Monday 19 July 2010


As a follow-up to my previous post, here, once again Pat Condell tells it how it really is!


Now Syria has banned face-covering Islamic veils from the country’s universities. The crackdown was ordered by the secular government in Damascus amid fears of increasing Islamic extremism among young Muslim students.

The ban includes women wearing niqabs, veils covering the head and mouth while leaving the eyes exposed, and the head-to-toe burkas, which also cover the eyes with a mesh mask. 
As many as 1,200 women teachers wearing niqabs and burkas are also said to have been transferred out of Syrian schools and universities and reassigned to government offices where they would not come into contact with students.

Most Syrians reportedly welcomed the clampdown and many are said to be in favour of a wider ban on burkas and niqabs from all public places.

'Hijabs and niqabs have been a symbol of oppression and religious extremism over the past hundreds of years. They have been a tool used by fundamentalist men to repress women,' said Ahmed, a 32-year-old engineer. One passer-by in an upscale Damascus suburb said the burka to him was like a ‘walking black ghost.’ 

Syria’s Minister of Higher Education Ghyath Barakat is said to have told his top officials: ‘We will not leave our daughters a prey for extremist thoughts.’ 

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has this to say about banning the burkha and our stupid Westminster appeasement monkeys who lack the political courage to stand up for Britain.

And what do the public think about Cleggeron's political posturing regarding a ban? This poll shows how the new bunch of Lefties in government are continuing to ignore the wishes of the British people.

I rest my case!

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Sheriff said...

You know when I was in my 'concerned about Islamisation' stage of life after going into an in depth study on Islam, I was heartened by Pat Condell's speeches.

However, one thing I began to notice about Pat Condell was that he's really the kind of left wing tosser out there that created this mess in the first place. I bet when he was younger he was out marching against the 'Nazis' - you know groups of people who didn't want to see the UK being colonised by the very people whom Pat makes a living attacking. The kind of people who came out in support for Enoch Powell after he was sacked by the cons, your average, working class hero who Lennon sang about.
Yes, there's no doubt in my mind that Mr Condell was doing his bit to bash the locals who simply didn't want to get to the point things are today with immigrants into these land who just want to be left alone, ignoring our laws and cultures and living by their, while of course benefiting from all the benefits Britain has to offer. And lo and behold here he is today bashing the people whom he would have marched with in the past along with every other, left wing, anti British, minority group organisation that wanted to tell others (indigenous Britons) where to go. So there's quite a lot of hypocrisy there.

Everyone seems to love Pat. The homosexuals no doubt want to shag him (and that includes the lesbians), the non violent Muslims no doubt love him and the Jews, well I'm sure they like him as well because he's doing his bit for Zionism in whipping up public fervour against Islam, because let's face facts here, he attacks radicals but bashes Islam, for he in one breath talks of peaceful Muslims but then in the other lambastes the faith as violent. I'm not saying that that Islamic history hasn't followed an aggressive path but be honest Pat why don't you?

Lastly and more importantly, what gets on my tits about Pat is that he mentions absolutely f*ck all about Jews. Oh sure, he'll roar on about Jews not strapping bombs to themselves like Muslims, but then what amazes me is that the plonker hasn't put one and one together to come to the simple question - "If we know that Islam is the way it is, then not only why are we letting them in and giving them freedom to grow but WHO'S FUCKING ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN?"
You see, I kind of figured by now that Pat would be singing the song most intelligent people have been for a while now that Zionism (Khazar Jews 90-95% of world Jewry in the West) has pretty much been controlling almost every establishment within the west for over 50 years, possibly longer. We know it controls the media, the judiciary, the education system (subversion) and of course the government. So the problem is that with the Islamic radicals, whom the local councils and government are bending over backwards for, they're blatantly 'in yer face' with what they're doing. It isn't really that hard to not guess they're next move. However it's the people who control things from behind the scenes, peddle the hatred within the newspapers and brainwash the public with continued propaganda after propaganda. These are the ones you have to be concerned about. Yes, the very peoples who have been pulling the strings to the effect of the demise of whites and western culture. Islamic radicals aren't nearly as big a problem as the incredibly small minority of people within the west, a fraction of the population size, but controlling incredibly disproportionate positions in power, in almost every industry and establishment we have.

This is the bigger problem. Not Islam.

Sheriff said...

You see, the bottom line with Pat Condell is that his vision of the UK is exactly that of which the NWO promotes, a vision carefully sculpted by the Zionists, the Marxists, the freemasons, the humanists, the fabians, the common purposes, the tavistock institutes.... So in a nutshell he's an NWO shill, an atheist with no respect for Christians, the very people and ideology that made it possible for him to grow up as he has done. He hates any kind of religion and this is exactly what the NWO promotes. Am I a Christian? Well, I agree pretty much what Christ said in how we should relate to one another. Im not so sure about Bible creation myth and much within, but given a choice between the teachings of Christ, the Babylonian Talmud and the Lucifarian satanism of the NWO, I know what I'd rather choose.

Sheriff said...

I only give a fuck about the extremist version and where it's heading, mate. ;) >:o

Sheriff said...

You gotta love Pat for telling it like is.  
The extremists are very scary....the good ones should be mad about that.

Sheriff said...

He always gets it right, Bunni. ;) That's why Lefties hate him! :-P :-D

Sheriff said...

To date all the "commentators" whom I've read on this subject (including Caroline Spellman) appear to be totally missing the point ..

This matter has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with either "debasing" or "empowering" women ..

It has everything to do with the fact that we are a Western society & as such are historically accustomed to seeing the faces of those with whom we interact on a daily basis ..

Those who would seek to obscure or hide their faces behind masks tend to do so in order to commit crime ..

The fact that scarves, motor cycle helmets etc are banned in banks & other places is for a very good reason, that of security ..

This is nothing more or less than yet another pathetic act of appeasement .. If people do not wish to abide by the everyday rules of the society in which they choose or chose to come & live .. let them go & live elsewhere .. I can re-assure them, there are no armed guards posted at ports & airports in order to prevent them from leaving ..

Sheriff said...

Condell in good form.

Sheriff said...

Spot on again, CH. ;)

It is also worn as an open act of defiance to show us that they are in charge and demonstrates fully their hatred of our culture - it's like they are slapping us in the face every single day when they are out in the streets! >:o

Sheriff said...

I've never heard him say anything I didn't agree with, James. ;)

Sheriff said...

If we ever get the legislation - I wonder what will happen if 100,000 of us vote to push the House of Conmen into having a debate on this. Which MPs would wish to be seen trying to thwart the will of their voters by refusing to support a bill?

Sheriff said...

I'd love to see that happen, John, but I bet they would still sweep it under the carpet. ;)