Sunday 18 July 2010


There are a few mistakes in the video's English translation but you'll get the point - all too clearly, I'm afraid!

And today in Dudley the West Midland Police allowed Muslims to run riot at what was a peaceful EDL demo. The Muslims were hunting in packs, armed with machetes, iron bars and bricks and the Lefty, Muslim-loving police stood back and let them run amok causing serious damage to people and property - indeed the police indiscriminately beat the shit out of the EDL protesters with their batons. 

And as if this wasn't already bad enough, they allowed fanatical Muslims in cars to drive into and directly at the crowd. Reports have come in of one incident where these sick cunts, unhindered by the West Midland Police ran over a group of four women causing serious injury to three, (broken legs, etc.), and killing one. People were also being stabbed by these Muslim animals - aided and abetted by the screaming, Far-Left, communist-as-fuck UAF who like to call themselves anti-fascists but who, in reality, are the real fascists in today's Britain. Bear in mind they are funded by Labour, the Lib Dems and also by what passes for the Conservatives these days - in truth, today's Conservatives under Cameron's leadership are little different from the  Labour shower of communist shit which preceded them.

Here are the post and comments from Gates of Vienna, posted just as they appear on the website.....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

“People Are Walking Past Covered in Blood”

Note: Updates have been posted here It now seems fairly definite that a woman was killed when Muslims deliberately ran over EDL demonstrators. 

See the update page for details.


A large demonstration in Dudley by the English Defence League was scheduled for today, but so far events have not proceeded as planned. The EDL was warned in advance that the police would interfere with them, and that appears to be what’s happening.

Here are a few of the reports are trickling in from the forums and chat rooms, with certain names edited out:

Source 1:

News from Dudley — protestors being split off into groups — Tommy Robinson and the Sikh EDL leader Guramit Singh have been blocked off from the main demo.

I’m told that police are hitting protestors indiscriminately.

Confirmation is coming in of police brutality. More people are reporting this, so it’s not one or two exaggerating.

Source 2:

They have been led them in the middle of nowhere. The police are hitting them in the head.

Source 3:

My hubby just phoned. He saw cops kick the s**t out of a lad.

Source 1 again:

Eight coaches didn’t get through — riots taking off.

Demonstrators are throwing iron fences at the police.

[Source is] safe on the coach watching events — riot police.

People are walking past covered in blood.

I wouldn’t be surprised if our first casualty comes from today. Police split the EDL into groups all over the town, and Muslims hunting in packs.

Source 5:

Police are sending coaches driving in circles.

My husband is stuck on a bus driving round Dudley, as the ob ain’t let no-one through!

Source 6:

People laying in pools of blood, people being run over, attacked with bricks, bottles and knives from the Muslims, and police doing nothing, indeed helping them.


Source 7:

No coaches back to Tipton.We’re trapped. One EDL bloke — not a hoolie — in his 40s, covered in blood. Today is a watershed.

Let the dust settle and let the leadership deal with this. Doing nothing is not an option.

We believe hundreds of supporters were turned away so they never even got to Dudley. Some EDL were brought through Muslim areas by the police and then abandoned. Others were just left to wander and get picked off.

There was a delay in setting up the stage/loudspeakers, so the crowd got restless, but things then seemed to go to plan. After the demo the real problems began; there were more delays in allowing the EDL to disperse, with some being herded onto coaches and others told to walk back to a muster point that the police had brought them to by coach.

A lot of those brought in from a muster point that weren’t taken back by the police got lost, and we still have at least one member missing that I know of. His wife is very concerned.

A report from a witness at the demo:

EDL demo Dudley July 17, 2010 #5This person was struck in the face by an officer’s cosh repeatedly, and knocked unconscious.

Six people dragged him away from the crown; the old bill [police] didn’t care after my pleading. Then he was being dragged to first-aiders and the blood was uncontrollable, and it looked like he was in serious trouble, so I ran to the nearest officer, tapped him on the back and screamed, “Please help him, please!”

Him and his officer next to him threw me down the road.

Vlad has more, including a photo of a guy on the ground with a bloodied head. This seems to be the story of that casualty:
I treated this kid with my shell dressing. There was a lot of blood. Roberta and myself approached the police and requested to see the chief sup or another high-ranking officer. We were told to f*** off or words to that effect. They fobbed us off.

We requested to see the baton of the copper we believed did it. He hid it from sight, and was rather rude to us. They behaved with the uttermost disgrace, and showed us their true colours.

Today, God f*** the British Bobby.

Another brief report:

We were retreating. I had all the EDL members behind the barrier that we had surrounding the stage. The police then kicked it down and charged with dogs. I saw a young girl, maybe sixteen years old, savaged by a police dog.

And a more lengthy account of being abandoned in hostile culturally enriched territory:

I went to the Harrier pub with two lads l know and trust. We got split up and two of us got on a POLICE coach and were taken to demo site.

We were PROMISED by the police that we would be taken by coach back to the pick up point. The demo was a shambles with constant attacks on the barriers and the police.

When the demonstrators dispersed we were told to wait for another POLICE coach to take us back, so we waited, and waited, and waited. Then we were told to make our own way to the bus station and wait for a bus.


So we did — we walked all the way to the bus station to be met by 300+ Asians, all prepared for battle.

So we retreated all the way back up the high street, just three of us with no idea of where we were, not a clue. I called the guy who gave us a lift to the Harrier, he’d had fun too. He never made the demo, as he and 300 others had been given the runaround by the police. He’d only just made it back to the pub after a few violent encounters. He agreed to drive over and pick us up…

By this time we had been attacked by 35+ Muslim youths ( 11+ to 1, good odds, eh?). We retreated to the nearest police we could see, who just couldn’t care less!

They forced us down the road to another Muslim gang, while loads more came up another road at us. Things by this time looked very bleak, and we all knew we were in danger of our lives.

We went back to the police and were being treated very aggressively when our lift turned up. We got out of there by the skin of our teeth. Then we went back to the Harrier and heard the sad news that someone had been killed.

I’m surprised the body count is only one so far.

I’m at home now, realising how close the three of us came to being butchered, four including our saviour. That man deserves a lot of respect knowingly going into a very dangerous place to rescue us. Thanks from all of us, mate.

West Midlands Police, HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME!


This the sort of country in which we now live - anyone who thought that Cameron and Clegg would roll back the police state created by Labour are sadly mistaken as can be clearly seen from the evidence presented of today's disgraceful events. They may make a few cosmetic changes with their Great Repeal Swindle but Cameron has already dropped all the policies that the public actually cared about, using the Lib Dems as his excuse for doing so.

As for the mainstream media...... Sky News, for example, which I've been checking for the past few hours, seem to be much more concerned about the shotgun tasers used on the murdering cuntbubble, Raoul Moat because they sure-as-shit haven't been reporting this disgrace at all! 

Do I think that any of the Lefty MSM will report this impartially, (if they deign to report it at all)......?


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Sheriff said...

<span><span>This the sort of country in which we now live - anyone who thought that Cameron and Clegg would roll back the police state created by Labour are sadly mistaken as can be clearly seen from the evidence presented of today's disgraceful events. They may make a few cosmetic changes with their Great Repeal Swindle but Cameron has already dropped all the policies that the public actually cared about, using the Lib Dems as his excuse for doing so.</span></span>

Yes, yes, yes and yes. We are in deep shit and must find a mechanism - Cap'n Ranty says lawful direct action - to bring home to Cameron that his actions and reneging won't be tolerated.  He's well aware and tries to say it's a fringe who are concerned.  Bullshit.  AA tried to do something and didn't get too far.  It needs just one or two major figures to say no and people will rally round.  But they've all been silenced, from the blogger DK to Hannan and evenNigel Farage.

WTF is going on? Cameorn and the EU know there's no focus and that we haven't got out act together.  We also have different opinions on different issues.  But this one we're agreed on and we can't seem to get it together. How to start the ball rolling?

Sheriff said...

....and in the MSM or on the BBC is there nothing.

Sheriff said...

Excellent collation, Spidey. 

By the way, you may have seen this before (it's related to your post when you look at the perps):

In our lifetimes? I'm certainly not willing to write it off having watched the effort to turn Britain upside down, inside out and every which way but loose (from within). 

Sheriff said...

Thanks, CS, and thanks for that link, too, it really demonstrates what's going on around us and, as usual, the Lefties are the exact opposite of what they say they are! I think I should include this link in my post - it will be a real eye-opener to a lot of people who don't realise the Left's true agenda! ;)

They have the bare-faced gall to label patriotic Britons as racists when they are the real racists/fascists in the equation - how absolutely typical of Lefty "doublespeak" - they are truly evil! >:o

Sheriff said...

Exactly, OR, just like the old style Soviet non-reporting of disturbing facts - how ironic that CS's link takes us directly to Pravda - now worthy of the name "Truth"! ;)

Sheriff said...

A very good question, James, and a difficult one to answer.

We've been deliberately left in a position where it's now extremely difficult to see which way to turn without running up against a brick wall. I'm now reluctantly coming to the conclusion that our government, Red, Blue or Yellow, (it doesn't matter which, they are all the same), in collusion with the communist EU, are eventually going to push the British people far beyond the level of betrayal that they can tolerate - and when that happens, the people will take to the streets in their millions....... and when that happens........  *DONT_KNOW*

Sheriff said...

That's what I thought - even in my sozzled condition last night. BBC/MSM outdoing a Pravda forum for propaganda and omission. What a state we live in...


Sheriff said...

They've turned our once great country - in my youth I thought I was one of the luckiest people in the world to have been born here - into a shithole, CS, (not for them, but for the people), and they have just demonstrated, for all to see, that we can never trust our media again - not until after the eventual revolution that's simmering and seething beneath the surface. ;)

Sheriff said...

Very good video but why does it say 2029? When the caption said "Luton occupied by Islamic forces" you could knock 20 years off that date with no problem.

What's the difference between that and what happened in Grenoble *yesterday* with Muslims firing automatic weapons and torching the neighbourhood after one of their gang was shot in a gun battle after robbing a casino?

Report and Video

Wait until Turkey is in the EU...then we're really arsefucked.

Sheriff said...

Thanks for those links, Eye, very reminiscent of the Paris riots a few years ago. ;)

Sheriff said...

Oh, yes, mate.... I meant to wholeheartedly agree with you about Turkey's entry to the EU..... God help us..... Cameron won't! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Sheriff said...

Wow, what a horrific set of events in the midlands.  You did a great post writing about the horror of it all.
Those 4 guys at the end were lucky to get out alive.  I am absolutely disgusted by all this.
I will pray for the deceased (I bet there's more than 1 person) and the injured.   This is coming to America too, esp. around the elections, and will be hidden by the media.  If not for Bloggers like you, Spidey, we'd never know.

Sheriff said...

Thanks, Bunni, I just had to get this story out there - except for a very brief mention of "some scuffles with police" in the afternoon, (shortly after the incident), the Lefty MSM are completely ignoring it! Bastards! >:o >:o >:o

Sheriff said...

What you are telling me is what I and many other people already know....... the UAF were there to deliberately cause trouble..... as usual, you shower of communist shit!

As far as what I said at Nourishing Obscurity is concerned....... I copied and pasted an offensive comment made about me on another website by "richard" where he thought I wouldn't see it - sorry to disappoint him. ;)
I didn't bully him at all - He and I have had previous encounters - I know how he operates - I know how all of you Lefty trolls operate and my patience has worn pretty thin with you devious cunts! And for your information, a damned good fisking, which is what I did, is not the same as bullying..... not the same at all! :-P

Don't start throwing your "standard-procedure" slur of "racist" around here - it doesn't work on anyone any more because you lot have done it to death to stifle proper debate because you have no answers, only communist dogma- so...... you can take your dogmatic, commie insinuations and fuck right off! :-D

As I said over at James Higham's blog, I have no political allegiances, I am completely independent and I detest what is being done to our Country by our mealy-mouthed politicians, (all in the name of progress - another downright lie), I loathe what is being done to our Country by you Lefty anarchists of the UAF and I abhor what is being done to our Country by militant Muslims who will not be content until they have total control of Britain under Sharia law. So I know exactly what your agenda is all about - I.... see.... you!.... and you cunts don't fucking like it! 8-)

Sheriff said...

"<span>It's interesting Higham still thinks he's ethical when he tolerates nasty racist skinhead scum like you near his blog"</span>

James has written a separate article to explain why he allowed my comment - had you bothered to read it you would know what he said and why he said it, you twat...... try reading it now.... if you can.... :-D :-D :-D :-D

"What must be perfectly obvious is that my blogrules have to change. Having recently laid them down, they’ve been knowingly and cynically tested by one person a couple of weeks back, which I find it hard to forgive her for and now inadvertently tested by “one of my own people”, if he’ll forgive me using that term.

The left-liberal has no love for this blog for obvious reasons and even less does the hardliner Mandelson/Hain type. The right of politics shuns the blog because of my insistence on Them and perceived treachery towards the Tories and GOP. The libertarians are disgusted because I took on their god, DK and accused him of being no better than Cameron – plus they can’t stand my “inane witterings”, as their god called them.

So the socialist trolls get to come in and put their point of view, as long as they’re “polite” because this blog encourages “balance” and “open discussion”. When a more right-leaning commenter does come in, he has a tendency not to beat about the bush – Spidey’s style – he being from the great Eugenides/Obnoxio/Theo tradition, a tradition I’m quite partial to and I’m loathe to lose people like that because they’re good people.

This blog is fuelled by “neither fear nor favour” and so I’d rather have more open discussion than more rules restricting what people say. So I’m going to have to modify the rules in a more libertarian direction, which will have the genteel clicking out in droves, perceiving that I’ve lowered the standards. Well, what will be will be.

Regarding what Barking Spider said about Richard, I’ve left it in – and Richard has right of reply if he wants it – on these grounds:

1. It’s a fisking and that’s what this blog does – fisking. Spidey goes into detail about why and quotes examples. I don’t accept that it was mindless ad hominem and please don’t accuse me of hypocrisy because if Richard had done it, it would also have stood. I’d like to see his reply in that thread now.

2. Xxxl comes in, for example and fisks the whole time – people come in and state things and if my pesky rules are going to stop that, if those rules are going to kill off open discussion, then I’m on the side of the discussion, rather than the rules. I hate rules and will only tolerate those that are absolutely necessary.

I think you see where this is going and what I’m trying to do on the blog. Getting that balance is the hardest thing and it’s never going to please everyone.

Just on that burqa issue, what worries me, from a personal point of view, is that I find myself agreeing with both Richard’s last comment and Barking Spider’s overall take on it, which is what prompted the post in the first place. How can that be?"

So you see, to my mind, James has explained himself very well and extremely clearly - but I know you feeble minded, Lefty anarchists/communists/trolls have a lot of difficulty with the written [...]

Sheriff said...

Now fuck off! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Sheriff said...

<span>Now FUCK OFF! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o  </span>

Sheriff said...


As you've conceded that you yourself were in the opposition ranks to the E.D.L. on Saturday, namely the U.A.F., and you than precede to froth at the mouth about bullying and violence seen in your opposition ranks, what a perfect opportunity this is then, to show you and your cowardly ilk, for the outright hypocrites that you undoubtedly are.

Lets talk about thuggery and violence from a far left perspective then.

Hell, lets go right to the apex of your loathsome ideology and unmask "Comrade Martin Smith" with precisely the traits you yourself mention.

In 2007 "Comrade Martin""> physically assaulted a CPGB member for daring to disagree with Socialist Workers Party scripture. Then again this Year the same thug was at it again,">this time with a "Comrade" named <span>Zuri Zurowski</span>

The far left in this Country, are the most duplicitous, two faced, lying, self righteous wankers, to have ever disgraced this Nation, with the poison that they peddle. If it hadn't been for the inglorious U.A.F./S.W.P., then the E.D.L. would have already been consigned to the annuls of history, as they would have slowly disbanded due to lack of either interest or support.

Yet it seemed to me that the U.A.F. were determined that wasn't going to happen, probably to keep their Union and Governmental funding running along.

First lets talk about the inauspicious grouping called Stop Islamification of Europe, who managed to protest in Country's all around Europe without so much as a modicum of violence, as is their God given right in a fucking democracy.

What did the odious U.A.F. do, when around a dozen people protested in Harrow?......That's right, incited the local Muslim population to riot as one.

No pre-ordained hatred there then from U.A.F. scum.

In it's initial Genesis, the E.D.L. too were a insignificant grouping, formed to protest with concern at New Labours failings on the radicalisation of many Muslims to these shores.

Once again the U.A.F. used a sledgehammer to crack a nut, which resulted in a politicisation of this Country's football firms, who initially at least didn't even know what the E.D.L. stood for.

Thus, by my reckoning, Indirectly the E.D.L.s growth is down to U.A.F. "Trots" going ridiculously overboard...............Happy?..........................Come on, give me it, as it's all that you know.....


Now do fuck off................

Sheriff said...

I don't think that we will be waiting until 2029 for civil wae of one type or another, just visit Luton.

Sheriff said...

Nice one, Dazed, well said - let's see if he attempts to give an answer and if he does, let's see if he can do so without changing the subject to something he'd rather waffle on about. ;)

Sheriff said...


Yet again your entering a situation that you clearly don't understand, thus come out looking a total plum. "richard", the charming chap that you seem to be so determined to defend on this blog, is also known as one Andrew Gatward. A person that is impossible to reason with, and continues a pace with his duplicity and lies about anyone and everyone whom should disagree with his idiotic sentiments.

I'll not bother sullying your eyes with right wing information about this character. Instead I'll point you to Lancaster Unity, where they themselves, don't seem overtly keen to defend the indefensible, something that your attempting to pull off here. -

Your self righteous bullshit is nauseating to the point where, I truly do despair "The point about Communism is brotherly love"? Try telling that to the hundred million people cut down around the World where-ever it's odious tentacles have spread, and I do get the feeling that may well disagree with your thesis on a totally bankrupt ideology, but of course "You don't want a violent World"....Similar to Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin?.......Yep, I believe every syllable you write. So calling other people "A blast from the past", truly is utterly priceless.

These days, what the far left to peddle is perfectly illustrated with the heading on this You Tube channel, from a fellow "Comrade" of yours:

"Only Fascists hate anti Fascists".......What? Is that point now being extended to everyone who rejects the far left now?

You talk about us opposing multiculturalism, and of course that's not true, it's your usual one side fits all, accusation of inaccuracy. So in a similar way, I'll point out that you idiots loathe all forms of Nationalism, as a people without roots are far easier to divide.

Finally, you seem to assume from your U.A.F. pedestal that "Our sort" are already members of some far right organisation. Yet we're not, never have been, we're just had our fill of your sanctimonious double speak, and your sweeping propaganda of outright bile.

Communism is more reviled in this Country than any other ideology. Get used to it, nothing gonna change that no matter how much you agitate.

Sheriff said...

Crushed/Richard/Gatward/whatever the fuck else you're calling yourself these days ......

No. It's you who has missed the point and as I'm in a unusually reasonable mood today, rather than just telling you to fuck the fucking fuck off, I'm going to take the rare step of explaining why via a little light fisking. Even though I owe you absolutely nothing and I'm probably wasting my fucking time anyway.

That's what being right wing is all about, ain't it?
Assuming that you are right, it's totally irrelevant in this case anyway. BS is exactly like me, if I remember correctly, he has no political allegiances and is his own man. Now, I know for people like you it's all black and white (pun intended) and you seem to have this urge to pin badges on other people which basically amount to 'them' and 'us' labels. If you have a 'just me' badge, I'm sure BS will considering wearing it.

You call people 'twats'. Do you think that is NICE?
Agreed. Twats, in this context, are not nice. So what should we call the deluded, shit stirring, foul mouthed, duplicitous, fuckwit know as Andrew Gatward? Just 'Richard'?

Thing is, we're only meeting violence with violence
Which was originally incited by muslim loving, socialist, Labour funded minority groups. It's what you originally set out to do so what the fuck are you complaining about.

Stop bullying Muslims and then there isn't a problem now, is there?
I disagree. The world cannot run successfully without common sense and, more importantly, compromise. Agreed? So why is it that the majority of people in the UK are continually feeling bullied by muslims and their uncompromising attitude towards imposing their will upon us. What's the difference. None.

You're opposing multiculturalism
Because the likes of you are imposing it.

We aren't in the stone age anymore.
More's the fucking pity.

What you did to Richard WAS bullying
Disagree. What Andrew Gatward has been doing for years is nothing short of deliberately setting out to divide and conquer certain areas of the right wing blogosphere. We are merely making others aware of his underhand existence. What the fuck did he expect was going to happen once he was 'found out'. Crying 'bully' is no defence.

And that's the difference betyween far left and far right.
Again, that may be so but totally irrelevant to your argument against people like myself and BS who are neither one or the other. Check the archives here and on my blog too ... where you will find derogative posts on the right, left and libertarians, to name but a few.

Incidentally, if you feel so strongly about your opinions (which you are perfectly entitled to do so), why don't you start your own blog and voice them there, instead of being a parasite on others. You can't though can you. The thought of providing others with true freedom of speech in your own back yard, without them fearing deletion or moderation, positively scares the shit out of you. The ironic thing is, of course, you don't mind enjoying those benefits yourself on the very few blogs that WILL still allow it these days.

Yes, there is undoubtedly a new 'badge' in town for your rather outdated [pigeon hole] collection ...... 'I'm Just Me'. I for one rather enjoy wearing it with pride and so you had better get fucking used to it. Failing that, I suggest you stick it somewhere painful and just fuck the fucking fuck off.

That is all.

Sheriff said...

I like to imagine these grassroots Commies don't actually know what the fuck it is they're actually advocating. Take the Conspiracy to Corrupt, a popular set of Marx/Engels inspired techniques developed in order to disjoint society to such a point, it accepts Communism and the Police State through total FEAR of thy neighbour (because no fucker accepts it otherwise):

<span>To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution - but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future - the School recommended (among other things):</span><span>
</span><span>1. The creation of racism offences.</span><span>
</span><span>2. Continual change to create confusion</span><span>
</span><span>3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children</span><span>
</span><span>4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority</span><span>
</span><span>5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.</span><span>
</span><span>6. The promotion of excessive drinking</span><span>
</span><span>7. Emptying of churches</span><span>
</span><span>8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime</span><span>
</span><span>9. Dependency on the state or state benefits</span><span>
</span><span>10. Control and dumbing down of media</span><span>
</span><span>11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family</span>

[excuse religious angle]

If they do know what it is they're advocating, they're no better than Hitler, creating a "utopia", with them at the top looking down upon their chosen, engineered subjects in the workhouse (brotherly love, my arse [that's not an offer, by the way]). 

Here we learn of the great similarities between Hitler and our Communist luvvies (apologies Spidey, you've seen this before):

So I am yet to see why Communism is any better than Nazism. As ideologies go, they're blood brothers. Communism killed 100 million in a century. The Killing Fields of Cambodia were full of brotherly love, spattered all over the fields and yelping in pain. The brotherly malnourishment of North Korea unites people. Don't you know? And why does Cuba come in the bottom 20 countries on this planet that any fucker wants to move to? Brotherly love again. Yay!

And as for this being a "far right" blog - ha! I think you'll find it's actually pretty small-c conservative. Same as many of ours. Come and find out. Start your own and hold "great debates". 

Interestingly, the EDL - who have a large base in the North West - are comprised largely of old school Labourite interventionists. It's Labour territory. Always has been. Gotta love them socialists, eh? ;)

Sheriff said...

Great comments, Gotty, straight to the point. ;)

I love the "I'm Just Me" badge - maybe we should take it up as a logo! :-P

These Lefty trolls can't get it into their heads that we would rather be individuals who detest the idea of being part of a communist, "utopian" herd - most herds are eventually slaughtered and communist dictators have proved themselves to be very adept at slaughtering tens of millions! >:o

I wasn't wrong about him being a communist either.....<span>Respect..... the same party whose</span><span> illustrious leader, Gorgeous George Galloway, recently advocated the killing of thousands of Britons</span><span> who oppose the extremist </span><span>Muslims that he "loves" so much! </span> >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Sheriff said...

Brilliant, CS, there is no logical rebuttal to your comment or to what we are told by Pravda, who are in the best position to tell us the real facts about communism. ;)

"<span>I am yet to see why Communism is any better than Nazism" </span> *DONT_KNOW*

Very good point, CS, nazis , (national socialists), are even further to the Left than communists, (international socialists), and that's the truth - the complete opposite of the biggest myth/lie the general public have been repeatedly told since World War 2! Goebbels told Hitler,  "If you're going to tell a lie, make sure it's a really big lie", or words to that effect, which is exactly what these Lefty fuckwits have been doing for seventy years. >:o >:o

Sheriff said...

Actually, BS, I have had my own blog for many years now.

The reason I don't blog any more is that I was the victim of a persecution campaign of which James Higham was a key figure. James Higham doesn't believe in Freedom of Speech for Trotskisys who advocate Free Love and the abolition of Marriage, you see, so in his book it's Ok to bully people, libel them and ally yourself with a female stalker of your victim so you can harass them and their views away from you.

So don't worry, I've got used to your sort. I've learned the only way to stand up to your sort is to do it your way.

And Spidey, your point doesn't hold. Do you think I'd be using this tone if it wasn't that that's how you lot talk? In real life I'd never dream of talking to anyone in this tone.

What I've realised about you lot- and you prove it in this comments thread- is you are instinctive bullies. No, you may not be members of far right groups (though the EDL IS a a far right group) but you have a right wing mentality. You bully people.

Myself, Spidey, on the rare occasions I find a right winger with some sensitivity, I speak to him the same way I would my own side. I certain;y wouldn't tell him to fuck off. In fact, being conscious of the need to reach out to him, I would moderate my language to make him feel included so we could focus on the common ground.

I will defend anyone who speaks civilly and behaves like a nice person, no matter what their views. What people like you seem to think is that if you don't like people you can just 'Oh fuck off you twat'. This tells me that in fact, what you're defending is a world where people go round doing that.

Oh and dazed, I'm a Trotskist, not a Stalinist. Big difference. Like many right wingers, you can't be bothered to tell the difference. It's as major as that between Christ and Torquedmada, actually.

Of course I loathe Nationalism! It has no relevance today, it's a tool of division. What we need is a United States of Earth, with nine states, Europe being one of them. A multicultural, coffee coloured Europe.

Ok, you don't agree with Trotskyism. Have you an alternative suggestion for creating a world without war, without poverty, with democratic control of the infrastructure, without racism, without homophobia, with male control removed, with jealousy, hatred and anger eliminated. Where superstition are dead and cold hard logic and science hold sway?

Of course you don't.

As I say, BS, I had my own blog quite a long time. You'll find at 174 in Iain Dale's 2007 list. And a damn good blog it was, though i say so myself.

It did a lot of good work in promoting the message of Trotskist global revolution and Inter-racial Free Love until James Higham started a persecution campaign against it.

So don't talk to me about the ethics of right wingers; I KNOW from experience you don't have any.

Sheriff said...


I would like to enquire: If what your offering is about love, piece and harmony, why-oh-why then, is the leader of the Socialist Workers Party such a thug?

Firstly <span>from the 2007 Marxist festival</span> and as I'm sure your aware <span>followed up this Year</span>

All I see with the S.W.P., is a movement that even "Antifa" warn their members not to go near, as witnessed in the "Authoritarian left" section here

Thus, regarding the subject of unity, how does a quick scan of the anti Fascist movement in general, suggest otherwise?

Genuine point, that I'm interested in hearing your views on.

Sheriff said...

Thanks for the links, crushed.