Thursday 28 April 2011

Climate Change - The Hidden Agenda

Lord Monckton talks about the Climate Change/One World Government agenda, the Monarchy, how the British MSM have blacklisted/censored UKIP in the current election/referendum campaigns and how the only way he can now manage to speak to the British public is through the Alex Jones Show on the internet.......



Sheriff said...

<span> I set aside my last free hour for this and, as usual, it was very worthwhile.  
Did I hear that right, Monckton is standing for the Tories in Scotland?  
On climate change it was recently blogged that in 2005 the Warmies at the IPCC  predicted the demise by flooding of up to a dozen Island States by 2010, yet each and every one of those islands are still flourishing. Proof of their lies.  
I disagree with Lord Monckton that this will be the end of the political left, they will simply move onto a different subject just as they did following the demise of political Marxism.  
Yesterday Steve Wright in the Afternoon (BBC Radio 2) tried to hold a phone-in on the basis that Scots didn't like a "Monarchy based down there in London" but loads of Scots folk rang in to tell him to fuck off because despite any desire for Scottish independence The Monarchy belongs to all of us just as it belongs to Australia, Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth.  
Prince Charles only managed a couple of O levels  after the best education money can buy; that makes him an ideal King (Everyman) but does not qualify him as an expert on anything.  
One World Government is coming from several directions, Global Carbon taxes is one, education and brainwashing children is another  
See also my comment in your Libya thread to the effect that our intervention in Libya is clearing the decks for a Pan Mediterranean Union that we have never been asked about.</span>

Sheriff said...

I really hope that Lord Monckton's interview does go viral. The MSM will suppress this of course because they are useless and like to take the easy life.  I have stopped paying for a newspaper and will never buy one again. It is a travesty that MSM in the UK, led by BBC and SKY do not give more time to UKIP and Lord Monckton. Sure, Nigel Farage gets some airtime but compared to Caroline Lucas of Green Party, not enough.

Sheriff said...

Thank Goodness for AJ, he always gives Lord Monckton a great platform for getting the TRUTH out there!
Very interesting video's, Spidey!  :-D

Sheriff said...

BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky are all so hideously Left wing that they avoid UKIP like the plague and the Lefty newpapers are just the same. I rarely pay much attention to them anymore and prefer to get my news from the internet - usually at least several days faster than the MSM. ;)

Sheriff said...

Definitely, Bunni - as he says in the video, the MSM don't give him any coverage or airtime over here - anyone would think they're afraid of him! :-D :-P

Sheriff said...

You heard right, mate - he's the leader of UKIP in Scotland - and the Lefty bastards in the MSM won't give him any airtime - scared shitless of him or what?!!! Typical fucking commie censorship. >:o

You're right about the political Left, too - those fuckers only ever back off for long enough to lick their wounds, regroup and come back at us with a renewed assault on our intelligence and our freedom, and with nothing more than a slightly different angle on the same rotten NWO/Leftist agenda. >:o >:o >:o

Funny that another attempted BBC slur on the monarchy failed miserably and backfired on them - Steve Wright is a fucking DJ, ffs, he should stick to playing music and stay the fuck out of politics - maybe this will teach the Lefty cunt a lesson! :-D :-P

Fortunately, it would appear that as our future king, Prince Charles has been told to shut the fuck up about so-called climate change and keep his political opinions to himself! He didn't like the "advice" but he seems to be heeding it. :-P :-P :-P

Thanks for the link, mate, it made very interesting reading - "World Core Curriculum" is not something I'd heard of before, but it makes total sense and it does all tie in with Common Purpose and all of the other nasty, Lefty organisations infiltrating and spreading their corrupt tentacles into every area of our lives! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o  

And I'm in complete agreement with you about what's going on in the Middle East! ;)