Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders wins appeal against exclusion from UK

Dutch far-right lawmaker Geert Wilders
The Home Office faced a fresh blow tonight as an immigration tribunal overturned its ban on far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders from entering Britain.
Mr Wilders, a highly controversial figure who admits he 'hates Islam' and has described the Koran as a 'fascist book', was barred from the UK earlier this year on ministers' orders as he arrived to show a controversial film at Westminster.
Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith used her powers under immigration law to exclude him on the grounds that he 'threatened community harmony and therefore public safety.'

But yesterday lawyers acting for Mr Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party who is facing prosecution in his home country, successfully persuaded the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in London that Mrs Smith's decision had been flawed, and breached his human rights.
The Home Office said tonight it was 'disappointed' by the ruling but insisted any attempt by Mr Wilders to enter Britain would be treated on a case-by-case basis, and that immigration staff would still have the right to turn him back at a port or airport if they saw fit.

However officials conceded that they were likely to have to let him enter the UK. He is planning to visit London next week                     

Watch out Jackboots, Michael Savage is also coming after you for defamation of character and banning his entry to the UK at the same time as you banned Geert Wilders, (above), when you frantically drew up your nasty little PC list of undesirables, (undesirable only to Labour, that is).

The Sunlight Centre For Open Politics are also bringing a private prosecution against you and The Daily Mail/Taxpayers Alliance are bringing private prosecutions against your worst-offending troughing colleagues.

So, you see - it doesn't matter how incompetent/useless/in the government's pocket/corrupt, the Police and the CPS are at bringing and following up charges against you - there's no need to worry as these civil charges being brought will stick, so that's all settled! Now, if only you knew a dodgy judge .............
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Barking Spider said...

Excellent.  Could Wilders have spung a leak in the dike?

Quiet_Man said...

I'm sure the ignoble Lord Ahmed of Cartexting is gutted and will be reaching for his 10000 fanatics at the earliest opportunity.

Barking Spider said...

Definitely, and I think Michael Savage will spring another one in her before long, Nickie!

Barking Spider said...

Love the Obama poll, may do one on Jackboot.

Barking Spider said...

Good idea, Fido, go for it, mate! :-D

Barking Spider said...

<span style=" color: #808080; ">Aye and they'll know plenty of dodgy Judges, the Bastards!</span>

Barking Spider said...

Ain't that the fucking truth, DL - Baroness Scotland, perhaps!!         O:-)

Barking Spider said...

A Telegraph comenter re oor Jaqui "Jaqui Smith’s greatest value to the government would be as a Dante-esque gargoyle, terrifying ministers into decent, honest behaviour.
Then again, she sat all that time in cabinet without affecting the prime minsiter. Maybe she sat on his blind side.

Barking Spider said...

Maybe he's not quite as daft as seems, I mean, given the choice of having to look at that shit or shoving it round to your blind side........no contest - blind side it is!

Barking Spider said...

Hey, everyone....!

Guess who started trying to troll on my blog......again!

Andrew Gatward, still calling himself "Richard".....now blocked to fuck!!

Strange, Andrew,  how the civilised aura of knowledge you purported to have, suddenly disappeared entirely once you were caught out and exposed, and OMG, how it degenerated to the level of childish Left-wing schoolyard name - calling so quickly and so typical of the all-smearing Left!

Rab C. came round and said "How the fuck did I miss this?" - your nasty response showed exactly what was just below the surface of your Lefty veneer - a foaming-at-the-mouth communist masquerading as someone who actually had a brain instead of shit in your cranium.

Let me see, now, ....you were a helicopter pilot when I criticised the fact that two helicopters, (one of which had crashed), were cobbled together into a cut and shut and tried to make out that it was "normal practice"!!
If it's not acceptible to do that with cars it is certainly not acceptible with fucking helicopters, you bullshitting cunt!!

Then, when it came to untested "swine flu" vaccine, you were suddenly a pharmacological know-it-all, encouraging us all to have the jab!! .....Hmmmmm??? How many of the British population are Labour trying to kill off or disable so as to considerably shorten their lives, exactly?

And then when it comes to global warming, God help us, you are a total, complete and utter expert on that, too!!!??? "Off" is the second word!!

Just face it  -  you are a caught-out-royally troll who actually knows absolutely fuck all if you're not transcribing it from Labour directives - i.e., you are, in fact, an ignorant cunt!!

Barking Spider said...

Not to worry, Spidie, Jackboot is on her way out. Over 6,000 of her Redditch constituency have signed a petition to oust her now. (Sky News).

Julie Kirkbride didn't make it through that kind of mass attention, did she? :D

Barking Spider said...

PS: still installing driver after driver, updates, fixes, etc. Hence lack of posts!

Barking Spider said...

That's really good to know, Fausty, what with it being a marginal seat, too!
I believe Julie Kirkbride has actually been making noises about standing again for the same constituency.........honestly, what planet do they live on?!
Did you see PMQs today - fucking joke, it was!! (whatever you do, don't mention expenses). As if they give a shit about the men in Afghanistan!
I really do not envy you all that computer maintainance, btw!

Barking Spider said...

Good old, Geert. 

Vilified for speaking the truth, now it's payback time!

As per Fido, I've just noticed the Obama poll and think it's great (I bet you can guess how I voted ;) )

Barking Spider said...

Kirkbride is deluded if she thinks she has a hope!

I yawned my way through PMQs today - first day back at school. I believe next week we'll see daggers 'n blood.

Brown's 'concern' was nauseating. He, of all people doesn't give a toss about them.

New system, about two days away from normality, so sanity will return soon, too. (I hope!).

Barking Spider said...

Nauseating is just a way of life for Snotty! Good luck with the new system, Fausty.

Barking Spider said...

One down, mate - now here comes Michael Savage - she won't know what fucking hit her!

Now let me see....I have a shrewd idea, Gigits, old chap, that you might just have voted.......twat!

Barking Spider said...

I’ll certainly test it, Spidie, on a new test blog, once my system has settled a bit!
Thanks for the info. It’s useful to have an insider’s viewpoint!

Barking Spider said...

That was just my little joke,btw! :-D