Wednesday 10 November 2010

Muslims Against Crusades & Marxist UAF Scum Plan To Disrupt Armistice Day Two Minutes Silence: UPDATED x 4

Muslims against Crusades have applied for a static demo in London tomorrow at Exhibition road, (the nearest tube station is South Kensington), at 11:00am. They plan to chant “murderers and rapists” throughout the "TWO MINUTES SILENCE"!

The police have confirmed that this will happen and that there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. So...... what the fuck are the police actually for  anymore - apart from making law-abiding citizens' lives a fucking misery?!

As  usual, the most likely scenario is that the raving loony, Lefty, fuckwit,  shitstirring, Marxist UAF will also be there to back up these militant, fundamentalist, fanatical animals!

Anyone wanting to stop them is advised to be there from about 10:00am.  Clearly, the police won't stop them so its down to patriotic British people to  be there to make themselves seen and heard and to give our useless Brokeback Coalition the strongest message possible that we have had e-fucking-nough! This is a call to all British patriots to stop these total scumbags from their intention to make a mockery of Armistice Day.

I don't care which particular group you support or any differences you may have - if you're repulsed by what these stone-age, Islamic cunts are doing to our country - get yourselves down there and stop them - "whatever it takes", (to quote the Marxist fuckpig, Brownfinger!),  it's time to put a stop to this racist scum, "tolerated" by our spineless politicians! 

TRANSLATION: Our invertebrate politicians are "scared shitless" of offending them!

I will try, (if I can get online), to update this post as I hear more - in the meantime, here's Pat hitting the nail squarely on the head yet again.......

Welcome to Eurabia - Free Speech In Europe...... or the lack of it!


"British Soldiers Will Burn In Hell" - Remembrance Day, 2010 

+++UPDATE 2+++ 

Thirty disrespectful, radical, Muzzie cunts turned up, poised to disrupt the two minutes silence!
These thirty Muslim extremists chanted “British troops go to hell” all through the two minutes silence!
The British patriots who showed up turned their backs on the Muzzie fuckpigs out of respect for our troops! 
A video of the incident has been recorded because, so far, our hideously Left-wing media have completely ignored it! 


At 11:00am, there were at least three times as many British patriots in attendance as there were Muslims and more and more patriots were turning up to make their disapproval felt!

Sky News have deigned to give this pathetic "coverage" on their website.......

The Daily Mail has also got the story.......

And now, for our wonderful Police Farce.......
THIS IS HOW THEY TREAT THE MUZZIES: " Police escort Muslim protesters towards South Kensington Tube station"

The Daily Telegraph also gives it a brief mention.
+++UPDATE 3+++

The Daily Express have now got it.......
 +++UPDATE 4+++
I'm now reliably informed that the obnoxious Muzzie trash didn't get away unscathed - some of the counter demonstrators managed to get round the back of the barriers and give them something to think about, so to speak! I'm also informed that the UAF were running around like a bunch of big girls, screeching at the police to arrest the counter demonstrators........ 


Sheriff said...

Typical of this scum and their Marxist sympathisers, BB, the opposite of what they say is the truth..... always! >:o

Sheriff said...

This is just further proof that there aren't enough guns in Europe ... we call it thinning the herd here Spidey.

Sheriff said...

I like it, Odie, some herd thinning is desperately needed here! :-P :-P :-P

Sheriff said...

They are all total divots, mate! :-D

Sheriff said...

On the money, Mate - on both counts! ;)

Sheriff said...

Just watched the BBC TV news, and no mention of this protest.

Sheriff said...

This makes me very very MAD Spidey!  >:o
If anyone is going to burn in hell, it's these human swine.
I am sorry they marred a lovely ceremony.  I hope the counter demonstrators gave them
alot "to think about", which should be harder said than done, because they don't have 1/2 a brain cell
between the whole slimy lot of them!  What big jerks.
Anyway, I hope your Remembrance Day was pleasant. It's nice out here

Sheriff said...

And I'd love to give them a great big sendoff, Guest...... in a burning boat! :-P

Sheriff said...

What a surprise, MD, I've been checking their website periodically just to see if they would live up to my expectations of them..... and they've passed the Lefty Bias Test with flying colours..... again! >:o

Sheriff said...

That's for damned sure, BB, and I'd love to help them on their way! :-P

Sheriff said...

Oh, I think they were taught a few home truths, Bunni, not that they are capable of learning much! :-D

Nasty weather here at the moment, unfortunately. :(

Sheriff said...

I hate these twats...utterly loathe them

Sheriff said...

You and me both, mate, and the number of people who feel exactly the same way is growing all the time. ;)