Thursday 20 August 2009



POLICE have deleted the fingerprints and DNA of a Tory MP arrested in a whistleblower row from their national database, it has emerged.

Damian Green – who was arrested last November over Whitehall leaks but released when no charges were brought – was told of the move after Scotland Yard wrote to his solicitor.
But he questioned why his DNA profile had been wiped out while millions of others remained on the Police National Database.
Mr Green, the Shadow Immigration Minister, said: “I want every innocent person, who has been arrested and whose records are being wrongly held, to be treated the same as me.”
Mr Green’s arrest sparked a major row over heavy-handed policing after detectives raided his home and House of Commons office.
In a letter to Mr Green’s solicitors the Metropolitan Police said: “Your client’s case should be treated as exceptional. Based upon this, his fingerprints, DNA and PNC (Police National Computer) records will now be deleted.”


It looks yet again as if we are going to have to wait for a change of government to get this invasion of our privacy and all the other erosion of our civil liberties scrapped.

As far as I can see with the Left, they think of us all as animals and statistics, so children as young as five are now told all about sex in the name of cutting teenage pregnancy. This is, as it always is with Labour, the exact opposite of what actually happens as they instruct schoolchildren of far too young an age on how to produce generations of little Labour voters born into single parent families on welfare - ain't it grand?! Children of this age need a childhood, not indoctrination by Labour in the finer points of reproduction and this is only one part of what disgusts me most about the Left.
Their other main fascination is with technology, but not in the way that any civilised person would be fascinated by it, and certainly not for the benefit of mankind. No - it seems to me that Labour's fascination with technology is all directed towards watching, taxing, listening, spying, huge and insecure databases with everything about us from cradle to grave and keeping total control over the "herd" - us, in other words.
We can now only hope that Cameron returns our lives to us when he is elected - Labour just keep taking more and more away like the Stalinists/Stasi they have always been.


Tarquin said...

What I don't understand is how they can justify one person but not anybody else in the same situation - why is it 'exceptional'?

Auld Baw Face said...

One rule for them and another for us scum.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't hope imply a measure of trust? Not sure I can muster that!

Voters ought to check out candidates very carefully before the next election.

It'd be a crying shame if we got our own version of Obama - reneger of promises.

Unknown said...

"t'd be a crying shame if we got our own version of Obama - reneger of promises."

We've been there, done that and got the teeshirt Fausty, remember Blair and the smoking ban? Parties will say any old shit to get elected. The tories will probably keep some of the more insane laws. Revolution anyone?

GoodnightVienna said...

Well said Spider. We haven't kicked up enough of a stink while Labour have been introducing these laws though, so we're to blame too. Like you I hope Cameron holds to his promise of cutting back the listing, labelling and monitoring.

Anonymous said...

Something drastic will need to happen to undo all this imposing, controlling legislation.

The EU which now includes us will become an open-air prison

Anonymous said...

I'm with CryBaby. The EU will be the end of freedom, and both Labour and the Tories are licking the EU arse!

Barking Spider said...

I totally agree, Tarquin, there should be nothing exceptional about this - innocent is innocent no matter whether you're a public figure or not. It only helps to prove that Labour want to have us all on their damned database regardless of ECHR rulings.

Barking Spider said...

All animals are equal, etc., AOM. Seems they can defy the ECHR whenever it suits them - that's not what they told us before, is it?!

Barking Spider said...

Trust is a commodity in very short supply from me towards any politicians, Fausty. We can only hope that the Tories have enough new blood from their primaries, like the one in Totnes, so that there are too many new MP's who "want to make a difference" to be crushed by the party machine.

Barking Spider said...

Absolutely, TBY, again we can only hope that Cameron is a real Conservative beneath all this touchy-feely shit he's spouting to get himself elected by a landslide, otherwise he really will turn out to be the "heir to Blair" and that's the last thing Britain needs! Revolution? Yes please!!

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, GV, we need to be more like the French in this respect - when they disagree strongly with their government, they get out on the streets and kick up shit! If we had done that, I bet we wouldn't be under Labour's control to the extent we are now!

Barking Spider said...

You are so right, CB in so many ways it already feels like a prison sentence living in Labour's Britain and if that bloody treaty is ratified it can only get worse. Something drastic needs to happen soon - we've had all we can take.

Barking Spider said...

I'm in complete agreement, Nickie. Many ex-Eastern Bloc countries are now starting to realise that they've jumped out of the frying pan straight into the fire. That has led to a big shift to the Right in the European Parliament, but not enough to make much difference. You've given a very accurate assessment of both Parties - they are as bad as each other when it comes to the EU gravy train and Cameron's lot are merely the lesser of two evils and the only shot we have at a change of Government for the time being...... unfortunately!