Sunday 30 August 2009


British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw meets wit...

They never learn, do they? The truth will always out!

Firstly, McSnot does his Macavity act for five days, secondly, when he deigns to grace us with his presence, he talks much about his "repulsion" and "anger" and shifts the blame to the SNP Government in Scotland without actually giving us one piece of information that is believeable and thirdly, someone in Whitehall has finally done the decent thing to expose the truth we all suspected and has leaked a letter written by slippery Jack Straw showing the extent of Labour's involvement in the negotiations for the release of Libyan bomber al-Megrahi.

Jack Straw decided two years ago that it was in the  UK's "overwhelming interests" not to exclude the Lockerbie bomber from a prisoner transfer agreement with Libya, it has emerged.
Leaked letters from the Justice Secretary appeared to show that he backed away from efforts to stipulate that Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was exempt from the agreement, citing "wider negotiations" with the Libyans.

Mr Straw's stance was set out in letters to Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish justice secretary who recently provoked anger by releasing Megrahi on compassionate grounds.

The bomber was not released as part of the prisoner transfer agreement. But the disclosure of Mr Straw's letters, by The Sunday Times, is likely to raise questions about the Government's position on Megrahi's return to Libya earlier this month.

Ministers have rejected suggestions that the release was tied in to Britain's commercial interests but have refused to state whether they agree with Mr MacAskill's highly controversial decision.

The Sunday Times reported that Mr Straw's apparent change of stance came at a crucial time in negotiations about an oil exploration contract for BP in Libya. Six weeks after his change of heart, the deal was ratified.

In one of the letters, Mr Straw wrote: "I had previously accepted the importance of the al-Megrahi issue to Scotland and said I would try to get an exclusion for him on the face of the agreement. I have not been able to secure an explicit exclusion.

"The wider negotiations are reaching a critical stage and, in view of the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom, I have agreed that in this instance the (prisoner transfer agreement) should be in the standard form and not mention any individual."

Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Ed Davey said the letters were the strongest evidence yet that the Government had been talking to the Libyans about Megrahi with a view to safeguarding Britain's commercial interests.

Thankfully this issue does not look like it will be going away for Gordon Brown anytime soon. We all know what happened, no matter what he says. He is implicated in this all the way up to his neck along with Blair, Mandelson and Straw and this letter is merely the first proof we have seen that confirms our suspicions. I imagine Gordon will not be getting much sleep again tonight - shame! 

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Jon Lishman said...

It sickens me. And this Labour government must fall because of it.

LSP said...

The fun just doesn't seem to stop in good old England. Of course there's no shortage of laffs here in the US.

Barking Spider said...

Totally agree, D, this should do them a lot of damage if there's any justice in the World.

Barking Spider said...

These guys are about as low as you can go, Teresa, they make snakes look tall. They have no conscience whatsoever and this latest back-stabbing stunt should seal their fate once and for all.

LSP said...

Spider - DL will crush the running dogs of astroturf recidivism - expect Show Trials, soon.


Barking Spider said...

Nice one, LSP, it does seem to be heading that way.

Anonymous said...

That terrorist bastard was lucky that Brown didn't promise him a referendum. Going around the people's wishes is always more efficient.

Barking Spider said...

I think that going against the will of the people must be written in Brown's infamous small print somewhere in Labour's manifesto, Nickie!!??

Oldrightie said...

I believe my comments would be too predictable, BS. However this piece of horse trading is but the tip of the iceberg. It was around this period Jimmy Snot knew he was running out of cash. From yesterday's reports it'll be the Taliban tented meetings next. The transfer of surviving British troops to The Taliban, in return for massive ore deposit cntracts for Rothschild's mates.
In the "Overwhelming interests" of Jim Snot and Lord Fondlelittleboys of Foy.

Anonymous said...

This entire episode saddens me greatly, for the sake of Britain and the West.

The Left decries War for Oil, but Surrender for Oil is okay, I suppose?

Meanwhile, soulless gigantic corps. like BP are just "for" one thing -- whatever produces profits, promotions and more comfort, "peace" and affluence, at least in the short run.

Courage is a moral virtue, and we need a lot of it to turn this ship around these days.

Barking Spider said...

That's it in a nutshell, OR! The real meaning of Millipede's statements on justifiable terrorism and negotiating with terrorists, (given the timing of these outrageously crass comments), becomes clearer every day.

Barking Spider said...

Hi, DC,
This whole sorry episode, only one of many, disgusts most decent British people who see this Labour government as surrender/appeasement monkeys and rotten to the core. They will do anything for money and I do mean anything. Courage, as far as these Lefties are concerned, is something they are forever talking about but are never at any risk of having to show! The sooner they are gone, the better, but they will cling on by their fingernails until the last possible moment to do as much damage as they can.