Thursday 20 September 2012

The Ongoing Islamic Invasion Of Britain

The Islamofascist takeover of Britain and the West continues apace - aided and abetted by our traitorous NWO governments who are using them as a weapon against their own indigenous populations! 

Just watch how these vicious, stone-age cunts operate - while Lefty Governments and their MSM propaganda machine remain silent.

Needless to say, the commie twats on You Tube have already had the original posting of this video removed - well, they can't sweep it under the carpet that easily, the stupid bastards.......

Here's Pat's take on the subject - he's absolutely spot on, as usual.......



Dazed & Confused .. said...

I had to watch the Burnley video three times to make sure that it wasn't
a spoof. It tells you something when an amateur from America has to
make honest videos to show us what is happening around the Towns and
cities of this once great Nation of ours. This has to stop, and as our
loathsome politicians wont do it, because they're so far out of touch
with reality it Becker's belief. Ordinary Britons are going to have to
get this message out to the public at large, because enough is enough,
and selling Europe to Saudi Arabia for oil, was never a prerequisite of
any documentation that I've ever seen....

james Higham said...

What's the difference between a comment and a reaction? :)

Woodsterman said...

Spidey! you're back! That first video had some censored parts in it. Pat was sure spot on. I'd say he's had enough.

Barking Spider said...

Hi, Odie - yes, mate, I'm fully recharged this time and ready to get stuck back into it.

I'd love to know what he was saying in those censored bits - probably mentioning the names of specific people or the name of the Muzzie group involved with this intimidation. Can't have the British people knowing too much about the animals who are attacking them, can we?!

Pat's definitely had it with the bastards, mate - I know the feeling.

Cheers, Odie, good to see you back here. ;-)

Barking Spider said...

Hi, James - I wasn't actually sure about that, myself, so I've just had a look - the two reactions are a couple of Tweets about this post.

Ah, so that's what it is....... I'm still no wiser as to why we "need" that feature, then! :-)

TheConservativeLady said...

Hi Spidey,

Glad to see you back up and running. Missed you.

That first video is certainly scary. It's sad to hear things have gotten so bad in the UK. If America doesn't wise up, we'll be in the same boat soon. The political correctness has got to end.

Pat C. has it right. The people are fed up. Now, if we could just get the leaders in government to get fed up, too, we might get something done about it.


Barking Spider said...

Hi, TCL, thanks for that and thanks for dropping by, it's good to "see" you. :-)

Yes, that video is totally disgusting and you're right, it's coming your way, too, if it hasn't already!

Notice how it takes an amateur American filmmaker to expose this shit - our own MSM are either complacent or complicit - not a fucking peep out of any of them!


Teresamerica said...

So glad to see you Spidey! Missed you! Pat is spot on! Islamofascism is just like Nazism. Progressive dhimmis acted the same way toward Hitler. They needed millions dead to wake up and do something about it. History is repeating itself. So freaking sad.

TheConservativeLady said...

Well, our MSM (or Lame Stream Media as Sarah Palin likes to call them) is the same way when it comes to telling us the truth. We learn more from foreign reporters than we do from our Obama lapdogs. We're being fed BS and it's getting worse and worse now that the election is right around the corner. Obama has them in his pocket.

Woodsterman said...

Spidey, I've lost your email. I don't know if Bunni has told you. She has terminal liver cancer and would really love to hear from all of us.

Barking Spider said...

Sorry, Odie, I completely missed this - for some reason Disqus isn't sending email notofications and that's a real problem with me not visiting my blog every day.

Barking Spider said...

Hi, Teresa, I'm so sorry I missed your comment - as I was saying to Odie, I'm not getting any email notifications from Disqus when there are new comments.

You're absolutely right about history repeating itself - those who don't learn from the past are doomed to make the same mistakes - it's like the 20's and 30's all over again - and it's going to get worse with that NWO communist back in the WH for another four years. I hope someone shoots him before he can implement any more of Agenda 21.

I'm still in complete shock about Bunni - she told me last Sunday night and I've been a complete mess for the last four or five days. I've known I cared a lot about Bunni - but that's the kind of news that shows you for sure exactly how much you care about someone - and I'm utterly devastated.

Barking Spider said...

Sorry, TCL, Disqus is messing up - I hadn't even realised you'd left another comment here.

I tend to watch Russia Today to find out what's really going on.

I take it you've heard the awful news about our beautiful Bunni?

She's the kindest person I know and if ever anyone didn't deserve this, it's her. :-(

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