Tuesday 1 June 2010



BRITAIN was last night warned to expect a new wave of immigration from Eastern Europe after almost half a million Ukrainians and Serbians were given the right to live, work and claim benefits in the UK.

Controversial rules passed by the Hungarian parliament mean that anyone who can speak the nation’s language or prove they have Hungarian ancestry can become a citizen and get a full EU passport. This means they will be granted full employment rights in the UK and access to British benefits.

Now it is feared that tens of thousands of the “new citizens” will flee the dire economic situation in Eastern Europe for the UK’s lucrative job market and generous welfare system. Last night there was anger that Britain’s borders were being opened to yet more migrants from Eastern Europe.  

UKIP Euro MP Gerard Batten said: “It must be wrong that the Hungarian government can give almost half a million people the right to move to Britain.” Over two million ethnic Hungarians live outside the state’s current borders, with most living in neighbouring Romania and Slovakia.   

Mr Batten said: “Our new government says it wants to control immigration from outside the EU but it cannot do that. Hungary has just given 450,000 people the right to come to Britain, use the social services and claim benefits if they want to, and there is nothing our government can do about it. Hungary, and any EU state, has more control of our immigration policy than we do. This just shows how powerless we are to control immigration inside the EU.”

We may have a new government but it appears that very little has changed, especially where the EU is concerned, and the statements from government mouthpieces don't do much to convince us otherwise.

For example......

Last night the Home Office claimed that the new Hungarian citizenship law would not affect the UK. A Home Office spokesman said: “There is no evidence to suggest that decisions made by the Hungarian parliament will impact on the United Kingdom.”

...... Sound familiar? 

For fuck's sake, this is exactly the same sort of horse shit the last bunch of cunts used to feed us regularly - Cameron was forever telling us that Brownfinger was treating us all like fools! 

The thing is, Dave, old chap, we already knew that...... perhaps you should start following your own advice and stop treating us like we're all complete morons!

At this rate, the "honeymoon" is going to end in an acrimonious divorce before long!
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Sheriff said...

Given the state of things so far Spider I am not so sure there was ever a legitimate marriage!!!

Sheriff said...

Spidey, the imbeciles in post are still the rump of Labours' adnministration and culture. it will take years, not weeks to change, if ever.

Anonymous said...

It's all so horribly predictable, isn't it, Spidey?

There's also the little matter of Turkey's accession to the EU, of which Cam is in favour. Turkey has 70 million inhabitants.

Cam is a smooth talker. Should we ever get a recovery, and the numbers of immigrants creep up, Cam's days are over.

Sheriff said...

...and still no EU referendum.

This problem will remain until we're back in charge of our own laws, borders etc

Sheriff said...

That is very bad news, Spidey.
They do the same thing out here.  It makes
me very mad.  I think the honeymoon is officially over if
Cameron doesn't stop this.

Sheriff said...

>:o >:o >:o >:o Spidey I've run >:o >:o >:o >:o out of sweary >:o >:o >:o >:o words again.  I've sent off for a new   >:o delivery but it'll take a co >:o uple of days for the shi >:o p to arrive at Tilbury. So until then I'm going to >:o >:o >:o use pictographs.  T >:o >:o >:o here never weas a >:o >:o >:o marriage Spidey, just some sort of       >:o      abusive relationship. >:o Cameron's going to rue the day h >:o e decided to get into politics.Cameron, if >:o he isn't careful will haveG >:o ordon Brown rememebre >:o >:o >:o d as UKplc's second worst ever PM, that's how fucking bad it is going to get I reckon.

Sheriff said...

Absolutely right, Indy, if ever ther was a shotgun wedding, this is it - what a rotten stitch-up. >:o

Sheriff said...

The only way we will ever regain control of our own destiny is to get the fuck out of the EU nightmare, CH, but wet Cameron will never give us that choice. :-$

Sheriff said...

That's very true, OR, the sackings need to start immediately to remove the corrupt, Lefty, dead wood, but this situation is just more proof that the EU runs things around here, not the British government. >:o

Sheriff said...

I couldn't agree more, John R, but Cameron will be no help at all - he doesn't want to take us out of the EU, never did. ;)

Sheriff said...

That's Lefties for you, Bunni, whichever side of the pond you happen to be on! >:o

As you know, I'm a right cynical bastard  so there never really was a honeymoon as far as I was concerned. ;)

Cameron has only used the coalition with the Limp Dumbs as an excuse to allow him to take his party even further to the Left. He proved that beyond a shadow of doubt when he tried to neuter the 1922 Committee in a botched attempt to silence and marginalise the Tory Right wing...... FAIL! :-P

Sheriff said...

I've always harboured a thought that perhaps the Tory Right were using Cameron to get Labour out and get themselves into power again ..

And that once he'd served that purpose, he would be disposed of ..

One can only pray that is just what happens when we become "hosts" to these unwanted "guests" ..

Time to give David Davis a go I think ..

Sheriff said...

Every day something more outrageous happens, and this is one of the most outrageous things I have ever heard.  I hope SOMETHING can be done to stop a mass immigration like this into your country.

Sheriff said...

I'm going to link to this story over at TCL FB because I haven't heard anthing about this story over here yet.

Sheriff said...

Posted earlier Spidey but it went tits up on the pictograph front *DONT_KNOW* . I've run out of sweary words again. =-O =-O

We have an abusive relationship going on here Spidey, someone is going to get shanked and it will not be us. I kept warning about the way they intended to subvert our, admitedly not perfect but it is ours, political settlement and turn us into some sort of mind controlled, violent dump. Well it is coming and the CamClegg foundation bitchboys are playing their role nicely. >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Right now a massive container load of sweary words is unloading at Tilbury docks for rapid delivery here. Normal service will resume soon. :-D

Sheriff said...

I believe that was the plan, CH, but it has now been compromised because of Cameron's, (deliberately?), poor election campaign and the coalition stitch-up with the beardy-weirdies. I completely agree about David Davis - he proved his integrity when he stepped down as Shadow Home Secretary and forced that by-election. He's probably inadvertantly done himself a great big favour.... I mean... who in their right mind would want the Home Secretary's job in the best of times, never mind the in current Brownballs-up?! ;)

Step forward, Theresa May!!! :-P

Sheriff said...

We've been putting up with this sort of outrages for years on end, TCL, it has to stop and the only way to make it stop is to get out of the EU once and for all with no chance of some devious Lefty bastard like Brownfinger ever being able to take us back into it again. ;)

Sheriff said...

<span>We've been putting up with these sort of outrages for years on end, TCL, it has to stop and the only way to make it stop is to get out of the EU once and for all with no chance of some devious Lefty bastard like Brownfinger ever being able to take us back into it again. ;) </span>

Sheriff said...

By all means, please do, TCL, the more people who hear about this, the better. :-P

Sheriff said...

It's disgraceful, SB, they deliberately send all the scum and scroungers here and have been doing for years while Labour were in power and it's been even worse since 2004. The other countries banned this shit from happening for seven years, (they still have a year to go before that ends), as was allowed under the treaty, but not Labour, of course - now it appears that the new government are just as bad as the previous shower and just as powerless to stop it! The other countries knew what they were doing - by the time their seven years are up, the fuckers will all be here! >:o

Sheriff said...

Whilst reading the Mail online earlier today .. this article caught my eye & struck a chord ..


When I was still working, I used to travel regularly by Tube between Heathrow & Central London & was constantly pestered by women of East European appearance, all (without fail) carrying a sleeping infant, whilst clutching a tatty, hand-written piece of cardboard with the inevitable "sob-story" begging letter thereon ..

What struck me then was .. how come all East European women have kids ? .... and why are said kids always asleep ?

My theory is that the kids were rented out as "props" to play on the heart-strings (miserable failure in my case) .. and they were always asleep because they'd been drugged with something .. even if only a large dose of "Calpol" ..

Certain East European types have no compunction in using children to assist them either in begging or in committing crime .. It is not unknown for criminal gangs in Eastern Europe to deliberately maim child beggars in order to render them more "profitable"

If what the Mail had to say shocks you .. stand by to be shocked on a more regular basis .. because this incident, to me at least has "East European Immigrant" written all over it ..

And with the latest "good-will gift" from Hungary (thanks, arseholes) .. it can & will only get worse .. You have been warned ..

Sheriff said...

This is a major issue now for England.

Sheriff said...

It's a complete outrage, James, and plainly shows how badly trapped we are in our abusive relationship with the EU. >:o

Sheriff said...

I used to see that all the time when I lived in the Hammersmith area, CH, and you're absolutely right - they always had a kid in tow and they always had a piece of cardboard or a tatty piece of paper - never said a word and went from carriage to carriage, either walking through the doors at either end, or getting off and back on again at stations - and that was before the worst of Labour's nightmare importation of criminals, post 2001. Let's put it this way..... I ordered a crossbow today! ;)

Sheriff said...

Thanks, Bunni - that's just too cute for words. :)

Sheriff said...

Barnet used to be a nice area, mate - Labour have a lot to fucking answer for, the scheming cunts! >:o >:o >:o

"<span>PS the container load arrived. :-P "</span>

So I see - it was well - stocked, too...... that's more like it! :-P :-P :-P :-D

Sheriff said...

Thanks pal lessons to be learned

Sheriff said...

I think we've already learned all the lessons we need, as far as politicians are concerned, mate - if only they were capable of doing the same! >:o