Wednesday 29 July 2009




Opus #6 said...

Silly week is a great idea. I love your stuff. Keep it coming.

The End (Bye Bye!) said...

Thanks for posting that. I really enjoyed it. A nice funny/happy ending as well.

It's strange how "toilet" matters are so embarrassing at the start of a relationship.

After about three months though, you find yourself having a shave whilst she's doing a dump!


Barking Spider said...

Glad you're enjoying it, Opie.

And, Gigits, how true that is except what usually happens to me is that I'm trapped in the bath while she's squeezing one out, curling one down, taking a dump, etc.!! Sometimes I wish I had gills!!!

Snarky Basterd said...

Having banned the discussion of shit around my dinner table, and therefore having little stomach for it, I had to stop this with the bird reaching into the bowl at 2:38. I guess you'll just have to tell me the ending.

Barking Spider said...

@Dr. Dave - she wraps it in toilet paper and puts it in her handbag. Then, as she and the guy are out walking, she has her bag snatched by another guy who comes running up from behind them. When he sits down by a tree and opens the bag he finds the wrapped-up turd inside and says "That's sick"! After that the girl and the other guy come walking past the same tree and find the handbag and the girl is relieved, (pardon the pun), that the turd is no longer inside as the guy she's with has already looked in there. The last shot is of the two of them walking off and the turd in toilet paper is stuck to the heel of her shoe.

The shot where you stopped watching is the worst bit from your point of view - it's mostly implied after that.