Wednesday 17 March 2010



Please distribute this widely - copy it as is - or change it as you see 
fit, but please get the word out to as many people as possible.

Your freedom and democracy are in imminent peril 
for a threat that doesn't exist.

Lord Monckton warns us of the impending Bonn Climate conference - another Copenhagen, but this time, probably more devious in its conception.

 Video produced on March 13th, 2010 


This is Christopher Monckton. 

They're at it again.

The United Nations, having abjectly failed at Copenhagen in December of 2009 to impose upon the world a totally unnecessary, wickedly expensive, democracy-destroying world government treaty, it has now decided to hold an emergency meeting of states, party to the United Nations Framework Convention in Bonn and there, seven months before the next Cancun round, they're going to try to stitch together a deal to take democracy and freedom and prosperity away, worldwide, forever and, to make themselves very, very rich. And to make you who are watching this video, very, very poor.

Now why is this a bad idea?

First of all, government of the people, by the people, and for the people is a rare and precious thing. Very few countries around the world have it.

The United States in particular, has it, and has it very strongly. And if you carelessly transfer the powers of the government whom you elect to a world government that no-one will elect, and give that government supreme powers of taxation, of economic intervention, of environmental intervention, over the heads of your elected representatives in your country, then you will carelessly have thrown your democracy and your freedom away.

And you will have done so in the name of saving the planet from a threat which does not, in fact, exist. 

So what are these representatives going to do?

They're going to meet and discuss how to take your freedom away. 

What could you do about it?

You should telephone them. That's the way to do it best. That's what gets noticed.

Telephone your elected representative. If you're in the United States, you telephone your senators; there are two of them for each state.
Telephone them, in Washington. Try to speak to the Senator himself, or to a senior staffer. Do not be fobbed off with a secretary, or an intern, or receptionist, or telephonist.

Get throught to a staffer or to a senator - say there is no need for any climate treaty, and you, in the Senate, must understand that and must not pass any climate treaty.

Get on that telephone.

OK, you may have done it before. You may have done it just before the Copenhagen debacle.

Why did Copenhagen fail?

Because so many millions of you did ring your senators, and several of them got in touch with your President, and your President realised that the treaty draft that would have set up a world government would not pass.

And so, that treaty draft was very quietly dropped for a time; but now they're back. They're trying again. They will try in Bonn. They will try in Cancun. They will try next year in South Africa.

And if they haven't succeeded by then, they will try at Rio in 2012, the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit that started all of this nonsense.

But every step of the way, and on every occasion, you must telephone, telphone your senator and say "this treaty shall not pass".

Do it now, because it's your democracy.

Use it or lose it.   

You have until the 9th of April to call your democratic representatives. Don't wait! Do it now!


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Barking Spider said...

This needs spreading far and wide but, sadly, the press won't make much of it because it's a backroom deal making scam with no freebies laid on.

Barking Spider said...

Your not wrong, mate - whatever the press are about these days, it's certainly not about reporting news that's unfavourable to their Lefty masters. >:o

Barking Spider said...

Good man, Spidey! :) I'm glad you decided to publish this, too.

There's another interesting development. An American organisation is calling for a 4-day strike - by all oppressed citizens of the world. I think it's a fab idea, so I've published it. It's only a few days apart from the one You've Been Cromwelled was planning to hold, so hey - why not join up the two events?

I'd like people to copy that one too - and spread it around, far and wide! It'll give the b@stards pause!

Barking Spider said...

Thanks, Fausty - I'll be over your way to copy and spread. ;)