Monday 13 July 2009

A Frank and Accurate Assessment of the BBC


This is music to my ears in a very down-to-earth sort of way. Notice how the BBC minions can't stomach the truthful assessment fluently presented to them as they try to hedge around it in the typical Lefty, smarmy way. I can't believe the uber hoon producer thought this guy would be stupid enough to pass on his contact details, (don't worry, the pigs will be round later)! The BBC are lying scumbags who work for the Government and this man has them dead to rights!


Oldrightie said...

Labour's core vote looks pretty dodgy?

Barking Spider said...

Isn't he great, folks?

banned said...

Excellent stuff, obviously the Beeb could not broadcast all the sweary bits but he was spot on epecially about Eastenders and how people don't go to the BBC for news about the war, they go to Al Jezzera.

Note the smarmy patronising smirk on the multi-coloured Greenham Common woman in the background.

Rated his Youtube 5*

Barking Spider said...


Have you noticed how Al Jazeera are no longer villified by the establishment since the launch of their English channel? There are also several newsreaders/interviewers of note on the channel who had enough of the BBC and moved to Doha!