Thursday, 29 April 2010


Tonight at 8:30pm, (BST)

"I'm such a cunt!"

Hope to see you then, or a little earlier.





Barking Spider said...

Great caption on the pic!  Gordo is a MORON  :-P

Barking Spider said...

Like I said over at Facebook, it was like watching three retards trying to fuck a tire.

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, Bunni, I couldn't resist it..... it's just so true! :-P

Barking Spider said...

The tire won, mate, they were as flat as pancakes.... I'm so glad we were live blogging or I could easily have fallen asleep! ;)

Barking Spider said...

He's such a LOSER!
Look at the neat LOL I made w/ his creepy pic.
I bet you can do something funny too.
I put on my sidebar.   :-D

Have a fun weekend, Spidey.

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, Bunni.... not long now...... five more days to go and then Winky's off to the funny farm! :-P

Enjoy the Kentucky Derby later - and watch out for those naughty beers! :) ;)