Monday 22 November 2010

The Sneering BBC Versus The EDL

Tommy Robinson On BBC Radio 5 Live 19/11/2010


Sheriff said...

I was amazed at the Police excuse that the poppy-burners can do whatever they like using the justification "this is the way white Western society sees us". 

Um, yes. Actually we do. 9/11 and 7/7 have a big part to play in all that. No-one gets nervous when a nun with a backpack gets on your bus.

Jaques Schitt said...

The problem is RELIGION full stop.  End of. Not only islam, but also Cathollicism.  Untill we end this dependence of religion and all its fuckin' nastyness  we won't have an end to the divides placed between man and man.  People say that they have a faith in any sort of religion..... Ok, thats good but then analyse what THAT religion imposes on its followers. THATS SHIT!!!!  Regardless of Islam or catholisism.  Both two heaps of shit. The same as when we are enticed to vote.  Three parties (and thats all we have in reality, given the financial backing of each)  You have three heaps of shit, which one would you rather eat?