Tuesday 20 April 2010


On Thursday evening at 8:00pm here on
we will be blogging the 2nd Live leaders' debate

which is being broadcast on Sky News between

8:00pm and 9:30pm. 

Will the new boy wonder, Nick Cleggover, manage
to maintain his momentum, (fnarr), despite the
fact we've all had a week to study his policies? 

Will Call Me Dave get his arse in gear and
show some backbone this time? 

Will Gordon just fuck the fuck off?

Come and join in the Leaders' Debate Live Blog
which, apart from the opportunity to have your
say, promises to be great fun as 10, yes, 10
blogs will all be hosting it simultaneously.

This 'chat' collaboration will be between..... 



..... all excellent and highly recommended blogs. 

If you haven't seen some of them before then please take this chance to try them out. 

To catch the live blogging, come back here on
Thursday, 22nd April, just before 8:00pm.

Hope to see you then,

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Barking Spider said...

This is a great idea, Spidey, What time should I show up?

Barking Spider said...

Great stuff, Bunni, that would be just before 2:00pm your time and you'll actually be able to watch this one on Sky News! ;)

Barking Spider said...

Perfect, see you then, I'll hunt around on sky news too.  I remember last time, I couldn't watch it, since I was overseas. ;)

Barking Spider said...

That was bloody BBC Pravda the last time, Bunni, this one is going worldwide. :-P