Thursday 6 August 2009


Gordon Brown has been accused of trying to suppress a report that shows billions of pounds are being wasted buying defence equipment.

"Incompetent" decision-making was costing the Ministry of Defence (MoD) up to £2.5 billion a year, the government review was said to have found.

Commissioned by former Defence Secretary John Hutton and led by ex-MoD aide Bernard Gray, its findings were due to have been published before MPs broke up for the summer recess.

But its release has been delayed, with the Prime Minister announcing last month that the report would now form part of a further defence review.

Channel 4 News quoted an unnamed MoD official claiming that Number 10 had "panicked" at its findings and intervened to prevent the its publication.

The report had concluded up to £2.5 billion a year was being squandered because of delays to procurement projects that the MoD could not afford to pay for, the programme said.

The Tories accused the Government of wasting money that could be spent equipping frontline troops in Afghanistan, with Shadow defence secretary Dr Liam Fox saying the findings were a "damning indictment of 12 years of incompetence".

He went on: "By trying to suppress this report, the Prime Minister has demonstrated that he cares more about the reputation of Labour than he does about the wellbeing of the armed forces. Gordon Brown, as Chancellor, was never willing to fund Tony Blair's wars; now that he is Prime Minister, he is trying to cover up his mistakes."

Defence Minister Kevan Jones said that Mr Gray was "working very closely" with the Government towards a defence procurement green paper planned for early next year.

Mr Jones refused to comment on the report but said he did not recognise the £2.5bn figure and rejected any suggestion that defence procurement was incompetent.

If this is not incompetence, then I don't know what is, and, as usual, the one-eyed snot gobbler conspires to hide the truth of his moronic waste of public funds. This story has been reproduced in full.


Opus #6 said...

Incompetence, perhaps. Some times, with stuff like this, there is graft and corruption at fault. The "wasted" money somehow makes its way into the pockets of political friends.

Oldrightie said...

I'm with Opus on this. Furthermore how on God's earth do they get away with this dreadful behaviour. A Tory MP has an affair, headlines, resignations and a massive defeat in 1997. Since then we have become a model for every despot, tinpot dictator in the world. NOTHING HAPPENS!
As for the Obamaba piccy, did you read that the word and ideology of "socialism", in American political circles, is an insult! Getting that way here, methinks.

Auld Baw Face said...

I would imagine that every government department is wasting money in the same way as the MoD.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Spidey: The are pulling the same stuff here. Obummer was all about "transparency" and he hides and lies and blocks people knowing about ANYTHING.
It's not just stupidity, it's graft, corruption and chronism, perfected in Chicago.
He's as transparent as a cesspool full of donkey dung!

Even on that form they put out where people are supposed to rat out their friends, at the top they have the same line..."most transparent in history" WTF they all are NUTs....but they can order up 3 new luxury planes to haul their lying asses around.
It never ends

Snarky Basterd said...

I guess G.O.T.'s post today has it more correct than he knows: Obugger and Brownboy truly are both twats.

Anonymous said...

Labour typically piss the country's economy down the toilet, as was seen by Healey in the mid 70's going cap in hand to the IMF.

It would appear history may repeat itself yet. Gordon Gordon Gordon, just come clean, it will catch up with you eventually when you are caught out in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Do you mean to tell me that Gordon "Referendum" Brown is less than forthright? I can't believe it. I won't!

Barking Spider said...

I agree with you entirely, Opie - Lefties have always been good at doing that.

Barking Spider said...

Me too, OR,Tory MP's always resign while Labour MP's and Prime Ministers cling onto their jobs for dear life until they are made to let go.

I am also extremely happy that "socialism" is becoming a dirty word - it should do, it's a dirty ideology.

Barking Spider said...

Don't you just know it, AOM - the only talent they have with money is to channel other people's into their back pockets.

Barking Spider said...

Hi Bunni: They all use the same script which was really obvious with that idiot over at Dr. Dave's place the other night. Obummer is using exactly the same words that Labour have used in Britain to beat us over the head with incessantly for years. And transparency , in Leftyspeak, as with everything they say, means the exact opposite.

Barking Spider said...

Yes they fucking well are, Dr. Dave.

Barking Spider said...

Every major recession, including the Great Depression, happens when there is a Labour government in power, VotR., and don't forget the Liberals are even further left than Labour - they fucked up so badly during WW1 that they have been out of power for 90 years.

Barking Spider said...

Nice one, Nickie, LOL!