Saturday 25 July 2009



Today has indeed been a good day and right now my schadenfreude gland is hyperactive and feeling very satisfied - this is an extract from an article in the Mail by James Chapman.

Gordon Brown is being given until the autumn to turn Labour's fortunes around in the wake of another by-election disaster.

Though Labour had anticipated defeat, the scale of the loss led MPs to warn that it was clear the party was increasingly unelectable in England under Mr Brown.
Labour's vote crashed to 18 per cent, with 70 per cent of those who voted for the party at the 2005 election staying at home or switching to other parties.
Ministers now expect Labour MPs to reopen questions over Mr Brown's leadership later this year, unless the party's standing improves.
Backbenchers plan to urge Cabinet colleagues to talk him into leaving 'with honour and dignity', having rescued Britain's banking system from collapse, in favour of a more electable leader.
One senior MP told the Mail that Ed Balls, one of Mr Brown's oldest allies, would be approached and urged to intervene if Labour loses another by-election in Glasgow later this year.

Labour backbenchers said the by-election campaign had tested to destruction Mr Brown's mantra of Tory cuts versus Labour investment'.

Voters ignored Labour leaflets claiming the Conservatives would scrap free bus travel and TV licences for the elderly.

With demoralised MPs now on their summer break, there appears to be little appetite for an immediate attempt to oust Mr Brown.

But rebels believe he could be persuaded to step down voluntarily after conference in September if it is clearly in the party's interests.

David Cameron hailed the victory as 'historic'. The Tory leader said voters had rewarded the party for being honest about the need to rein in public spending.
He accused Labour of running an 'utterly despicable' campaign full of allegations about policies which were 'not true'.

I can't see Blinky doing the deed but hopefully someone in NuLieBore will actually have the balls to go through with it this time. I can't see Fondlebum wanting do it either as he would rather keep McSnot in place until his precious Lisbon Treaty is ratified without the irresistable pressure to call a general election after his removal.



Left Coast Rebel said...

I hope that the USA equivalent BO suffers the same fate as your illustrious Fearless Leader. I just hope it's not too late.......

Barking Spider said...

I'm with you all the way on that, LCR.

banned said...

Good, let the dirty rats fight each other over the dead corps of rotten stinky Labour, no-one else cares who their leader is as the only Labour person of any substance is, of course, The Lord Prime Minister Mendalson ( Disgraced ) and everybody hates him for being a sneaky snake.

Anonymous said...

There's another by election due in Glasgow North East, Early November time.
My guess is if Gordo should lose there, then Mandlescum and co will pressurise him him fall on his one eyed sword, where-by the BBC can go to work on the anointment of a new saviour of the Socialist New labour cause, played out fully in the public glare, just in time for the calling of a general election around April time next Year.

Iv learnt never to trust a Socialist. - As they're no doubt plotting behind the scenes as we speak, to once again attempt to dupe the British public, in bringing to the fore their beloved apparatchik the BBC to carry out their odious propaganda for them.

Opus #6 said...

Wouldn't it be great if both of our countries wised up and got good leadership?

Anonymous said...

'Rebel' MPs would need Fondlebum's approval to stick the knife in. I just hope the Czechs and Germans scupper their ratification agenda.

Oldrightie said...

"having rescued Britain's banking system from collapse,"

The jury is still out on that one. As the world's economy picks up what right minded business will trust those failed twits? You will find Middle Eastern and Asian institutions will gain then.

Snarky Basterd said...

Gordoom has to be the most satirized PM in your history...he's such GREAT fodder.

Barking Spider said...

Good advice, DAC, I wouldn't trust any of them as far as I could throw them.

Couldn't agree more, Fausty.

"having rescued Britain's banking system from collapse,"
The other one has bells on, OR and yes, we will get "mullah'd".

I used to think Tony B. Liar was good for it, Dr. Dave, but he was nowhere close to receiving the level of verbal kicking given to and so richly deserved by McSnot - a thoroughly dislikeable piece of shit.