Monday 22 November 2010

Militant Muslims Hurl Abuse At Our Soldiers And Run Riot In London

Muslims Against Crusades raise their ugly heads yet again.......

There has been no sign whatsoever of this being reported on our Lefty British TV news programmes!
What a surprise!
The only thing that will stop this from happening is for army or police snipers to take out the loudmouth, shitstirring ringleaders as they bellow into their megaphones and microphones - and if that doesn't work..... machine gun the whole fucking lot of them....... job done!
Except, of course, the chances of that happening with our current limp-wristed, Lefty, Brokeback Coalition and  Cameron-Blair, our fake Conservative PM, (who willingly allows the socialist EU to pull all of his Lefty, fake Conservative puppet strings), are absolutely nil! 
These useless fucktards are conspiring to bring us to our knees - we can't allow that to happen and we don't have much time left to take action and hold them all to account, the treasonous bastards. 


Sheriff said...

Time you young lads were out on the streets.  I only wish I wasn't 55, I would be out there with you!

Sheriff said...

It's sure to happen sooner or later, DL, preferably sooner, mate! ;)

Sheriff said...

I mourn the disappearance of the arse-kicking English patriot.