Friday 23 October 2009


Jeered, scorned and ridiculed - still BNP's Nick Griffin milks his moment in spotlight on Question Time

Nick Griffin was booed, jeered and mocked by a hostile television audience on the BBC's Question Time last night. But the British National Party leader's priceless air time still left the Corporation facing accusations of 'publicity-seeking' naivety.Senior Labour figures warned of racist attacks in the coming days, leaving the BBC with 'blood on its hands'.

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Barking Spider said...

Did you notice that vids 2 & 3 on the Mails website are identical ? Why did they not show other panel members saying anything at all ? The only opposition shown to Mr. Griffin was from the articulate young black man.

The Beeb allowed demonstrators to breach the building as early as 4pm, it gave Radio 2 ( and others no doubt ) something to get excited about.
I look forward to readers comments later this morning

Barking Spider said...

I didn't actually watch them all, Banned, but I'll check that out. The comments should be very interesting!

Barking Spider said...

The programme came across as an ambush of Griffin.  A hostile panel - a hostile audience - and a thousand or so nutters outside baying for blood.  Griffin was constantly interrupted and rarely given the opportunity to respond fully.  

That being said Griffin's reactions and facial expressions marked him as a bit of a buffoon.  Why all the fear of giving this man the opportunity to speak to the nation?  Why was it necessary to stack the dice against him?

I must assume that it is the fear of the common man turning against his masters.

Barking Spider said...

Can you imagine if Griffin was a credible figure and didn't have the murky past that he has? Richard Barnbrook is a genuine danger in future times, as he plays well to the camera, will appeal to women, and has no real past as a Holocaust denier, or of hero worshiping Hitler.
The current scum that inhabit parliament are digging a grave of their own damned making, but are so entrapped in their own Westminster bubble, surrounded by lackeys whom cow tow to their every whim, that they just wont see or believe whats standing right next to them.

As New Labour currently finance the despicable scum of the U.A.F, they will no doubt become an ever more violent feature of the Socialist system, intended to plant fear into those New Labour so vehemently oppose, (Woman's hour knitting circle your time is coming)
The problem with that particular thesis though is, that with each and every passing day, ever more of us come into that category, of despicable enemies of the Soviet State.

And why Cameron still lends his support to these Islamo /Marxist twats, is beyond the realms of my feeble comprehension. These people speak for nobody, other than the New Labour/Communist/Islamo alliance that plays so well in BBC circles. Choudary mocks them openly, and yet still they rush to his obnoxious defence.

These truly are the last days of Rome.

Barking Spider said...

I completely agree with your assessment of the whole situation, Scunnert. Griffin came out of that lions' den with one bad self-inflicted clawing when he mentioned the KKK, the rest was an opportunity squandered. I think most people will have seen a man victimised beyond belief in an unbelievably biased programme.

Barking Spider said...

You always hit the nail right on the head, D&C.

Barking Spider said...

Forgive me if I misundertood, because what I'm about it say is a very serious thing. From your post and reference to "ill-informed and heavily manipulated/brainwashed students" it would seem you are a sympathiser of BNP policy? That's my question really, do you sympathise with the BNP? 
I'm not attempting to be malicious here, I just wanted to get an opinion of a BNP supporter for a post I'm writing.

Barking Spider said...

it's all sorted, BS. The Cops are to patrol with machine guns. Ere long we shall have panda tanks on the streets!

Barking Spider said...

Bit of a struggle logging in!

It was a mistake for the BBC to "gang up on" Nick Griffin. Obviously, the panel (apart from Griffin) agreed strategies before the show and had shared videos, info, etc.

The entire event looked staged - from its location (West London), the nature/make-up of the audience, the questions asked and the strategies of the panel. I fear that this might have gained Griffin some sympathy.

The panel and the BBC shot themselves in the foot when they constantly interrupted Griffin, particularly on the topic of immigration because this is one of the main reasons that the BNP has become popular.

You're right - Immigration is the issue which none of the main parties want to address. This country needs a full and open discussion on immigration and Islamification without the word "racist" creeping into it.

Until we do, this issue will grow and fester. (Read Melanie Phillips's excellent essay in the Spectator yesterday).

On the few occasions when Griffin was allowed to speak, unhindered, he hung himself, as most sane people expected him to do.

The entire panel, including Dimbleby gave a dismal performance - apart from Bonnie.  Warsi and and Huhne were not entirely truthful or honest, while Straw just plain lied, as we've come to expect.

Bonnie had the best approach - perhaps something the others could learn from.

More sickening than Griffin, was Straw trying to take the moral high ground and being allowed to get away with his government's record on immigration.  That will have cheesed of a lot of people, particularly BNP supporters.

Laughted when Griffin old us about Staw's pop!

Labour is to blame for the rise of the BNP - there's no getting round it.

I've a nasty feeling that the BNP will have done very well out of last night's QT.

Barking Spider said...

No problem, I understand why you might be a little confused by my post.
Let me just clarify that I do not support the BNP but although I don't support the BNP, it does not mean that I automatically support the UAF. The UAF are every bit as disgusting as the BNP and are funded not only by the Labour government, but by the Conservatives, too. Cameron needs to get his act together and withdraw his support for these anti-fascist fascists.
The BNP are only gaining ground because the indigenous population feels so let down and betrayed by Labour and the other mainstream parties.
I would have preferred to see Nick Griffin on a standard format Question Time, where his policies could be attacked and dismantled legitimately instead of last night's three-ring circus/ambush/5-against-1 bearpit/lions' den format which was the most shameful edition of QT that I have ever seen.

Barking Spider said...

That's exactly what would happen if Labour were to get another term, OR. Cunts!!

Barking Spider said...

I agree - it was a wasted opportunity.  They should have followed the usual format but instead all we had were constant interruptions (he could sometimes barely finish a sentence) and heckling.  I'd have liked to hear more from him about the BNP take on the economy instead of Straw et al reading quotations from reams of notes.

Barking Spider said...

Totally agree, Fausty. As suspected, the MSM are toeing the mainstream parties' line that Griffin got a roasting.

I believe that the mainstream parties, the BBC, the UAF and the hand-picked audience came off worst last night and, indeed, Nick Griffin has been saying and doing exactly as I knew he would, in interviews with all the news channels today - and who in their right mind could question his actions. He won against all odds last night, against a barrage of left-wing stupidity!

AlJaBeeba and the rest of last night's "outraged" "cross-section" of people have merely shot themselves and all their next-door neighbours in both feet and the shame of it is  - they can't see it!

Straw's reaction to Griffin's poke at his father was as laughable as it was non-existent! BTW, in today's Daily Mail that was watered down from "in prison", (his actual words), to "arrested". WTF?!!

"<span>I've a nasty feeling that the BNP will have done very well out of last night's QT".</span>

Again, I totally agree, Fausty, the only ones who came out well from last night's staged mauling were the BNP and I think that they will have increased their share of the vote because of the usual, lefty, complete and utter moronic approach to the programme!

Fucking idiots!!

Barking Spider said...

Sorry, mate, I don't see it that way.

Barking Spider said...

It was a pathetic attempt to bury Griffin and the BNP, GV, and it failed miserably - the wrong people were on that panel, the wrong people were in the audience and the wrong people were out in the street, once again proving that when lefties try to be clever, they only shit in their own nest from a great height, because worldly-wise, school-of-life cleverness is something which continues to and always will elude them!

Barking Spider said...

Barking Spider, you mention in a reply that the MSM have adopted the line that Griffin came off worse in the exchanges. I agree entirely, although it seems in hindsight rather obvious that unless he'd obliterated the other speakers and carried all before him like some shining sword of destiny that would be the media narrative. Perhaps I should have anticipated that more.

Mrs Dale, for example, was up with a post saying that Griffin had failed even before the credits could have finished rolling on his television.

I doubt any viewers went in there with a completely open mind. But those of us who went in with some sort of curiousity, a sense of wanting to find out something I didn't know or maybe to reinforce something that I thought I did...came away without it. What did Griffin think of the postal strike? Warsi will be in government in a few months for Godsakes - what does she think? I still don't know - but if it was a properly run QT then I would. All I saw was a loaded audience and a partisan chairman take part in the Bait Nick Griffin Show.

After all of the pre- and post-programme kerfuffle, the QT itself seems like a bit of a sideshow now. But the genie is out of the bottle. Perhaps the next time someone from the BNP is on (their other MEP perhaps) and the UAF don't have as much of a target then we'll see a proper debate about real issues.

Now that will be worth watching.

Barking Spider said...

<span>I was curious to see what he would have to say for himself, Eye, but it became very obvious extremely quickly that we were not going to get anything like a standard format QT.  
From that point onwards I was watching to see who would actually come off worst as it was no longer certain that was going to be Griffin.  
Huhne was an utterly self-obsessed, totally detached Hoon, as usual! (0/10)  
Dumblebore came across as an unbelievably biased lefty cunt, as he undoubtedly is, but he didn't even try to disguise that fact on this edition! (0/10)  
Bonnie Greer was okay but merely present, as they all clearly were, to tear Griffin apart! (5/10)  
Sayeeda Warsi really tried to answer questions fully and fairly, was the most impartial panellist on the show and she came out of the whole fiasco looking best! (9/10)  
Jack Straw, fuck me, what a complete and utter useless bollocks! Anyone who still had doubts about him now knows for sure that he's a right oily tosser/cunt!! (-10/10)  
Audience - hand-picked, foaming-at-the-mouth metropolitan PC wankers! (so awful that they're ungraded)  
The only thing is - now that this prank has monumentally backfired on them, they may be somewhat unwilling to give Griffin, or perhaps, as you say, his deputy, another shot at a standard version of the programme, minus BBC hype and minus the fascist UAF fiasco outside in the street, but they should give them another fair shot at it, as then we might actually find out what we want to know about their other policies!</span>

Barking Spider said...

I read a complaint on one of the newspaper (DM?) comments pages that NG's team were reading all the comments pages in the newspapers with a view to tidying up their manifesto.  If only Brown, Cameron and Whatshisnameagain from the Lib Dems would do the same!