Wednesday 26 August 2009


A number of so-called "concessions" are being cited as the reason why Ireland can vote "YES" in the upcoming referendum on the hated Lisbon Treaty which, as everyone knows, is simply the EU Constitution under another name. These "concessions" are not worth the paper they are written on as Lisbon is an all-encompassing, all-powerful treaty, so every country has to abide by the same rules - including Ireland, and nowhere in the treaty is that negotiable. Think very carefully about this and please vote "NO" because once the treaty has been ratified by all 27 countries, there will be no going back - from that point onwards the EU will become a single self-governing entity with its own president, (probably Tony Blair, God help us), its own foreign policy complete with foreign secretary and absolutely no need whatsoever to consult Ireland again or ask Ireland's opinion or permission about anything that they, the EU, wish to undertake. You will most likely be given all kinds of financial reasons for a "YES" vote and *BIFFO* will try to encourage you to do just that as he is placed under extreme pressure from the Brussels bureaucrats already present and campaigning in Ireland but this referendum is now your last chance to govern yourselves so please don't throw it away. The worst that can happen is that they foist yet another referendum on you and another until you give them the "YES" answer they want but by then the UK will be well rid of Gordon Brown and will also be able, finally, to have its own referendum which will deliver a resounding "NO" vote to stop the EU from growing any larger and more powerful. For Ireland's sake and for everyone's sake, please, vote "NO" very loudly and and very proudly and throw the monstrous EU juggernaut into the disarray that it deserves.

(*BIFFO* = Big Ignorant Fucker From Offaly = Brian Cowen)


Anonymous said...

It can't be said often enough, BS!

Yes, the Irish are being sold a pup.

Vaclav Klaus hasn't ratified the treaty yet, as there are constitutional issues which still need to be ironed out. Germany hasn't ratified, either, and powerful forces are ranged against ratification.

The next few months will be critical.

Barking Spider said...

You are not kidding, Fausty, this is merely the first hurdle and everything is critical from here on. I'm starting to get the feeling that the German Constitutional Court is going to push this through quickly and, if that IS the case, then their constitutional problems will no more be addressed than Ireland's. Ireland is our first major hope of thwarting Brown's and Mandy's grubby little nest feathering plans - give me fucking strength!!!!

Also, Vaclav Klaus is the only oasis of hope in an otherwise barren desert - I just get this horrible feeling that we are having carrots dangled in front of us and that our time may well run out before we can get to them.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong, Fausty, however, cynicism like mine seems, unfortunately to have this knack of getting very close to the truth!!

Oldrightie said...

BS, one even more alarming issue is the creation of a multi-national army full of troops loyal only to the euro/dollar. So lots of military might to quell any rebellion. Bloody scary.

Anonymous said...

Like you, BS, I believe it will all be pushed through. They'll have no qualms about illegality. Although those particular decisions might come back to haunt them.

OR, a multi-national army is frightening. While British soldiers might not fire on the British people, others might not be so squeamish..

Barking Spider said...

That is scary,OR, not a pleasant thought, but then nothing about this is a pleasant thought when you think which cunts in Britain are pushing us into it!

Barking Spider said...

They will just steamroller it through, Fausty, legality doesn't enter their one-track minds!
I do hope Ireland give us the breathing space we need as it would likely be around this time next year before they could be forced to have yet another referendum to "allow" them to arrive at the "correct" answer, by which time, we'll have derailed the process with our own referendum.

Anonymous said...

You guys don't seem to understand how this works. The EU considers a YES vote a mandate. They consider a NO vote a mild hesitant uninformed suggestion.

Barking Spider said...

Correct, Nickie, but if we manage to get our referendum I think we will be given the option to withdraw from the EU entirely and that now seems like our best option.