Thursday 20 May 2010


(That's "real" Tories to you and me!)

David Cameron has made an audacious attempt to stamp his authority on Conservative MPs and smother back-bench dissent. He has announced a controversial move to neutralise the 1922 Committee which gives back-bench MPs a forum for criticising the Conservative leadership.

The move turned simmering anger at Cameron's coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats into fury among many Tory MPs. One senior Right-winger described it as a “deliberate provocation” that could split the party. Others likened the moment to Tony Blair’s “Clause IV” confrontation with Labour members in 1995. 

At a meeting with MPs on Wednesday in the Commons, Cameron announced that he wanted to change the way the 1922 Committee was organised.

The committee represents back-bench Conservatives and is traditionally used to communicate rank-and-file MPs’ feelings about the way Tory governments are conducting themselves. The committee is named after the 1922 general election, which was called after the Conservatives withdrew from a coalition government with David Lloyd George’s Liberals.  Ministers and other government members are barred from the 1922, a rule meant to ensure that the party leadership cannot influence the committee directly. 

Cameron has proposed a change in the rules to allow him and his ministers and other allies to vote in the committee and even take up elected positions.  Many back-bench Tories were angry at the proposed change and the way it was announced by surprise. Most of the MPs at the meeting believed they were there to be briefed about the final detail of the coalition agreement.

During the private meeting, Peter Bone, the MP for Wellingborough, told Mr Cameron that the changes were an unacceptable attempt to control the party.  Bill Cash complained there had been no consultation or discussion of the proposed changes, which would “end the independence of backbenchers”.

After the meeting, one MP said: “This is an attempt to crush dissent, nothing less. He’s effectively trying to abolish the 1922.” A former minister added: “He’s caused enormous resentment. People who were feeling sullen before are now feeling furious.”  

The 1922 is due to elect a new chairman next week. The favourite had been Graham Brady, a former frontbencher who quit Mr Cameron’s team in 2007 in protest at his opposition to new grammar schools.  

Senior party sources said they were confident that Mr Cameron’s new rules would be approved, thanks to support among ministers and most of the new intake of Tory MPs.  However, one minister said: “He could end up with a bloody nose here.”

Well, good, I hope he fucking does! 

Give me fucking strength - this fucker doesn't know when to stop! Quit while you're ahead, twat boy!
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Sheriff said...

What a cheeky twat! It's like teachers wanting to be on the 6th form common room committee.

Sheriff said...

I have never trusted Cameron .. for anyone, let alone the leader of the Conservative Party to publicly announce that he's "the heir to Blair" is deeply worrying ..

I've never believed that Cameron was the right man to lead the Conservatives & this action is proof of that ..

I hope he does get a bloody nose, stands down and a real, genuine Conservative becomes leader ..

Sheriff said...

Power corrupts..absolute power corrupts absolutely!!

Is it enough provocation for the dissenters to leave the party, resign their seats and force enough by elections to force another election, that at least should be their threat.

Trouble at t' mill already!!! Oh dear and they were doing quite well so far, apart from meddling with the constitution of course!

Sheriff said...

Spidey it is a bit like the Barmaid Shaggers and Shunters :) club's new manager being asked by t'it members why a load of catheters and rectal probes had been delivered to the cellars besides the seasoned kegs of gulletstrangler and sedatives :-D . Reassuringly escorted back to their hard liquor by said new manager, imagine the horror on the faces of the committee executive when an eviction notice is served requiring them to vacate the premises and make room for a bunch of ladyboys in stillettos and necklesses!! :* Me thinks the new manager was more than just a turncoat. :-$

Not surpised Spidey >:o

Sheriff said...

Time will tell, Spidey. Anything for now is better than Labour and Snotty. As for us ORs, well if it is good for The UK, so be it. We can still rant and rave amongst ourselves. It's good to be among friends!

Sheriff said...

THis is bad news, Spidey.  It seems all these politicians are the same, sneaky back room deals, grrrrrr!
I'm glad you are around to explain all this to us!

Anonymous said...

What is so despicable about this is that most backbenchers are in their constituencies - not in London - so most of them won't have had an opportunity to vote.

Also, the vote was bounced on them - with no opportunity for debate.

Despicable. Despotic.

Cameron is also changing the leadership election rules, Spidey, to make it more difficult for his party to oust him.

What is to stop the disgruntled MPs starting a new backbench group? It will be assured of at least 118 members, and might well swell in numbers over time, and become more influential.

Sheriff said...

I think, (and hope), that he has just bitten off more than he can chew, Bunni, that he has tried one power-grab too many and will get his arse bitten very hard and his wings clipped! He even kept it totally quiet until the last minute in another sneaky move to ram it through while many MPs are still not present at Westminster. >:o

Sheriff said...

They really should, Christopher :-P I've never trusted him and he is doing nothing to change my mind.

Sheriff said...

You're not wrong there, OR :-P but Cameron really does worry me and he always has done since he became leader in 2005. I predict a lot of that ranting and raving in the not-too-distant future, mate. ;)

Sheriff said...

Spot on again, INCOMING!!!!!!!, he's been trying to turn the Left wing of the Tory party into Blairite NuLieBore :* or the Right wing of the Limp Dumbs :* :* for the last five years, mate, leading by clique, (a la Blair), and ruthlessly sweeping aside everyone who he perceives to be standing in the way of his true objectives!  :-$ :-$ :-$ (the 1922 Committee, for example)

I'm not surprised either, mate. >:o

Sheriff said...

Quite, Indy, and it hasn't taken long for him to reveal himself for what he is, mate, even though we all knew already - but now we have the proof. ;)

Sheriff said...

You and me both, CH, I always had the distinct impression that David Davis was told/ordered to throw the leadership contest in 2005....... I have never heard him give such an unconvincing, bumbling speech anytime before or after that particular occasion - I wish he had won that contest - we would not be in our present predicament as the Tories would have won by a landslide simply because David Davis would have stuck to real Tory principles and given us our EU referendum. ;)

Sheriff said...

His impatience to make this power grab and show himself up as such a cheeky twat is staggering, mate, a bit like how he so willingly dropped all the Consevative policies, (the ones he had never wanted in the first place), to appease the Limp Dumbs....... I bet he's fucking useless at poker, too. ;)

Sheriff said...

The gallant 118

When your rank and file is a thorn in your side - time to move to another party which shares your leftist views, Cameron.

Sheriff said...

It appears, James, that Cameron's blatant power-grab attempt has already backfired! :-D Shame!..... this is bloody marvellous....... Iain Dale has had a text message from a Tory MP to inform him..... "The 2010 Committee was formed today - initial membership.... 118." Oh, dear, what a pity, never mind! :-P

Sheriff said...

The sooner the Tories rid themselves of this leftie pillock the better ..

I firmly believe that he cost the Tories millions of votes .. with a decent leader, who held decent, traditional Conservative views, they'd have romped home, with a landslide majority ..

Sheriff said...

I completely agree with you, CH, the Lefty element have completely infiltrated and taken over the party. :(

If the Right wing cleared off and formed their own traditional Conservative party they would leave Cameron with a massive headache..... Twatboy might just as well join with the Limp Dumbs on a permanent basis and make an honest man of himself and the rest of his Lefty clique. ;) :-P

David Davis was the man of integrity who should have got the job in 2005, but the oily Michael Howard made sure Cameron was shoehorned into it instead..... grrrr! >:o

Sheriff said...

I agree, it's still better for the UK than Labour, but I am getting a little sick of him taking the lib dums view on things and as far as I am concerned the sooner the lib dums are out of the picture the better. But at what expense, because if another election was called in a couple of years we may see Labour back in power unless he does something that we've all been wanting for like pulling us out of Europe and giving us a referendum.

I'm glad he has taken to trying to sort out the debt we're in but him and Clegg really should get out of bed and wake up.

Sheriff said...

The root of the problem here is, I think, that this situation suits them just fine, MM, when Clegg talks about the "new politics" or the "new way of doing politics", I believe what he really means by this is "New World Order" politics, which requires Cameron's culling and marginalising of the traditional Tories - just as he has been doing this past week. :(

All it would take to romp home in a new election with a landslide victory is the absolute guarantee of an EU referendum, (in or out), soon after that election - a much more honest and robust guarantee than Cameron's definition of "cast iron"! Or perhaps it would just be best to cull Cameron entirely, (I like this option), elect a new Leader, (David Davis/Dan Hannan), call a general election and put the EU referendum at the very top of their manifesto...... job done! ;) :-P