for UK plc and had it accepted. Nice lot of real estate. Barbapapa and his coterie of dork sucking loons have been busy rearranging the realtors window dressing whilst in the utilities cupboard the movers and shakers have been getting the global bailliffs ready to make a move on all and any defaulters.

Barbapapa is so far out of his league we'd have to smash space/time to even get a measure of his incompetence and even then we still couldn't see it.

I posted that over at my shop this week notice which railway engineer is watching how to get a NOBEL. He and Barbapapa set up their front in London about then and they've got 55 trillion bucks under management!! Fuck me where did all that quatitative easing come from? The offices that facilitated this shindig were directly over the boys that got vaped on 9/11 and had their tech half inched to Chicago. My kind of town.

Barbapapa is shitting himself, so is Cameron. No wonder there is no election. NO FUCKER REALLY WANTS TO BE PM HERE.

Barking Spider said...

Spider, this is a very alarming and most interesting post and rant of yours!  Brown and labour is doing exactly what obummer and his minions are doing here....destabilizing the banks and whole economic system!  They answer to the puppet masters of george soros and their ilk.  They WANT all ov us to GO UNDER, they WANT the banks to fail and everything that made our nations great, and YOURS esp. before ours!  Gordoom should be hung for treason, along with all the lefties and criminals that have infiltrated your government.  I hope liebour leaves soon, because like you say,
not much can be done until then.

PS:  I love that name you gave him under the pic "A.F. Uckingtwat"

Barking Spider said...

Spider keep up the good work. Your latest post is top notch.
I cant wait for the election and see the back of this commie government.

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, AOM, welcome back - we have less than 100 days left to put up with them, now - it will feel like an eternity!

Barking Spider said...

That is their strategy, Bunni - they are dangerous people with a nasty agenda, and A. F. Uckingtwat is one of the worst! In days gone by, when proper standards of conduct were upheld, Brown, Blair, and others in their fascist party would have already been tried and executed. >:o

Barking Spider said...

Thanks for the pointer, OR, you're so right about the client state handouts - shocks galore coming after the election. =-O

Barking Spider said...

Cute doggie! :-D

Barking Spider said...

Great punch, Spidey!

I can't wait for the day when we no longer see his sickening mug in the media. His replacement won't be a lot better, but at least he's not stomach-turning!

Barking Spider said...

Any 'O' level student in Economics knows that if you print money you get inflation.  This so called recovery has been fabricated by Brown and the Bank of England pumping money into the system.  Wait until the next figures come out 3 weeks before the expected elecion date, then you'll see the Gorgon shite himself.  (unless he finds a way of fiddling them of course).

Barking Spider said...

This post mentions the actuality but to believe the MSM, we've turned the corner and it's full steam ahead.

Barking Spider said...

The adjusted figures on 26th February will, I believe, still show that we are in recession, James. ;)

It takes the MSM ages to catch up to the blogosphere on all of Labour's swindles, including global warming, as they have no real wish to stop obediently following the party line, the Lefty bastards.

Barking Spider said...

I'm in complete agreement with you, DL, and I think he may even shite himself in a few weeks time when the readjusted figures for the last quarter are released and his manufactured 0.1% growth vanishes in a puff of smoke! ;)

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, Fausty.

The "buttered new potato" is our best option at the moment and he will come under extreme pressure from people in his own party after the election - we may well yet get our referendum. ;)