Thursday 3 June 2010



Labour's supposedly tough points-based immigration system actually led to huge increases in foreign workers and students cleared to live in Britain, it emerged last night. Experts said the new Government had a 'mountain to climb' to bring migration under control.

Labour ministers, led by Gordon Brown, repeatedly claimed the Australian-style points system for non-EU nationals would reduce immigration. Economic migration was expected to fall by as much as 12 per cent. But analysis published last night showed that, in fact, it increased by 20 per cent - while the number of foreign students went up by more than 30 per cent.

Sir Andrew Green, of Migrationwatch-which produced the study, said: 'This is Labour's guilty secret. 'When they talked about immigration at all before and during the election campaign, they claimed that they were getting it under control with their tough new system. The truth was quite different.  

'They have left an immigration system in chaos and the coalition with a huge mountain to climb in order to fulfil David Cameron's election promise that net immigration would be brought down from the present level to tens of thousands, as in the 1980s and early 1990s.' 

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics last week showed net immigration had increased the total population by 142,000 last year. Migrationwatch said Labour ministers had been asked parliamentary questions on the effects of the points system but had not given answers ahead of the election.

However, analysis of fresh government figures shows that the number of non-EU migrants given work permits, or permission to carry on working in Britain, increased by 20 per cent, from 159,535 in 2007 - the year before points were introduced - to 190,640 last year. The total includes dependents.

For students, which came under the points system a year later in 2008, the number of approvals increased by 31 per cent from 208,800 that year to 273,445 a year later.

In 2008, Phil Woolas said that 'had we introduced the points-based system a year ago there would be 12 per cent less migratory workers in the country than there are now'. During the election campaign, Gordon Brown said: 'I think we have got to show people that we are taking tough action and the points-based system we have introduced is changing things. I hope that voters understand that we have got a very tough attitude on this.' 

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics last week showed that more than half the 503,000 immigrants who arrived in the year to last September - 270,000 people - were from outside the EU. At the same time, the number of foreign nationals given British citizenship rose above 200,000 in 2009 - up more than 50 per cent in 12 months.

So there we have it - nobody I know believed a word that Labour said anyway, but now we have the absolute proof that it was all complete lies and total bollocks from start to finish. What a bunch of lying, scheming, nation-destroying, commie cunts!

The coalition will have their work cut out to deal with this treasonous shambles which Blair, Brownfinger, Mandelsnake and the rest of the fucking Labour scum imposed on the Country, much of which cannot and will never be undone. No wonder the Brownfinger fuckpig has been cowering and hiding away in Scotland - he has had neither the courage nor the courtesy to show up at Westminster.... well.... he is both an ignorant boor and a coward as well as being a mentally unstable bully, so I suppose it's only to be expected.

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Sheriff said...

Yep .. the only two things McSnot was ever any good at was lying & finding ever more inventive ways of robbing the taxpayer ..

I hope the bastard dies a painful, lingering death from something very nasty ..

Meanwhile, the first fucker who tries to obtain entry to my house or property takes his or her chances ..  My specialised military service taught me a great deal about "defence in depth" & how to achieve one's objectives without the need for weaponry ..

Sheriff said...

That's labour for you, Spidey.  What a bunch of lying scums.  It's even worse than everyone thought.
I'm glad you found the proof of this treason.  Everyone responsible should be hung.
Brown is like a big turd that you try and flush, but it never goes away.  He should be deported to
the desert and left to rot. >:o

Sheriff said...

That's him, Bunni, Brown by name and brown by nature! :-D

Sheriff said...

Sadly Spidey .. any disease of the rectum (highly likely in his case) would be more than offset by his expert ability to excrete via his lying mouth ..

I was thinking of something more along the lines of Leprosy .. then the twat could laugh his own head off .. or throw his hand in etc ..   ;)

Sheriff said...

Think you've summed it up there.

Sheriff said...

Thanks, James, I'd like to hang the lot of them for their acts of treason. :-P >:o

Sheriff said...

I think someone in Northants Police needs to get their finger out PDQ ..

Sheriff said...

They are a pack of useless politicised wankers these days, CH, that has to change, Labour's political meddling has to be reversed and, as part of that change, ACPO needs to be culled - pretty damned quick! ;)

Sheriff said...

There is actually no need for or useful purpose served by ACPO .. they, along with the CPS (another politically inspired fuck-up) need to be disbanded forthwith ..

I read last week, or the week before that the decision & power to charge offenders for certain offences was to be returned to Custody Sergeants .. maybe that's the thin end of a much needed wedge ..

The Police should be (and always were, pre Labour) apolitical .. that state needs to be resumed as soon as is practically possible ..

Sheriff said...

I couldn't agree with you more, CH, that's exactly what needs to happen to get some semblance of normality and a large dose of common sense put back into policing. I'd like to see all the plastic police and the lickspittle council snoopers and traffic wardens get the sack as well. Time to put the issuing of parking tickets back into the hands of the police and fuck the bin police and the rest of the Council Stasi right off out of it! ;)

Sheriff said...

Treason is exactly what it is. Why did Blair repeal the death sentence for treason? Their Gerrymandering and postal vote fraud won them enough council seats to carry on with the commie plan. Condem alliance is a smoke screen. The immigrants are in and that's all that matters to Labour. Any funds that councils get from central gov will be swallowed up by the recent arrivals and topped up with council tax. The sooner the EU fucks itself inside out the better. As I recall there was only one party that wanted out of the EU, no immigration and stopping Foriegn Aid worth Billions a year. Now is it any coincidence that that party lost shit loads of council seats to labour? All the B & D seats lost to councillors with non English names (except for the one that had an English name but who was caught committing fraud so there will be a re-election)

Sheriff said...

Looking after their own necks, they were, Sarge, because they knew everything they were about to do, every policy and constitutional change they were about to introduce/undemocrativally foist upon us, was treason of the highest possible degree! >:o

If the new lot have any integrity at all, (I'm not holding my breath), this is another bunch of Labour's gerrymandering shit that will be repealed and I look forward to seeing all of the treasonous cunts dangling at the end of a rope! :-P (wishful thinking, I know *DONT_KNOW* )