Monday 2 August 2010

Islam4UK - Banned?.....By Labour?....... So WTF Is This???!!!

Remember when that shit-stirring, Muslim arsehole and all-round militant cunt, Anjem Choudary, threatened to hold a "protest" march in Wootton Bassett, (with 500 Islam4UK fucknuts carrying "symbolic coffins in memory of Muslim civilians 'murdered' by 'merciless' coalition forces"), and they were promptly banned by Alan, Postman Prat, Johnson because there had been such an outcry by the British people?

I thought I remembered it too....... so what the fucking fuckety fuck is this?!!!!!!  

(he starts speaking in English at 45 seconds into the video)

From Wikipedia

In announcing the proscription [of Islam4UK], the then British Home Secretary Alan Johnson said: "It is already proscribed under two other names - Al Ghurabaa and The Saved Sect".[2]

Islam4UK issued a statement saying, "Today's ban is another nail in the coffin of capitalism and another sign of the revival of Islam and Muslims."[16] They restated their goal: "Therefore, we will one day liberate our land from occupation and implement the Shariah not just in Muslim countries but also right here in Great Britain. This is something that we believe in, live by and hope that in our lifetime we will witness".[16] In a further statement, issued on the same day via their website, they stated that "Islam4UK has been contacted by authorities to (force) shut down its operations, we stress this domain name will no longer be used by us, but the struggle for Khilafah will continue regardless of what the disbelievers plot against the Muslims. It is the duty of all Muslims to rise up and call for the Khilafah wherever they may be".[16]


So why did that twat, Johnson, not ensure that this channel was removed from You Tube...... and why have our new "squeaky clean" Brokeback Coalition not checked what this fucker is doing...... and can we expect anything to change?

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Sheriff said...

The most disappointing thing about "brokeback" is the shirts are lifted ever so slowly to reveal the very same cheeks of the arse of the body politic.

Sheriff said...

And the resulting stink is just the same, OR! >:o

Sheriff said...

And his pubes, mate! :-P :-P :-P :-P :-D :-D :-D :-D

Sheriff said...

Spidey, his hair is pure, his tie is pancreatic puke and his hands are blood red. However the real danger as always with UKplc is not the screaming and yelling. It is the silent fucker hiding behind the screen projected by these fucks and their controllers.

Go on then Spidey, you and me we'll set up a rabid religious/barph system organisation. Well go out and recruit.

We will get our cunts kicked by the guys in Room CCTV101.

However if MI WiFi are in on the gig all sorts of shenaniggans can be had.

The real danger is the clueless imported colour blinded supremacists who are occupying the limited positions of power and influence in our society in order to push their commie fuckwitz spawn through the few good educational and propagandist organs in the West and de facto keep the locals as slaves.

I give you a bananawaving commie cunt today, you will raise me  a coconut throwing camel fucker fuckedwitz tomorow.

No one in UKplc is in charge of the subprimate cage.

We've got a collection of zoological specimens in parliament and government.

All projected through the vastly expensive lense of the GGT.

BWAHAHAHAAAAAA Spidey they've gone and over played their hand again as always. The commie fuckers, every last one of them are going to dye.

Keep the list up to date. :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :*  of death.

Sheriff said...

Slow boat to the Arctic, methinks.