Sunday 12 July 2009


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Anonymous said...


That is outstanding. The British sense of humor (or humour, I should say) is exquisite.

I can't promise I will be around much until next summer, but I will remain your ideological comrade across the pond (and fellow visitor at Nick's place).

Take care, keep a stiff upper lip (and a smile) ... and take courage, for we shall never, never, never give in.

The End (Bye Bye!) said...

It's a great vid, that. More genius work from GOT.

Snarky Basterd said...

G.O.T. always makes me laugh.

I've got a piece over my way about Obama's love child in Ghana that you might like. Stop by if you get a chance.

Opus #6 said...

This was super, super funny! Thanks for sharing.

Barking Spider said...

DC, Gigits, Dr. Dave And Opie, thanks for dropping round, folks - I seem to share GOT's sense of humour and it was the best BBC News I've seen in a long time!

I will stop by everyone when the Sunday dinner wears off, (might be something to do with the copious amounts of red wine that accompanied it!).

banned said...

Wow, Grumpy has 1,000+ hits with that one.