Sunday 29 August 2010

Pat Condell - The Ground Zero Mosque Shows Bad Faith

Once again, Pat tells it exactly how it is - the building of the Ground Zero mosque is a slap in the face and a deliberate insult by Islam to the American people - especially those who lost their loved ones in the 9/11 attacks.



Sheriff said...

Peace Brother Barking!!!


Sheriff said...

One simply cannot fault Pat's argument .. every word this man says is absolutely true ..

If Islam is a religion of "freedom" & "peace" .. then why does it require its own dedicated Police Force (the Mutawa .. spellings may vary in different Islamic countries) to enforce its methods ?

I realise & accept that Catholicism had much the same kind of set-up in the various "Inquisitions" .. but they binned those crazy notions many centuries ago ..

Its high time (if Islam really wants to be accepted by the West) to do the same .. Though, as we all know, Islam does not wish to be "accepted" .. it actively seeks to dominate & will not rest until we are all forced (with violence and/or death if necessary) to comply ..

Sheriff said...

I posted this comment a few days ago on Obos blog, and it pretyy much sums up my view on this.

This mosque thing has been done to death.
They shouldn't be allowed to build it end of. It doesn't matter one iota whether the proposed site is next door or a mile down the road.

As for all this liberal bollox of "Property rights", with rights come responsibilities and not only that how many of the hand wringers would be there fighting tooth & nail for my *right* to build a rendering plant on that piece of land *I* bought right next to *YOUR* house?

How about a memorial garden dedicated to Thomas Hamilton, (you know that fucktard who shot a load of kids in Dunblane) opposite the school gates?

What about a memorial to the SS war dead (you know the ones who didn't spend their war rounding up and gassing Jews) over the road from Auchwitz, as we all know it isn't fair to discriminate against a section of society who believe an ideology but weren't involved in the actual deed on a personal level, right?

I think the above examples should be put into effect right away, all in the interests of helping to heal the wounds and understanding.

I am of course talking complete and utter bollox in building these memorials I propose, but no more than those who are behind this proposed mosque.

Condell's a bit of a sanctomonious twat, but in this case, he's bang on the money.

Sheriff said...

It can be stopped with zoning laws or declaring a 5 block radius a National Landmark. If you put Liberals and RINOs in charge of anything, this is what you get ... Government without a backbone! Spidey, you and this video are everywhere. :-P :-P :-P

Sheriff said...

Spot on, odie, of course it can - if there is the politilcal will, anything is possible! Unfortunately, you have, at the moment, the most Lefty government you have ever had in your history! Between what has happened to the UK and the US over the past years, I now believe we know exactly how the old boogeymen of the Soviet Union went about their "business", (and everyone else's business, too!). Not nearly so impressive when you witness it first hand, is it? ;)

That commie Obamalamamooselimb fucker needs to be culled in November, mate, and I do realise that it is more than likely to happen - I smell a political massacre in the summer breeze! :-P

Sheriff said...

Put a Lefty, commie fucktard in charge of anything and they will fly in the face of all that's decent and sensible just to try and bring us down a peg or two and suck a little bit more heart and soul out of us - it has to stop, mate. I am not a violent person but I am now on the fucking edge - I've really had just about enough of these "empowered children" running our lives and I know I am not alone! >:o

Sheriff said...

Again, you are absolutely right, CH, the only people who believe the current propaganda pouring out from all the US/UK/EU/NWO fuckwits are those who can't actually bear to open their eyes and have a damned good look at the truth! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Thus they help to drop the rest of us into the shit along with themselves as they label us all as conspiracy theorists, just as they have been trained to do by the corrupt establishment! >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

Sheriff said...

Peace, Brother Christopher,

Thanks for re-posting, mate - this video is obviously even more relevant on your side of the pond than it is here! ;)

Sheriff said...


The proposed Ground Zero Temple of Satan is more revelent to the U.S. right now but the overall truth of islamofascism that Pat speaks of and also Geert Wilders threatens ALL the countries of the world especially those of us in the Western civilization.

Keep up the good fight Brother and keep kickin azz!

Sheriff said...

I agree, CH, I couldn't give a flying fuck what they try to label me, mate, because it will only be a load of bollocks spouted in their own corrupt self-interest and many of us are now wise to them, thanks to the internet...... which, of course, is their next target! >:o

Sheriff said...

I will, Christopher. ;) This mosque is of the utmost importance in that if you do manage, (I live in hope), to stop its construction, it will send out a huge global message to these Mooselimb fanatics that the cunts are not going to be allowed to walk all over us..... no matter what our stupid, wet, Libtard politicians say! >:o

Sheriff said...

Nah .... Let 'em build it, complete it, open it, occupy it & then just fly two Jets into it .... after all, what's good for one, is good for everybody .... Heh heh .....  ;)   ;)

Sheriff said...

Thanks, mate. ;)

Sheriff said...

Now, that's a thought, CH. ;)

Sheriff said...

Pat's right, of course, the Mosque is intended to be a slap in the face to the infidel. But I'm ambivalent on this one. Why? Because Alex Jones believes that the Imam is a stooge, that the Muslims are a deliberately-introduced distraction, a bio-weapon as it were, and that freedom does not include the right to be not offended. Captain Ranty has a post in which the Muslims are described as a ready-made scape-goat and a distraction from globalist tyranny, and Alex Jones makes the point that it isn't the Muslims who tax him, wreck the economy, add poisons to food and water, and attempt to deprive him of his 2nd amendment rights. I'm not sticking up for Islam, to an atheist like me it's all bollocks, but at least the Muslims are honest in their plans and our politicians are not.  (again, see Captain Ranty's post "A sordid tale.")

Sheriff said...

It's all a game to the New World Order and by allowing these Muslims to follow their agenda, they are also helping their own NWO/Bilderberg agenda, but one day those same Muslims are going to turn around and bite the NWO hand that feeds them when they eventually have no further use for them - but our stupid Lefty leaders/Bilderberg puppets don't appear to have worked that out, yet. *DONT_KNOW*

The other, less talked-about reason for their choice of that particular site to house their "community centre"/mosque, is that a piece of the wreckage from one of the planes that attacked the WTC fell right through the roof of that very building! :(

Here's a photo of the wreckage in the building......... let's make that a double slap in the face. >:o