Thursday 9 December 2010

Blair Recalled To Iraq Inquiry


Let's hope Chilcot gives him a proper grilling this time!

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Sheriff said...

Nothing will come of it BS. Another white wash on the way. TPTB are making the people think that they're playing for them, when all they're doing is setting up another whitewash. The elite look after their own and Blair has helped them immeasurably.

Sheriff said...

Chilcot is a patsy .. a placeman .. specifically chosen to deliver the result which suits the politicians best ..

The only way we'll ever get any sort of justice is if someone does a "Kennedy" on that cunt Blair ..

Sheriff said...

Hi Spidey, I hope Blair doesn't get off so easy this time.  The protestors could get very ugly on him.
Wow, I watched on all the news channels the big riots in London today, it was something.
Camillia & Chuckie almost got hauled out of their limo and hung, the look on her face was priceless.
It's scary times out there.

I did lots of errands today and got lots of yummy food to cook for the next few days, so I'm staying out of the cold & snow If I can help it, I hope it's cleared up by you!  PS:  check your email, & thanks for the Kitteh's  ;)

Sheriff said...

That's very true, H, but Chilcot was well caught out when he allowed Bliar to grandstand at the end of his last grilling - he may hopefully be a bit less accommodating this time. At the very least, I'd like to see that bastard, Bliar, sweating profusely and making a total cunt of himself! :-P

Sheriff said...

Oh, how I dearly wish that someone would, CH! :-P :-P :-P :-P

Sheriff said...

I would so like to see Blair go down for his crimes, Bunni, and there are several million other people who feel exactly the same way! :-P

I read one good one about Camilla where the writer said something like, "If the protestors had spooked her, she could have reared up and caused some serious damage!" :-P :-D

It's cleared up a lot here but we're supposed to be getting another cold snap next week, so there may be another load of snow to come! *DONT_KNOW*

I knew you would like those cute kitties. ;) :)