Saturday 19 September 2009


More voters trust the Tories to improve the NHS than Labour, a poll revealed yesterday.

The survey also gave the Conservatives a lead on almost every major political issue.

Thirty seven per cent favoured David Cameron’s healthcare policies, three points ahead of Labour.

The Populus poll showed 56 per cent thought Mr Cameron was substantial compared with 38 per cent for Mr Brown. Most said the Prime Minister was dithering and dull while almost three-quarters thought Mr Cameron was likeable or charismatic.

The Tories were also in the lead on managing the economy, improving standards in schools, getting the ­balance right between taxes and spending, dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour, tackling immigration and asylum, and reforming the political system.

It now seems certain that whatever he does, whatever happens, the British public have simply stopped listening to McDoom, his minions and his master, Lord Fondlebum of Boys. The Labour conference could very well be a complete disaster and the inside information going around at the moment is that so many of the Labour rabble are staying at home, because they are resigned to losing the election and are totally demoralised, that the venue is going to look extremely empty on television, and the thought of that is scaring them rigid. So much so, in fact, that they have been trying to bribe the locals in Brighton with free tickets to attend the conference so they can make the hall look full for the TV cameras! What a fucking laugh!!

It also appears that the local people have not exactly been stampeding to get the tickets either so what would be really funny is if the tickets ended up going to people who are not Labour supporters at all and who cause them yet more embarrassment at the conference with heckling, anti-Labour banners and all the other wonderful stuff that goes along with a good protest demo - now that really would be fucking hilarious!

Well that conference will be happening very soon and I'm going to stop letting my imagination run away with me - whatever happens, it will be a dismal affair resembling something more like a funeral or a wake, and this is Browneye's last chance to impress the party. If his performance at the TUC conference a few days ago is anything to go by, this next one will be a real stinker - I think I can already smell it coming our way - he's doomed, I tell you, doomed!

Could he get the chop in the next few weeks? It's not beyond the realms of possibility if Mandelson says it's time for him to go and then the pressure for a snap election would surely be too great to resist for a second time. We can't have two unelected PMs in a row can we - that would just be undemocratic!!

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Anonymous said...

If the vote goes their way in Ireland on the second of October, then perhaps that would be the final objective achieved for this non democratic junta. Hence Brown can be discontinued, citing health problems as the reason to why, and they can begin their campaign in earnest to find a "Dear" successor.

Of course this event will be manipulated in full by Mandelscum and his BBC lackeys, so televisual coverage will be all sweetness and light, to the new wonderful Comrade that will be bestowed upon us.

Short honeymoon period - election called - and then fingers crossed that the tide may start to turn, with the now fully indoctrinated British peoples.

And if we still don't vote Labour after that - then as James Macintyre opines - We're all racists!

Anonymous said...

Any party but Labour. The Tory's look set for a win, but by how much of a margin is still very uncertain.

UKIP is gaining more support too, I notice.

Jon Lishman said...

Curly (of Curly's Corner Shop blogging notoriety) thinks Brown is destroying the economy on purpose - to make life impossible for the Tories. Judging by this poll, he's not the only one who suspects this slash and burn tactic is genuine.

Food for thought when anyone still crazy enough to be undecided about who to vote for makes their choice.

I actually now think that anyone still supports Brown is borderline insane - or a bloody traitor. Oh, right, that's what socialists are...

800 billion and rising - though the true cost of Brown's bust might never really be known.

Protest at the Labourist conference? I'd like to see something a little more, erm, 'spectacular' than that. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

It certainly isn't enough that politicians and Government are merely accountable at Election time, and the worst we can do is throw them out. There has to be more accountability.

There should be the possibility of calling them out before the term runs out if the behaviour is bad enough.

And, also, of making them answer to a Court of Law for 'mistakes'.

It is so important that the country's leaders are beyond reproach that an unbreakable principle should be instituted: any criticism of an elected member, which could possibly be interpreted as criminal to any degree, must, without exception for any reason whatsoever, be fully investigated by an independent Court, elected directly by the people.

Anonymous said...

Anyone here live near Brighton? Fancy a jolly to the LP conference?

I wonder if Old Holborn might be persuaded to go ...

Barking Spider said...

I actually wish that Nigel Farage was getting the job of PM, VotR, I just hope they don't split the vote too much until that time arrives. The last thing we need is Labour going back in by default or a Lib/Lab pact in the case of a hung parliament.

Barking Spider said...

Seeing the venue stormed by the SAS might be good fun, D.....oh, how we'd laugh!
I also agree that Brown is so spiteful that if HE can't be PM, he doesn't care how much he wrecks the Country for his successor or indeed the British public, cunt that he is! This has now been apparent for some time. I hope he dies in pain!!

Barking Spider said...

Quite right, Edgar, there should also be fixed 4-year terms with nobody allowed more than two terms as PM - that's usually as long as it takes for the madness to set in!
If I remember correctly, Cameron has already said that he would implement at least some, if not all of these ideas which would be most welcome indeed. It should also not be so difficult to impeach a bastard like Brown as it is now.

Barking Spider said...

Now there's a thought, Fausty, I bet OH would be right up for it! It would be absolutely fantastic if there were a major protest going on during Snotty's speech - they wouldn't have enough security to deal with it - not immediately anyway!!

Anonymous said...

I've just mailed OH, BS. Should he be up for it, we ought to have someone equipped with a camera (preferably a wearable jobbie with sound and video capabilities, to record without hindrance).

Barking Spider said...

This keeps getting better, Fausty.