Sunday 18 October 2009


It would appear that President Vaclav Klaus has merely been using Britain as a pawn in his ongoing political manouevres, to extract more concessions from Brussels on behalf of the Czech Republic, much like the supposed "guarantees" that were given to Ireland to ensure a yes vote earlier this month and the opt-outs that the German Constitutional Court are deliberating. This piece of news does not bode well for Britain's chances of a referendum on the European Constitution/Lisbon Treaty after the expected change of government next year.

Klaus has told  the Czech press that he has no intention of holding out until next May or June - he said that if Britain had an election in a few weeks time it would be fine, but as that is not going to happen, he is expected to sign the Treaty by the end of the year! I do hope we'll be able to offer the President some future help in return for the support he has shown towards Britain -  
Here is the main part of the story, courtesy of Yahoo News

Czech President 'will likely sign EU Treaty'

PRAGUE (AFP) – Euro-sceptic Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the last European Union leader holding out on signing the EU's reforming Lisbon Treaty on Saturday suggested he would ultimately sign the text."The train carrying the treaty is going so fast and it's so far that it can't be stopped or returned, no matter how much some of us would want that," he told the Lidove Noviny daily. 

Klaus, who angered EU partners when he further delayed the ratification process by asking for an opt-out on the treaty earlier this month, added he still did not see the text as a good thing for "freedom in Europe."But "its potential validation will not be the end of history. The dispute over freedom and democracy in Europe will certainly continue," said Klaus.Repeated delays have given rise to concerns that Klaus may be waiting for the next British general election, to be held by June 2010, after which the Conservatives, the likely winner, may hold a referendum which could bury the treaty. But Klaus said these fears were ungrounded as "I cannot and will not wait for British elections, unless they hold them in the next few days or weeks."

So, there you have it - straight from the horse's mouth - thanks for nothing! UKIP, anyone?

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Quiet_Man said...

I'm waiting for the party manifesto's, though I doubt I'd believe the Labour one as their lawyers have already stated that "Manifesto promises are not subject to legitimate expectation."

If they promise a referendum, they'll get my vote, if not, then I will vote for someone else.

Barking Spider said...

Spidey, the fat lady is fully dressed, make-up done, knickers adjusted for afterwards but she still has to sing!

Barking Spider said...

The stitch-up is complete. Now for Brown...

Barking Spider said...

I think it may be as soon as Old Rightie says - he reckons 5th November. Very soon now......I smell death-by-Mandelson! ;)

Barking Spider said...

You are absolutely right, OR, I just hope that nobody twangs the elastic and makes her sing/shriek/screech or we're in trouble..... :(

Barking Spider said...

I am, and have been for some time, completely behind UKIP. I think Farage is a decent chap and I agree with the majority of their policies.

Lib Lab Con are all for the status quo.

We need OUT of the EU.

Barking Spider said...

<span>Totally agree with you, mate - the "Common Market" was designed to take our nation from us bit by bit without us realising until it was too late and all politicians from all of the mainstream parties have been complicit in the deception from the beginning. Any benefit of the doubt that I was giving Cameron has disappeared in the last day or two as it is abundantly clear that he isn't going to do fuck all - we need Nigel Farage to get us out of this Global Socialist Dictatorship conspiracy.  
>:o </span>

Barking Spider said...

While this is sad news I think Klaus has done everything within his power to stall this treaty.  Compare that to the Brits who merely whinge from the sidelines while others have done th fighting.  Where were the throngs of British protesters when Brown signed?  Not on the streets but on their blogs.  The only hope left for the peoples of these islands is to vote UKIP which they probably won't do in sufficient numbers to make a difference.

The game is up I'm afraid.

Barking Spider said...

It's looking seriously like it, Scunnert. :(

Barking Spider said...

In fairness, had he signed it in public, with all the other leaders, rather than sneaking off to sign it in private then we could've had a better protest

Barking Spider said...

Good point, Bob, just as Bottler Brown sneaked in late through the back door after he reneged on Labour's Election Manifesto pledge to give us a referendum. Traitors ,all of them who denied the vast majority of all Europeans to a fair vote, thus riding roughshod over the populations of 27 countries.