Thursday 16 July 2009


Under threat: Gary McKinnon, pictured with mother Janis, has been abandoned
by many Labour MPs who abstained or voted with the Government
Once again, (it's every day, now), that two-faced cowardly, sneaky little shit that is jolly Alan Johnson, everyone's friendly Home Secretary who smiles jovially while inserting a knife in your back, has shown his true, spineless NuLieBore colours by refusing to intervene in the Gary McKinnon extradition proceedings. Postman Prat is plodding along toeing the Government's line at every turn proving to the public, at least, that he is not fit for leadership purpose, or much else, for that matter! This has now and for the last seven years got completely out of hand because some embarrassed bastard paid obscene amounts of money for a security system that Gary hacked as if it were a piece of crap!! Instead of looking for revenge, they should be offering him a job - God knows they need him!

Just 28 more Labour 'rebels', (I think they must go around crushing grapes or swatting insects when they're feeling rebellious), would have defeated the Government today - 28!
74 Labour MPs who had previously signed Commons motions backing Mr McKinnon or demanding a review of extradition agreements with the U.S. failed to go against the party line. Fifty-nine voted with the Government and 15 abstained.
I am posting this roll call of shame from the Daily Mail because it needs to be posted for all to see, so please feel free to repost this on your own blogs.


banned said...

The usual supects, good for the Daily Mail, I must start buying it.
I have every sympathy for Mr McKinnon but relying on his mental health as a defence is a no-hoper.

The whole exreadition thing is hopelessly one sided as America will not extradite their criminals to us yet they are the ones who still dish out the death sentence and ridiculously long prison sentences.

Oldrightie said...

Alan Johnson was not a postie for no good reason. He and Aintworthajot keep each other company at Cabinet meetings, in one of several dunce corners. Come to that The cabinet Office is The Nation's dunce corner.

Barking Spider said...

And now it seems that during the debate Postman Prat, who apparently couldn't even be bothered to prepare for the occasion, actually admitted that he is "a political hack" - what a gaffe - just the man we need for Home Secretary!

The End (Bye Bye!) said...

Banned is right about the US sentences.

Didn't that old crook, I forget his name, get 130 years the other week?

He'll get out when he's 210 years old. I bet he can't wait...

Anonymous said...

McDrone will have to capitulate on this one or he'll be for the chop sooner than he'd like. But I bet he leaves it 'til the last moment - just as he did with the Gurkhas, 10p tax ... etc.

Unless Obama puts the frightners on him. He needs Obama's, erm, friendship - but the reverse is not true.

Barking Spider said...

Bernie Madoff got 150 years I think, Gigits but maybe they gave him 20 off just for luck - you know - that little bit of hope!

I agree, Fausty, he'll leave it until it becomes a real threat to his job, then he'll make it look like he's doing something and I imagine Obama would prefer dealing with David Cameron rather than McSnot!